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jupiter conjunct uranus in astrology

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus Marks the Beginning of an Important Chapter in Your Life

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on April 20 is one of, if not the biggest astrological event of 2024, and one we will be dealing with for years, both globally and individually. This specific conjunction occurs every 13-14 years and usually marks the beginning of something new and also prompts us to take a big risk or to think bigger to leap…

astrology & numerology of 2022

Main Astrology & Numerology For 2022

Happy New Year! You’re probably looking forward to a better year, and I think it will be, in spite of the disruptions the Covid-19 will continue to create. Of course, the mind wants a quick-fix to restore life the way it was, so we can go back to the familiar, but that’s not exactly how life works or what this…