Loving testimonials from some of my clients

intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“I would like to recommend Yol Swan as a spiritual counselor and life coach to anyone who is trying to find their way through the maze of life. She is adept at seeing recurrent themes (conscious or unconscious) so that I can choose to change how I respond to them.

Yol helps me see how the loose ends in my life relate to each other and how my ego self uses them to create my reality.

Yol is the perfect life coach for me; she is nurturing when I need that and she knows how to get me to confront my issues. She is helping me turn my life around in the right direction and to open up to new opportunities!”

—Lynn Gregory, Mars Hill NC


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“I have worked in the fields of psychology and social work for 26 years. I have also consulted many therapists during this period. Yol is different because she has a global comprehension of the human psyche that includes the soul. She also has that special ability to zero in quickly on the key issues that need to be addressed.

I feel a very strong support from Yol, which gives me the strength and tools to work on and transform the difficult aspects of my life. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with Yol and highly recommend her.”

—William Allmand, Quebec, Canada


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client “Before I met Yol, I had never looked deep into myself. I had health issues, didn’t know how to say no to others, and wasn’t able to be happy. Now I feel more empowered and at peace with my emotions and my relationships, which I never felt before in my life.

I’m doing what I want to do and have developed the self-discipline to focus on my creative projects. I can set boundaries and simply let people know what I want without the concern of not pleasing them, which used to be a big issue for me.

My body has naturally changed and my health has also changed since I began investing in myself and experiencing more self-love through Yol’s guidance. My relationships are also different and much more fulfilling because I am clearer about who I am and what I want. I see my life moving in a positive direction and I feel great!”

—Rhonda Swearingen, Bartlett TN


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client “When I started working with Yol, I was looking for a better way to live my life. After years of struggling with frustration and uncertainty about my future, I realized I needed some clarity and guidance that would get me back on the right path. Simply put, I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin.

After working with Yol, I now have a proper perspective and renewed focus on my goals… along with a better sense of my life purpose. She has helped me see myself as a divine being and given me tools to keep that awareness alive in my daily life as I move forward in the direction of my dreams.

Yol is very thoughtful and compassionate in her guidance. She takes the time to get to know you and your desires and will skillfully craft the right questions—that when you answer honestly—can best be described as a series of “Aha” moments.

I am grateful to Yol for her patience and understanding. I’m now living the way I imagined!”

—Susan Lawrence, Asheville NC


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“Through my sessions with Yol I have gained such clarity in so many aspects of myself.  She has an innate ability to connect with your soul and give you the guidance you need at the time.

Each time I have left feeling more grounded, clear, and peaceful about the steps I need to take.I have also joined with her in distant healing sessions. After each I have felt as if I were wrapped in a blanket of peace and contentment. Everything around me seemed clearer, more vivid, more alive. Since seeing Yol I feel like I am finding my true self again. She is a beautiful spirit with an amazing gift!”

—Trini Sampson, Johnson City TN


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“When I first started working with Yol, I was looking to understand my soul purpose and gifts, to align my business accordingly. After a few sessions of working together, I have developed more confidence and clarity which is allowing me to shape my business in a way I never thought possible.

Yol has also helped me to identify and address some negative beliefs/patterns within myself which I now realise kept me stuck and unable to consider new ways of working. The benefits I am gaining working with Yol are far reaching and simply priceless.”

—Wendie Ralphs, Coalville, United Kingdom


happy spiritual counseling coaching client“I’m truly grateful to be working with Yol. She has helped me to get off that hamster wheel I have been on for so long. Her in-depth work of the Indigos, which is so clearly described in her book The Indigo Journals, has bought great awareness leading me to take the next steps in healing.

Yol brings her life experience and amazing insight into her work. Because she is very intuitive, she is able to bring much clarity to our work together as well. I can now view my life story with wonder and not with such judgement, criticism, and that feeling of not being good enough. This has been very freeing.

Yol also emphasizes the importance of self-care and self-love, which as a mother, daughter and wife can easily be ignored. Our work on the past and relationships has bought great understanding of my own patterns. I have learned to forgive myself and others. My heart is opening up and I’m living with more acceptance of myself, which is also expressed as acceptance and love for others. I’m seeing the transformation in my relationships, this has been huge. Plus she teaches me how to use different forms of creativity to bring alignment to my true self and purpose.

I look forward to our weekly time together with much eagerness. She has made the whole process one of curiosity and enjoyment. Sure, we can do the work ourselves, but with so many distractions we often leave our inner work aside. Yol’s guidance can help you stay the track and see quicker results.

The benefit of working with Yol is not only for the Indigo or feminine soul; it is for anyone looking to step out the box and take personal responsibility for life, which benefits those around you and further, our beautiful planet. With much love and joy… Thank you Yol!”

—Angela Cefalo, Englewood Cliffs NJ


happy spiritual counseling & coaching client“In the midst of a spiritual rejuvenation after a long dark night of the soul I was a little perturbed by the somewhat frantic nature of online spiritual teaching these days until I chanced upon Yol. Her calm, loving approach to teaching was like a balm. But don’t be fooled – she is expert at identifying our egoic tricks to foil our spiritual advancement and will not let anything pass that smacks of avoidance. Her authenticity shines like a diamond, but it is her wisdom that shows the way for those of us privileged to have her guidance.

If you want wise counsel to negotiate the thorny issues holding you back from a life of peace and abundance, I highly recommend Yol as your guide!”

—Phil Steele, Chilcotts Grass, Australia


happy spiritual coaching client“All my life I have struggled with fear, anger, depression and health issues. When I was recently diagnosed with a large benign tumor in my liver, I realized that I needed real spiritual guidance. A friend connected me with Yol and within the first month of seeing her I felt a shift in my thoughts and reactions to everyday life. I am beginning to relax more, love more, and fear less.

She has taught me how important it is to question my thoughts and how to connect them to my past. Yol is a great listener and what I love about our conversations is not only her acute awareness and insight but her simple questions that are thought provoking and direct.

The work we are doing is changing my life and is exactly what’s needed. I also suggest reading her books, you will not be disappointed. Her experience, knowledge and perspective are everything I have been searching for in a mentor. She is a gem of a person and I feel beyond lucky to have found her.”

—Melissa Pace, Asheville NC


Happy spiritual counseling client“When I first started working with Yol I was looking for help with finding my purpose in life, answers to my health issues, and which direction I should head towards in regards to school and my future career path.After working together, I now have a better understanding of how I let my unresolved emotional wounds hinder my progress, and how I can work through that. I have learned to be more open and flexible, and to trust the flow of life. In my personal life, my relationships have improved. I feel more confident in expressing myself to others, creating better communication, and finding the path of least resistance.

In turn, my health has immensely improved, my symptoms no longer prevent me from living my life, and I’ve been able to return to school to pursue my true passions. I particularly enjoy the clarity that Yol brings to situations I encounter on a daily basis. She helps me recognize the ways in which I self-sabotage and let unpleasant emotions hold me back.

Now my life is more relaxed, and I no longer hold others responsible for my disappointments, unmet needs, and unresolved emotions. I approach every situation with more gratitude, love, and compassion. I am more in tune with my body and feelings, and better able to reflect on my relationships and daily occurrences in a constructive way.

I think Yol is really good at finding the deeper meaning in the most basic life encounters. She is extremely skilled at recognizing toxic, repetitive patterns in life, and providing me with the tools and knowledge to overcome such obstacles. She is highly intuitive, great at listening and understanding me, and always approaches life from a higher perspective of love and compassion.”

—Amanda Probert, Oxnard CA


happy spiritual counseling & coaching client“I had been in search of something, but I didn’t know what I was looking for. However, about 6 months ago I wanted to make a career change so I googled ‘Spiritual Business Coach’ and Yol Swan’s website popped up. I was intrigued, and as I kept reading I came across that she had written The Indigo Journals: Spiritual Healing For Indigo Adults & Other Feminine Souls. I started reading it and couldn’t put it down.

I read the book twice and highlighted sections, folded pages so I could go back and re-read. Even now after reading the book a couple of times, I pick it up almost daily and re-read chapters, and each time I learn something new. I have never read a book that resonated so deeply, I felt like Yol had written the book just for me!

When I learned she offered coaching, I had to work with her directly. Now I understand what I was looking for my whole life: I was yearning to find myself! This has been a huge realization for me. Yol continues to guide me to uncover and find all of the layers, emotions and behavioural patterns that stand in the way of me truly being me.

I am starting to see the REAL me and to navigate this world with awareness, which is allowing me to live a more purposeful life and be more present with the people I love.

I know for certain, my soul guided me to Yol and I feel privileged to work with her. Yol is incredibly talented, very knowledgeable, intuitive and professional, and she’s making a difference in this world. I am excited and committed to working with Yol because the more clarity I get, the more I can share my gifts with the world and make a difference.

Yol Swan is truly amazing I am I forever grateful to have the opportunity to know and work with her.”

—Joanna Walker, Ontario, Canada



a happy spiritual counseling & coaching client“Working with Yol has been an incredible self-discovery experience, in which I’ve been able to identify patterns that hold me back from achieving my goals. Moreover, she has taught me different methods to approach my day-to-day challenges and identify their roots in order to release what doesn’t serve me anymore.

Yol has had a tremendous impact on my personal growth and the changes that I see in my life, my relationships, and how I feel. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but it’s been absolutely worth it!”

—Carolina B., Tel Aviv, Israel


happy spiritual business coaching client“I am so deeply grateful for the guidance Yol has provided as I pursue my dream of being a soul based entrepreneur. Not only has she given me practical action steps including marketing ideas and website design based on her own experience as a successful business owner; but more importantly, she has helped me identify and given me strategies to deal with my internal resistance (ego) that attempts to keep me small and distract me from my purpose. This is what makes Yol unique and why I chose her services over other business coaches.

Her generous, compassionate support and intuitive insight have been invaluable because establishing my own business has also been a personal healing journey. One that is empowering me to use my unique gifts to heal others and to prosper by doing so.

As part of that healing journey, I booked a crystal bed therapy session during which I experienced a profound peace like in a deeply meditative state that allowed me to access my inner wisdom. Physically, I felt very relaxed for several days afterwards. I will definitely book other sessions and highly recommend this experience. I knew when I embarked on this journey that I would need help and Yol was the right person for me!”

—Kristina Kelly, Asheville NC


happy spiritual counseling & coaching client“Yol is kind and is able to listen carefully and grasp the issues that are being discussed – she seems to intuitively know exactly what is happening with my struggles and therefore she is able to provide insights and more importantly tools, in order to understand myself better and to improve my quality of life. The insights she has shared with me have been completely spot on, and they have allowed me to see my life from a more observant (and therefore less judgemental and painful) point of view.

I feel I understand my emotions more easily and I also feel I am starting to connect with my true self, which feels wonderful. One of my main struggles is a severely inner critical voice that has haunted me for most of my life. With Yol’s help and tools, I have really started to provide a more nurturing, kind and loving alternative to this voice, which has empowered me, improved my self esteem, and allowed me to live more happily on a daily basis.

I am really looking forward to continuing to explore myself, to learn more about all aspects of my life, and to really find my true purpose. With Yol, I feel this is totally possible and I cannot thank her enough for the help she has already provided me. Doing work on oneself is hard and takes courage, but if one is willing to really look at themselves and face the truth, there is a lot of joy on the other side of that.

Thank you Yol for our work together so far, I look forward to continuing my journey with you!”

—Marcela Aguirre, Birmingham, United Kingdom


happy spiritual coaching client“Working with Yol has allowed me to finally examine (and demolish) all the blocks that were preventing me from reaching my true potential as a healing practitioner. She gently guided me beyond my comfort zone, helped me polish my authenticity, and propelled me forward.

Yol’s uncanny perceptiveness and her refreshing ability to zero in on the main issues is a sparkling recipe for self-confidence and success!”

—Miriam Langsam, Brooklyn NY


another happys spiritual counseling client“Yol is an incredibly insightful, enlightening and nurturing spiritual counselor. Her nurturing qualities have helped me view my surroundings with more compassion and understanding, while also working to solve any bumps along the road.

Yol has helped me transition smoothly though a life-changing year. She has opened my eyes to observing my life-movie and playing an active role in changing negative patterns and beliefs.

Working with Yol has also helped me discover my talents and purpose and reconnect with a more playful, joyous and loving approach to life. The skills she has taught me are invaluable and will continue to serve me throughout my life. I am truly grateful for her guidance and highly recommend her!”

—Jenae Armstrong, Baden, Austria


happy spiritual mentoring & life coaching client“Before I began working with Yol, I felt deeply confused, conflicted, and frustrated. My path of self-discovery was leading me in circles and I couldn’t understand why. I was drawn to order Yol’s book, The Indigo Journals, and after reading only a few pages, I wanted to learn more about her.

I was excited to learn that Yol is a Spiritual Mentor/Coach and immediately reached out. Within a few sessions, my perception completely shifted. Yol’s guidance and unwavering support helped me to redirect my focus inward and release my false persona, giving me a new outlook on life.

Along with her consistency, she is extremely wise, patient, loving, and funny. There is a purity and clarity in her communication that I have never experienced before. Yol has taught me to embrace life as it is, instead of trying to resist it. She has given me the tools to discover the truth, the ultimate truth, and to let go of everything I am not. Yol is a sacred gift and I highly recommend her services.”

—Caren Zoppi, West Caldwell, NJ


happy spiritual counseling & coaching client“After many years of personal development I knew I needed to shift how I was approaching things. No matter how many books I’ve read and how many courses I’ve done, I seemed to still gravitate toward the same behaviours that would ultimately not serve me. Even with awareness, they seemed to keep drawing me back in. I’d be like “oh wow, its happened again”…. usually a scenario that looked different enough on the surface but ultimately it was the ‘same shit … different bucket’ (as we say in Australia).

After reading The Indigo Journals, I knew I would resonate with Yol. She seemed to be speaking to me through her book, and I knew she could help me on my new quest. The quest was this – to understand myself deeply and to truly transcend the childhood imprinting and emotional blocks that were persistently showing up in my life. I decided I wanted to work with the right coach, on a proactive and ongoing basis. To not wait for the turmoil to hit me once again (then reach for support in those times like a band-aid) but to proactively work through the ‘layers of the onion’ over time, with the right mentor and guide by my side.

Yol has been perfect for me in this time. I have shifted through many personal blocks and look forward to unravelling even more layers which have been built up over a lifetime (or many lifetimes!). I know it takes work and commitment to let them go, one by one. With Yol’s expert guidance, I’ve made amazing headway.

Thank you Yol for your support, wisdom and incredible guidance. You are a guru! Helpful in all facets of life from personal relationships to business decisions. I feel grateful to have found you.”

—Melinda Cahill, Subiaco, Australia


happy spiritual business coaching client

“When I first met Yol, I was looking for support to redirect, re-align and re-organize my business. I became aware of how much my business was in support of everyone else’s needs but my own, and how exhausting and draining that had been.

Since working with Yol, I have felt weekly support and accountability in facing my inner bully and taking my power back. I am meeting my resistance at each step and being reminded how to step back into my expansion and out of my old story. Yol is particularly good at saying it like it is while holding space as you are reminded of who you really are.”

—Kerry Egan, Chicago, IL


happy spiritual counseling client“Before working with Yol I was preparing to quit one of two stressful jobs while dealing with the aftermath of an unhealthy relationship. I wanted to reclaim my sense of empowerment and also have more time for my gifts. I was overwhelmed with work and personal responsibilities. It was hard to see my out.

Yol has a special way of accurately explaining how we create challenging situations, especially when we feel trapped by them, and provides simple, effective tools, exercises, preventive measures and reminders to help us deal with problems. These tools are still with me when I face a potentially stressful situation.

I have Yol to thank many times when the road gets metaphorically bumpy. Her words and helpfulness still ring clearly. She clarified how I’ve internalized unhealthy dynamics with the outer world and then relive these dynamics over and over again. She has given me tools to recognize them, let go of my fears and break my tendencies to enter unhealthy situations. I’ve learned how to approach thorny situations mindfully and with intent.

Working with Yol allowed me to deal with a terribly stressful period of my life and transition to more of the life I want.”

—Liz Lang, Rutherfordton NC


a happy spiritual business coaching client“Yol has helped me define how to integrate my personal journey with my calling and life purpose in a way that has given me more focus, more happiness and definitely more productivity.

She has a gentle and loving yet strong, intuitive and intelligent approach that allows you to be yourself while you strive to evolve on your life path. I am now able to avoid the patterns that typically hold me back and sabotage my efforts – not stepping into and embracing my power and creativity.

Yol has been a tremendous help with everything from my website branding and copy and the set up of my programs to just understanding soul integration and how to keep it going as an earthly being.

I’m so grateful for her wisdom! I trust her with all of my business and life decisions.”

—Tina Anderson, Mission Viejo CA


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“When I first started working with Yol, I felt as if pieces of my life were not lining up in the way that I thought they should be. I was lost and confused about my purpose. After working together, I feel more in control of my surroundings and emotions. I especially appreciate my renewed sense of purpose.

Now, I better understand the reasons for my actions and how to work toward creating the reality that I want and deserve.

I think Yol is particularly skilled at explaining human behavior in a very relevant spiritual context.”

—Vanessa Cooper, San Salvador, El Salvador


spiritual business coaching client“When I met Yol, I had been trying for months to create my own coaching business after a layoff in a career that I could not longer go back to. I felt like I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere.

Once I decided I needed a coach, I knew that I wanted someone who could help me gain awareness of the sabotaging patterns that continued to bring up feelings of powerlessness and a sense of failure, as well as an experienced and successful business coach about the order of action steps that would help me stay focused and make progress. Within 15 minutes of talking with Yol, I knew that I had found the coach for me.

Working with Yol I’ve gained an unprecedented sense of calm and faith that I am creating a successful and thriving business. I have become aware of self-defeating patterns and limiting beliefs that kept me from doing this earlier.

In all of my 30-year spiritual journey, reading many books and seeing various therapists – I have never understood or been given the tools to heal old wounds that continued to get triggered in such an effective way. Her experience, intuitive gifts and tools are beyond what I’ve ever experienced in working with anyone.

Yol’s coaching has helped me understand and truly heal the underlying wounds that have disempowered me and held me back from authentic expression. I am so very grateful for Yol in empowering me in finding my voice and to finally feel the alignment with my work in the world like I always wanted!

I can’t thank Yol enough. She is a true gift!”

—Terese Guettler, Eagan MN


satisfied spiritual counseling coaching client“I found Yol Swan’s work to be very practical, useful and beneficial on many levels. She was able to guide me to greater understanding and awareness of long-standing patterns through her unique skills and processes. Her book The Indigo Journals is a treasure-trove of knowledge and profound insights, and served as a toolbox and guide for our work together. I highly recommend Yol’s work and benefited greatly from our time together.”

—Mariah Miller, Madison WI


happy spiritual business coaching client“Working with Yol is very heart centered and comfortable. She is easy to talk to and has deep intuitive insight into the mental and spiritual realms. Through our sessions I gained clarity on my goals, intentions and ways of using my skills to their most authentic purpose in my professional and personal life.

Working with Yol helped my projects take fuller form with greater clarity and confidence through examining and integrating my own inner habits and emotional wiring. It created a catalyst for my business and a stabilizing energy for my personal life.

Her book, The Indigo Journals, is awesome, too! Great introspection and integration. It made me feel understood. Thank you Yol!”

—Liana Auli’i Meraki, Hakalau HI


a happy spiritual counseling coaching client“Tired of a life I didn’t understand and I didn’t want to live anymore, plus being certain that my “differences” and what I believed kept me isolated from others, I was lucky enough to be guided to Yol. I knew there and then that she would guide me back to myself.

On our first session she kindly alerted me that when we commit to something as big as self-love and self-exploration, the universe will correct the choices we previously made from wounded places. After a painful breakup and a betrayal that left me hopeless and hurt, but thanks to Yol’s ability to see behind the obvious, I slowly noticed that I was becoming someone else: someone more like my true self!

Not only was I blessed with the opportunity to choose exactly the road that relationship would take, but I also discovered that suffering and happiness are only two sides of the same coin. There may be obstacles to face in life, but with the tools that Yol has taught me, I believe now that the peaceful smile I’ve gained with the inner work I’ve done with her can never be robbed or betrayed again.

Yol represents more than a coach to me; she has become the only person I trust, and session after session she is able to simplify my life by clarifying the role I have in it and the reason why certain things come up.

I highly recommend Yol as a spiritual counselor and coach for those who want to unravel the mystery of themselves.”

—Ana Lopes, London, United Kingdom


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“When I started working with Yol I was looking for help with transitioning out of my technology job and into supporting myself with my music and coaching. Now I have a lot more clarity on my talents and abilities and I especially enjoy the insights she helps me uncover about my avoiding bringing my gifts to the world.

I also have more clarity in how to proceed to fulfill my purpose in the world.

I think Yol is really good at understanding our talents, what we are here to do, and to uncover the blocks that are keeping us from living the life we want.”

—Dan Blanchard, Topanga CA


happy spiritual counseling coaching client“I was ever so grateful to have encountered Yol at a particularly difficult and confusing time in my life. Being able to get to know her through a free introductory session was one of the many wonderful ways Yol earned my trust and confidence. Her insights and interpretations into my circumstances were always on point and filled with compassion.

She’s brought a grand realm of knowledge from areas such as natural healing, spirituality and astrology, and many other healing arts. Yol helped me through several major life transitions, I knew I could always count on her to be there for me when I needed her help.

I would recommend her guidance and coaching to anyone. She is a gifted and profoundly talented leader and guide. Thank you Yol, I am forever grateful to you!”

—Fernanda Krumm, La Grange IL


happy spiritual business coaching client“I was making plans for a new business but was overwhelmed and confused; it was a difficult time and it was bringing up a lot of unresolved pain from the past. Yol is skilled at looking beyond the surface into ‘why’ of what’s going on emotionally and she drew out my thoughts and feelings and gave me honest feedback. It was great to work with someone who could help me with the business side of my plans and, at the same time, with the old fears that the challenge was bringing up.

Yol guided me through the process of drawing together my life story and identifying my values to get clear on the difference I want to make through my business. Alongside this she helped me to identify patterns of perception and understand how they show up in my life and how they’ve been holding me back.

Through coaching with Yol I’ve gained clarity on what I want to do with my life and I’m making daily progress to make it happen. I feel happier, freer and focused. For the first time I feel like I’ve found my voice.”

—Laura Marconi-Cox, West Yorkshire UK


intuitive spiritual counseling & coaching client“I was desperately trying to get through a rough time in my life when a family member who recognized me as a fellow Indigo recommended that I contact Yol. Yol not only guided me out of that very dark time but gave me useful tools to recognize imbalances and negative patterns in my life that have helped me find a better place – and thrive.

After working with Yol, I feel a new sense of purpose and understand myself so much better than I ever have before. I see these new changes in my life every day, and I am very grateful for them.Yol is a wonderful teacher with the unique life experience and enlightened perspective to help Indigos and feminine souls reach their true potential. I am looking forward to continuing to work with her on my own spiritual journey!”

—Alexandra Cooper, Austin TX


a happy conscious business coaching client“I discovered Yol during a period of intense inner crisis that was having heavy effects on my business as a spiritual teacher. She quickly conveyed a new understanding of how what she calls my ‘sense of otherness’ (born of childhood emotional trauma unconsciously carried into adulthood) was the root not only of my spiritual crisis but also the answer to why my business wasn’t thriving.

Yol’s tender toughness in transmitting this information has been just what I needed. Along with her deeply helpful book, The Indigo Journals, I intend to use the tools Yol has given me for the rest of my life.”

—Amanda Parker Lambert, Atascadero CA


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“When I met Yol, I wanted help with navigating through my purpose in life and setting priorities. After working together, I’ve discovered a better understanding of who I am and defined what I want from life. I especially like my new sense of belonging without looking for acceptance from others.

My life has been transformed by attracting the things and people that I need to fulfill my purpose. My perception has also changed since it’s coming from a more centered place, giving me a brighter outlook on who I am and accepting my uniqueness.

Yol is really skilled at guiding you through your journey of self-discovery and bringing awareness to your wounds for self-healing. Thank you Yol!”

—Alyce M. Knaflich, Asheville NC


happy spiritual business coaching client“Before working with Yol I was overwhelmed with my business, and my ideas were all over the map! After working together, I’ve been able to clarify my niche market and truly see where my business is headed. Yol has kept me on track and was able to size up my situation with precision.

Time spent with Yol has been incredibly valuable, because it has laid a rock solid foundation for my business. I am grateful I trusted her and the process of her soul guided coaching!”

—Rachel Hirning, Oak Creek CO


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“I found Yol at a time when a lot of changes were taking place in my life. I also knew I needed to be doing something more with my life.

She is gently helping me through these changes and steering me in the right direction. Her insight is amazing and she has helped me make sense of things I have felt since I was a kid and didn’t understand.

Working with her has given me such a new outlook on so many things. I feel very fortunate to have her guidance. She is a truly gifted person and I highly recommend her services.”

—Alice Horsting, Shoals IN


happy spiritual counseling & business coaching client“Yol has really helped me gain greater clarity and understanding about the service I am offering to clients. Having many gifts is a blessing, but it can be difficult to tie everything together in a cohesive system that is easily presented to others.

Yol is very insightful and intuitive, one of her many gifts is helping people get clear about and tap deeply into what she calls their Soul Signature, once you have done this, you are really on your way. Her unique model for business coaching is exactly what I’ve needed!”

—Shanel Jackson, Oak Park IL


a happy spiritual counseling & coaching client“Since I began working with Yol I have been able to gain more clarity about my vision and goals. I have been working on writing a book for many years and having trouble with the overall process. She was immediately able to help me hone in on what was missing and gave clear guidance to bring about progress.

Yol has also helped me look at past experiences with a different perspective that made me realize blocks that were limiting my growth. Some of the issues I thought I had previously resolved, but Yol offered new insight that helped me recognize where I still needed healing.

Not only does she have a great understanding of challenging issues and limitations but she has so many different solutions available to help create lasting change. She gave me small, achievable steps to guide me to my goals and with each session built upon my progress while offering new insight.

I would highly recommend Yol to anyone looking to bring about internal or external change in their life.”

—Rachel Nierstedt, Asheville NC


conscious & spiritual business coaching client“When I found Yol I was looking for some guidance on how to start my own spiritual business, the proper way this time, as I had tried before and it hadn’t worked. After working together, my mind is clearer and I understand how to relate to what it is I really want from my business and how to talk to the people I want to work with and help.

Yol’s language is funny and clear and relates to me. Now she has given me direction. I think Yol is really good at understanding how people think and can see where they are on their journey.”

—Val Beresford, Herts, United Kingdom


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“I have tried many forms of counseling (traditional, group, Biblical and Christian based) with little to no success.

After my first session with Yol, I knew that I was in the right place. I’ve met with Yol for Spiritual Counseling, Indigo Soul Counseling and Indigo Healing. And, I feel great.

After 46 years of trying everything else, I’ve finally found what works. I wish that I had met her sooner! I highly recommend Yol’s services. Thanks so much Yol!

(Just a note: I do appreciate all the free newsletters that I receive from Yol. They are of great help in keeping me thinking and focused on my life’s path.)”

—Sonya Rowland, Leicester NC


another happy spiritual business coaching client“Working with Yol has helped to reveal my childhood wounds and patterns of resistance so I can move forward with my life goals. Through her coaching I now have tools to release any old programming that arises and I am more aligned with my true self.

Yol is a great teacher who will gently lead you through challenging or painful blocks and you will grow immeasurably from the experience of working with her. I now feel more confident and capable to focus on creating my business!”

—Terry Bezner, Torrance CA


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“I was looking for some guidance, energy work, and accountability when I met Yol. After working together, I have seen numerous patterns in my life and how they’re affecting things in ways I didn’t realize before.

She has helped me recognize these patterns and shift out of them so I can move forward, free from the power they’ve had over my life.

I think Yol is really skilled at helping you recognize negative mental habits and giving advice for breaking free from them.”

—Alicia King, St. Petersburg FL


happy spiritual business coaching client“When I started working with Yol I was looking for help getting clear about how I wanted to structure my business and who was my ideal client and what they desired. I had tried to form the traits of my ideal client on my own using some marketing books and articles I had read online, but I was still not clear. Yol guided me through several exercises to help me realize that my ideal client was actually a version of myself.

She is such a gifted writer, editor and web designer! She helps me find the true meaning and emotion that I want to use to connect with my clients. She can take very esoteric ideas and distill them down into practical language. I continue to gain clarity about the purpose and structure of my business so it is in alignment with me, working for me. I could not have achieved such clarity without her guidance. When I feel stuck or have trouble getting clear around some aspect of my practice, her insights help me find my truth and confidence. I highly recommend working with Yol!”

—Rachel Moress, Ashland, OR


happy spiritual counseling coaching client“I have worked with Yol for the last few years and I can say with absolute certainty I would by no means be anywhere I am now without her and her intuitive, love-filled soul coaching methods that are invaluable to me. I would still be stuck repeating patterns of the past endlessly, inhibiting my growth and soul evolution. Yol has helped me cultivate a healthier lifestyle doing things that connect me to myself, my soul, rather than things that disconnect me from the flow of Consciousness.

Her use of many beautiful analogies, symbolism and ancient knowledge from a life spent discovering those truths is the therapy I needed to realize my purpose and continue pushing forward. I am learning to take the directing role as the star of my life, to put to sleep self-sabotaging patterns that no longer serve me and to awaken the potential within of who I want to be and how I want to live and fulfill my life.

I had worked with many certified persons and sought guidance in many times of need, but none helped me as clearly as Yol. Choosing her to heal and guide me through tempestuous storms has been beyond helpful and I am so thankful.

I know that any person seeking help can find more than they were asking for with Yol. She is one of the good forces on this Earth, and she has truly helped me to reaffirm and understand my life’s purpose and meaning for my unique soul’s pathway.”

—Samantha Richman, Asheville NC


happy spiritual counseling & coaching client“I’ve been on a self discovery journey for some time and through a synchronicity I learned about Yol. I am happy I did! She has a beautifully and gentle way to guide and advise one on how to balance between spiritual and physical aspects.

She offers concrete tools which helped me along my way to gain clarity about myself. I very much appreciate her help and highly recommend Yol to anyone!”

—Natia Omarashvili, Brooklyn NY


spiritual business coaching client“I found Yol in the midst of starting my business as a medical intuitive and was looking for guidance and support to help me navigate the process. I was ready to drop my limiting beliefs and really needed someone who could push and challenge me to step outside of the box I was comfortably, but unhappily living in.

After working together for a few months I have a much better grasp on how to market and to whom, I began taking more risks as we worked through deep inner beliefs that began in childhood, and I finally feel confident in my skills and abilities.

Yol is extremely talented! She is an expert at effective yet authentic marketing, she knows how to get to the core of self-sabotaging issues, and she is very fun, kind and empathetic throughout the whole process! I highly recommend Yol for anyone who is in search of transforming everything from your business to yourself.”

—Cameron Giles, San Francisco CA


Spiritual counseling & business coaching client“Yol, I just want to say how I appreciate having you in my life! I have had a few people mentor me and I can honestly say that they are not a patch on you. You are tackling areas where no one had gone before. You have made me see things differently and I use your tools daily. Now I am really excited about the future!”

—Helen Herfurth, Queensland, Australia


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“When I met Yol I was looking for help in finding direction in the “empty nest” stage of my life. In just a few meetings of working with Yol, she helped me see that my “sacred selfishness” is ok and that I can ask for and take the time I need to do what I want with the rest of my life.

I’m really happy with the decisions I’ve made with Yol’s help. I’m looking forward to the future. I think Yol is an awesome listener and is very skilled at opening one’s eyes to different ways of looking at situations.”

—Vicki Simpson, Apex NC


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“I went searching for someone who could tell me what my life purpose was and what actions I needed to take to head down that path. But what I soon realized after my initial visit with Yol, and is reinforced every time we meet, is that what I need to know and learn is already inside me!

Yol has no doubt been a major catalyst in my personal transformation. What she has helped me see is that we all are on our own journey of self-discovery, which occurs through our connections with everybody and everything on this earth. So how does all of this fit into my life now?  I view life differently.

Every day has become an opportunity to move one step closer to understanding who I am and bring my purpose into reality. Acknowledging my feelings and desires has allowed me to accept them for my own self-discovery and growth.”

—Victoria Winters, Greenville SC


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“Yol very gently, with clarity, guided me back to the light where the confusion and fear lightened and allowed me to begin discovering what would be the next phase of my personal journey.

I continue to work with Yol finding our sessions very gentle and simple, yet powerful and life shifting at the same time. I truly enjoy working with her and would highly recommend her gifted services. With Infinite Gratitude.”

—Denise Palmer, Asheville NC


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“Yol is a very smart lady. She has a deep understanding of the spiritual and the material.
She just has a way of explaining things that makes them penetrate deep into your understanding.
Thank you Yol for all your support and good work!”

—Christine Machiraju, Winnipeg, Canada


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“Yol is an invaluable source of knowledge and insight. Her patience and willingness to repeat and re-illuminate leave me with the confidence that she can hang in there with me over the long haul.

I would certainly recommend Yol without reservation!”

—Jude Misurelli, Hockessin DE


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“Yol has helped me to see the right path for my life. She has given me confidence in that what I believed positively about myself deep within was really accurate.

Now I can continue to foster those qualities and grow more love for myself so that I can also help to heal others in the world. Thanks Yol – what a blessing to have your insight!”

—Carrie Huberty, Cramerton NC


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“Yol, I have felt so wonderful since I met you! It was a wonderful gift to myself! I wake up feeling such peace. I noticed it immediately and am so very grateful!

It is as though some kind of major shift took place internally that I have desired for so long. My sincere thanks!”

—Karen Anderson, Knoxville TN


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“Yol has been very effective in assisting me to uncover where I need to place my focus to do my healing. I am grateful for her wisdom and her insight.”

—Lilla Khalsa, Swannanoa NC


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“Yol is intensely focused with you. She provides a safe and nurturing environment for helping you with life’s problems or concerns. She gets to the heart of the matter and offers special advice and solutions for resolving issues that are keeping one from attaining their highest possibilities in life.

I highly recommend her to anyone interested in pursuing the achievement of personal and spiritual goals.”

—Sharon Cobb, Brevard NC


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“I first met Yol when I was looking for a business coach because I didn’t know what to do in order to start my reiki business. She has given me great information and helped me stay on target with the way I need to develop and run my business, as well as how to present myself.

I am so grateful, I could not have done this without her and I would not be where I am now! Thank you Yol, from the bottom of my heart!”

—Sharon Clark, Cumming GA


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“Yol has been a timely and instrumental element in my personal discovery and acceptance, healing and growth.

Thank you, Yol, for all your help on my journey!”

—Kim Brophey, Asheville NC


happy distant energy healing client“I have been seeing Yol on and off for a year now. In times of great stress and anxiety, her long distant energy sessions serve as a great relief.

I recommend them for those people who are diligently attempting to align with their Higher Purpose.”

—Rishi Vyas, Prairieville LA


happy distant energy healing client“Yol is a gentle and kind soul that has dedicated her life to helping humanity find their way. I am extremely grateful to her in helping me clear out a lot of negative energy during our spiritual healing sessions. After our first session I felt as if a weight had been lifted from my spirit and I had found my voice again.

Since our sessions I feel like a completely different being and have developed a new found Joy for life and my fellow brothers and sisters. I thank the Spirits for guiding me to her.”

—Manar Sadek-Shaw, Westampton NJ


happy spiritual counseling & coaching client“My story is long and complicated, the simple version is that when I found Yol, I was struggling and stuck. My husband of over 30 years had passed away, my daughter at 15 years old had an 8 hour surgery for a cyst in her parotid gland, with a very rare cancer diagnosis. I was laid off from my job. In the middle of all of this, I had begun an ‘awakening’ process.

Yol has helped me to understand so much more about myself and my life. She has brought so much clarity to many different facets of my life from my wounded child to my current relationships. I’m not sure where I would be today without my work with Yol.

I have moved forward with Yol’s assistance. I would highly recommend Yol for life coaching and counseling!”

—Monica Hethcote, Eagle CO


“I was drawn to working with Yol almost immediately after reading her website because I resonated with her intuitive, soul orientated approach to coaching. Our sessions together have been eye opening and thought provoking. She provided insights into patterns that seemed rooted in my family of origin and that may have spanned lifetimes. By bringing them to light, I was able to bring greater awareness to them and noticed that they lost their hold.

We explored integration in many ways and her insights into adding creativity in my daily life by aligning the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional was profound. The biggest “aha” moment came when she helped me recognize how guilt and judgement created a sense of disconnection in my reality. This was life changing and helped me take action in a way that has fostered deeper acceptance and connection till this day.

I am grateful to Yol for her guidance and companionship, and her intuitive, caring nature as a coach.”

—Kathleen Costello, Spartanburg SC


“Yol has been a blessing in my life. You can’t fake compassion, and compassion is very important for healing. Yol is truly compassionate and has a gentleness in her voice that shows she genuinely cares and is there to help me every step of the way.Her patience has allowed me to better integrate and love myself, to realize that I am important, and to discover my own power in a way I had never experienced before.

I think Yol is a phenomenal woman who’s taught me that I’m a phenomenal woman, too. I highly recommend her!”

—Adrian Tedlock, Brooklyn NY


“I became very frustrated by my field of work and I was looking for a career coach with a spiritual perspective to assist me in identifying a career that nurtured my soul. I was fortunate to find Yol. She has a unique ability to identify specific behaviors as energy obstacles and has helped me clearly see how they affect my life.

Yol is the first person I have encountered in the spirituality community that has addressed both the workings of the universe and how they apply specifically to my life. Understanding the impact of an obstacle on multiple levels has resulted in a number of aha! moments, and the adjustments in perspective have had significant positive impact.

I am thankful to Yol for her time and attention to my development and recommend her as a resource to anyone searching for direction in their lives.”

—Kathleen Smith, Alexandria VA


“Before working with Yol Swan, I was convinced I was ready to move forward with a long-time dream of having my own business. The timing seemed to be right, and I had the energy and conviction to finally pursue my heart’s desire. However, I created obstacles which prevented full self-expression and probable success. She helped me to establish a new and honest relationship with myself that enabled me to see the truth.

She has given me wisdom, insight, and practical tools to build the foundation for providing an authentic and lasting service to my community. Many thanks and much gratitude for her clarity, intuitive intelligence, and encouragement!”

—Tanyika White, Alpharetta GA


“I went to Yol to gain inspiration, as well as much needed clarity, regarding how to make manifest my life purpose. I have long known what my purpose is but have been troubled with negative influences (both internal and external) that have discouraged taking the steps to pursue it. She was an excellent listener and I felt her being truly present with me as I told her about my concerns.

Her deeply insightful suggestions opened me to seeing my issues from a higher level of consciousness as I immediately began shaking loose the fear-based conceptual framework that has limited me for years. After the session my awareness shifted to consider many other similarly limiting perceptions that have held me back, leading to many ‘aha’ moments for days afterwards.

Yol Swan is a wise and talented counselor, but more than that, she is a transformative healer whose gifts transcend the intellect. She is also a lovely person. I would highly recommend her work to anyone.”

—Elizabeth Smith, Brooklyn NY


“After reaching a place in my life where conventional psychology could no longer help me to grow, I decided to begin working with Yol Swan. This was during a very tumultuous time of change. Yol helped to guide me through to the solutions I needed; she helped me to better understand the very specific beliefs that were causing me pain.

Her intuitive abilities are very well-developed and she has a unique type of spiritual focus in her counseling that helps to reveal the bigger picture. I have already learned so much about myself through our work together! If you’re ready to wake up and embrace your purpose and your power, I highly recommend working with Yol!”

—Wren Kelley, Asheville NC


“I highly recommend Yol Swan. I had been navigating through what seemed to be a turbulent and challenging time which included my family, my job, and my new business. I have been able to recognize that my future is filled with change and that there is a lot of hope for the future.

My conversations with Yol have brought about a new level of connectivity with others, a new level of balance, extreme peace in my choices, satisfaction in the achievement of goals, and recognition of value in my relationships. Most importantly, I have developed new techniques for problem solving which far surpass any solutions that I ever could have come up with in the past. I feel as though I am more grounded, less fearful and far less stressed.

With Yol’s help, I feel like I am on the way to unlocking my energy in a very positive, powerful, and a more productive way. I highly recommend consistent individual counseling sessions with Yol rather than conventional counseling. I look forward to my continued work with her and also to participating in future group seminars.”

—Hope Bleecker, Rutherfordton NC


“Yol is really an amazing woman to work with. I felt I needed a counselor who would help me understand my spiritual life path as well as career and life choices. She has read me beautifully and given me many incites and understanding into my life and decisions that has helped me re-center and ground myself.

I am very thankful for her and would encourage anyone who needs to find their balance to seek out her counsel.”

—Graham Duvall, Weaverville NC


“I felt as though just one hour with Yol was more insightful than eight months of therapy. She helped me to identify quickly the roots of my discord, and provided options to help me shift out of my current circumstances. I felt empowered to change, to heal, and excited about my future, and I can’t wait!”

—Jennifer McLucas, Asheville NC


“I have met with Yol Swan for Intuitive Spiritual Counseling, Indigo Soul Counseling and Indigo Healing.

What a relief to understand a lifetime or more of struggle, simply and clearly explained, placed in perspective, relevant to my experience. And what a relief to have a clear path forward!”

—Janice Ray Evans, Weaverville NC


“Yol is a pleasure to work with. She has helped me so much with her insight and clear view of the spiritual world. I highly recommend her!”

—Susan Boone, Charlotte NC


“I have gained great insight from Yol and feel very supported. She has guided me through difficult times and helped me stay on track to find my own voice and purpose, which has brought me much joy and fulfillment.

I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for clarity and guidance, or looking to find meaning in the work they do!”

—Joanne Smith, Asheville NC


“I had some distant energy healing done by Yol, and clearly felt that something shifted in me. I couldn’t explain exactly how, but it definitely made a difference in my perception of things and my energy levels. I was very happy with it.”

—Jim Clark, Amarillo TX


“Yol has helped me over the years with her clear insight and spiritual awareness. I would highly recommend her services to anyone in search of clarity and understanding of life’s many issues.

She has an uncanny ability to bring clarity to difficult situations and explained in simple terms spiritual concepts and ideas that were not easy for me to grasp before. She is fun and gentle, but she does not allow you to fool yourself!”

—Vicky G., Boston MA


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