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Yol Swan's altar for the Day of the Death

Dia de Muertos: Honoring Our Ancestors

In Mexico, the Day of the Dead is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd; the first day is devoted to the children and the second to the adults. This tradition is probably around 3000 years old, but since November 2nd is also the Christian All Souls Day, the blending of cultures—which characterizes Mexico in general—fits nicely here. People set up…

resolve negative karma with spiritual counseling & coaching

The Purpose of Karma and Healing

Yes, you are here to heal. We are all here to heal. It is not easy, but it is possible, because it is our true essence and our ultimate goal. So start thinking of health—be it on a physical, mental or spiritual level—as freedom, for that is what it truly is, and perceiving yourself as a whole being, for there is no true healing on only one level…

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About the Nature of Pain

We all know what pain is, we all have experienced physical, mental, or emotional pain at some point or another throughout our life. Pain is suffering and as long as we are in the body, it is inevitable, it is part of life. Yet we seldom understand what the meaning of our pain is, what its purpose may be, or how it arises, and we try to avoid it at any cost, sometimes even at a high price with drugs, alcohol, or other addictions.