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Our Spiritual Revolution Is Unstoppable

There’s an energy of hopelessness permeating the US (and the world to some extent) due to the results of the presidential election. And if you are a feminine soul, you’re probably feeling it more intensely. First, this process has shattered many illusions about this country, which is really a concentrated version of the world (with its amalgamation of cultures, races,…

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Using Your Creative Power to Shape the New Earth

Creativity is usually defined as the ability to produce something worthwhile, meaningful, and original—a literary or artistic work, a solution to a problem, an innovative product, a scientific discovery, or even a good joke. Obviously, what may be considered new and valuable will vary depending on the cultural and social context, as well as on the timing of its delivery.…

Be In Love With Life

Be In Love With Life

Have you noticed how young children are fascinated by the world and want to explore, experience, and enjoy everything around them? They expect total freedom, reject boundaries, and are driven by their curiosity and strong desires. They are also motivated by the absolute love and trust they feel for their parents and caretakers. They are in love with life. It…