Following Up With the Coronavirus Pandemic

fight coronavirus with homeopathy and awarenessThe whole world is focused on the Coronavirus, from many different angles. Some people are tending to the increasing number of cases everywhere; others are trying to prevent or predict further spreading. Some are afraid of getting sick or losing money while forced into quarantine, while others are concerned about how the current political and social measures imposed on our individuality (“for the good of the collective”) will affect our civil liberties in favor of a new world order.

All of these aspects relate to the archetypal energies of Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn breaking down and reorganizing social structures. They will continue doing this for a while, particularly since Saturn just moved into Aquarius for the next 3 months, which will be a preview of what is to start at the end of the year, where it will remain through 2023. Saturn retrogrades into Capricorn from July through December, so those few months will bring us back to a more individual restructuring of life and work, as we learn the value of patience and reflect on our human condition.

What Can Be Expected

As the ruler of karma, Saturn bears the hard truths and limitations needed for maturity. In Aquarius, these will likely reflect the need for social reorganization into innovative structures, thus bringing forth new rules and systems for the masses. Some examples of Saturn in Aquarius are: the US New Deal (social security, banking regulations, etc.) after the Great Depression of 1929; the Civil Rights Act that banned school segregation and employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or origin; and the dismantling of the Apartheid in the early ’90s.

However, Pluto will be traveling in conjunction with Jupiter in Capricorn throughout the year. Pluto uncovered the virus that Jupiter is expanding or spreading around the world. This doesn’t happen each time Pluto and Jupiter conjoint every 13 years, but epidemics are increasing at a fast rate due to global commerce and travel, so the Plutonian energy (death, power, the underworld) is magnified to point at our modern lifestyle and habits of excess and denial, prodding us to restore balance on the planet.

These two archetypes will have 3 significant meetings this year: around April 4, they will be very strong and influential; around June 29-30, they will be retrograde and weak; and then around November 12, they will again be very strong. This could mean that the virus is likely to spike in April and May, decline or lie dormant in June through September, only to strike again around September through November and possibly as far as mid-December.

I’m not saying this to scare you, and I sincerely hope I’m wrong and these phases will be much shorter. But I want you to be prepared and make the necessary internal and external changes to allow for a deeper transformation to occur. All this will happen as it is meant to, and eventually pass, but since it’s in your life-movie, you can take advantage to gain greater awareness and create something better for your future.

Spirituality Is Embracing Life As It Is

We can only interpret things according to our limited, individualized perception, often based on what makes us feel comfortable or safe. For some people, this virus is a “punishment” from a wrathful God; this gives them a sense that a higher parental figure is in charge, and if they’ve been “good” they’ll be okay. Humanizing the Divine is how the ego consciousness keeps the illusion of control: if I can find a meaningful reason, then I can keep my fear of death at bay.

Others think this is either a hoax or a man-made virus to control the world population and establish new rules of dominance by keeping the masses in fear. However, neither belittling the situation nor rationalizing it proves helpful or transformative in any way, because it keeps the ego consciousness in charge rather than understanding what life is bringing to our attention; finding logical reasons allows us to avoid looking within.

Then some folks believe that if they’re “truly spiritual” they have the mental power to control the body and not get sick. They’ve been misguided by their identification with the body and mind to misinterpret the eternal nature of the soul. It’s amazing how many people continue to believe New Thought teachers who’ve promoted this idea and are now dead. The physical body is made of the earth and belongs to the earth; like the unfolding of life itself, its timeline results from past karma and is hidden in the causal body (subconscious).

But since the collective is a reflection of the ego archetype, and all human experience is really just a dream of Divine Consciousness, underneath all of this chaos and suffering lies the yearning to awaken to a higher reality. You can only achieve this by dropping all fear and cultivating faith—surrendering to life as it is, with all its ups and downs, all its pain, limitations, and tribulations. This is a great opportunity to let go of the ego-mind; not to live in a New Age fantasy, but to strengthen your connection to the true Self, heeding the guidance of your soul to look within and look at the world from within.

So I’d encourage you to continue focused on your projects, goals, and spiritual practices, as much as possible, to remain anchored in the present. You’re planting the seeds for the future here and now, so don’t allow these disruptions disconnect you from the flow of your life. While old social structures collapse and new ones are established, your focus and discipline can keep you centered and clear to navigate all the changes ahead with a sense of purpose and direction. Stay on track, go inwards, and seek guidance and support during these trying times!

Homeopathic Treatment In Epidemics

Finally, although I already gave you some ideas to strengthen your body naturally, I want to mention the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment for this or any other epidemic, as well as your overall health.

Homeopathy proved to be the most effective medical system during World War II and the Spanish flu, but it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves due to the power conventional medicine started acquiring after the discovery of antibiotics and their “quick fix” approach. However, homeopaths around the world are treating patients with Coronavirus effectively, at any stage of development, and without all the hospital paraphernalia and expense. I’ve briefly written about homeopathy (see How Homeopathy Can Support Your Self-Growth), but the homeopathic treatment of an epidemic is slightly different in that it’s solely focused on the symptoms, as in the case of acute diseases or sudden ailments like fevers, colds, allergies, food poisoning, or the flu.

Homeopaths treating patients have come up with a global “picture” of the disease; this is known as the genus epidemicus, which is a collection of well-known remedies matching that picture that can be selected according to individual symptoms and the three stages of development of this virus. These should be prescribed by a homeopath on a case-by-case basis, but there are a few remedies you can take as a prophylactic measure, if you’re concerned about your health or work/live with people who have the virus. This is not often done in classical homeopathy, but it’s helpful during epidemics. You can contact me via email to get the protocol, if you’re interested.

We can only effect change on this plane through our individual transformation. So contact me today to get started on your soul-guided path to emotional and spiritual freedom, for your own well being and that of Mother Earth!

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