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crystal bed therapy - asheville - for physical & spiritual healing Are you looking for deep healing and overall balance in your life? Then you need to experience the power of this Crystal Bed Therapy!

This Crystal Bed has seven extremely clear and highly polished Vogel-style quartz crystals suspended above you and aligned to each of your main chakras. You simply lie down on the bed, fully clothed (under a blanket to keep you warm), with your eyes covered, and surrounded by relaxing music and the energy of other crystals in the room.

The colored lights matching the rainbow spectrum radiate energy through the crystals to each of your energy centers (chakras), lighting on and off in rhythmic motion to cleanse, balance, and align the layers of your soul. Once you set an intention for the session (on any level), you just relax and rest, bathing in this high vibrational energy.

Abadiânia Crystal Lights vs. regular crystal or color therapy

I had experienced wonderful results with this therapy both before and while visiting the Casa de Dom Inácio in Abadiânia, Brazil. So I decided to bring a Crystal Bed to offer Crystal Bed Therapy for rejuvenation and chakra healing, to support the physical, mental, and spiritual well being of my clients in the Asheville area. These are very challenging times, and we all need much support, from all possible angles!

Abadiânia is itself a vortex of spiritual energy, and the spiritual entities that gather there are summoned with a prayer to channel their energies to you. So, in addition to the healing power of both crystal and color therapy, these spirit guides and multidimensional beings use this as a portal to provide their support as you receive this Crystal Bed Therapy, helping you open your heart to love and deeper healing.

A gentle, individualized healing experience​

crystal bed healing asheville ncAfter having done this therapy myself many times, observing and talking to others about it, I can tell you that each session is different and every person responds differently to it as well.

You may simply fall asleep, which is a great thing to do, since healing happens when you’re relaxed and more open. You may go into a deep meditative or blissful state, feeling touched by the Divine.

You may receive insight, visions, messages, or perceive the entities working on you. You may have all sorts of bodily sensations or involuntary movements (kriyas) in the areas where healing is happening. Or you may bring forth thoughts, memories, or emotions, only to see them fade away and resolve as you release their negative, stagnant energy and allow greater self-love.

The possibilities are endless, since the healing process provided by these high spirits is profound and clears disruptions on a spiritual level, which is where any imbalance really begins. In other words, it goes to the root cause of your issues in the causal body of the soul (your subconscious), addressing negative imprints of both this and previous lifetimes. Each session is unique, but one thing is certain: the more receptive and grateful you are, the deeper and more blissful your healing will become.

People doing this Crystal Lights Therapy have expressed:

  • Feeling more energy, clarity and focus.
  • Releasing fears, doubts and pain that had haunted them for years.
  • Feeling an increased sense of peace, well-being and faith.
  • Gaining a spiritual understanding of themselves and others.
  • Resolving health issues and experiencing less stress in challenging situations.
  • Seeing past lives to understand present situations.
  • Feeling more relaxed, connected and grounded to the Earth and the Universe.
  • Perceiving their life path and purpose clearly, as well as the evolution of Mother Earth.
  • Receiving insights into the cause of disease and how to better support their healing process.

Are You Ready to Feel Clearer, Healthier & At Peace?

ONE (45-Minute) Crystal Bed Therapy Session: $100


FOUR* (45-Minute) Crystal Bed Therapy Sessions: $370

* Discounted sessions must be scheduled within four weeks: either once a week, two every other week, or all four in the same week (or any other combination that we agree upon).

Give yourself 1 hour for the whole process and don’t rush afterwards.

Sessions can be scheduled along with Spiritual Counseling or Coaching, or be completely independent.

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happy John of God crystal lights therapy client“Each crystal bed session begins in an atmosphere of tranquility. Just entering the room, any pressure dissipates and all the chaos and troubles of the day are lifted. But each one is different! I have witnessed the nature of my ego, been guided with outer-worldly visualizations of cosmic space and time, gone into deep trance-like meditative states and caught glimpses of my soul.

I have been doing weekly sessions for a while and had life changing experiences. Since the second session I began feeling lighter, lifting darker heavier energy of the past. After a deeply meditative session I felt the opposite of guilt: pure innocence! I felt connected to my true nature and have begun to really understand the nature of the soul. This shift was incredible, such a lifting feeling, like an innocent being with nothing to prove—free, light, grateful, hopeful, and connected!

I have never felt more proud of myself or spiritually guided and cleansed than I have after the work I’ve done with Yol with spiritual counseling and these crystal healing sessions. Do yourself a favor, do crystal bed healing sessions to awaken new seeds of potentiality to be the true you and bring that person to life! You will be doing the world a favor!”

—Samantha Richman, Asheville NC


happy John of God crystal bed therapy client“I am so deeply grateful for the guidance Yol has provided as I pursue my dream of being a soul based entrepreneur. Her generous, compassionate support and intuitive insight have been invaluable because establishing my own business has also been a personal healing journey. One that is empowering me to use my unique gifts to heal others and to prosper by doing so.

As part of that healing journey, I booked a crystal bed therapy session during which I experienced a profound peace like in a deeply meditative state that allowed me to access my inner wisdom. Physically, I felt very relaxed for several days afterwards. I will definitely book other sessions and highly recommend this experience!”

—Kristina Kelly, Asheville NC


Preparing for your Crystal Bed Therapy session

The most important aspect is to be open and receptive, trusting that your soul is guiding you to see and learn what you need, to heal, grow, and evolve. In fact, your connection and healing starts the moment you commit to a session or series of sessions, but you will benefit even more by following these guidelines:

  • Set a clear intention for your session, on any level—physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, etc.
  • Wear white or light colored clothes and avoid dark colors (including underwear). This helps the entities see through you and zoom into your main disruptive patterns or blockages of energy.
  • Avoid intoxicants or stimulants before and after your session (i.e. caffeine, alcohol, recreational drugs). The cleaner your body, the deeper energy can penetrate and the healing continue.
  • Create a sacred space within you during each session, with a pure mind and body.
  • Turn off your cell phone right before, during, and after the session, to stay focused, present, and relaxed.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day. You will get some blessed/energized crystal water to drink right after your session, but it’s very important to stay hydrated to flush any toxins that may have been released.
  • Rest and keep calm for the remaining of the day, and as much as possible in the following days. No heavy physical activity, computer, internet, TV, or heated conversations, if possible.
  • Try to keep to yourself to fully absorb the experience and be gentle with yourself as it all sinks in.
  • Avoid sharing it with those who don’t understand or don’t believe in energy healing.

Nurturing self-love and meditative states is how you open, activate, energize, and balance your chakras—to keep your mind and body healthy, and promote spiritual growth. This Crystal Bed Therapy will support you, along with regular Spiritual Counseling & Coaching.

FAQ about Crystal Bed Therapy & healing

  • How many sessions do I need to see the change I want?

Each person is different and has different issues and needs, so it’s a very individualized process. Plus, of course, it’s up to you how deep you want to go with your healing. Obviously, the more sessions you do the stronger your connection to these energies becomes.

  • Can you do any other type of healing during a session?

No, the Crystal Bed Therapy is powerful on its own, and I can’t get in the way of the entities working on you. But I’d encourage you to combine these sessions with a Spiritual Counseling / Coaching program to gain insight, spiritual tools, and a deeper understanding of yourself.

  • Who are these spirit guides or “entities” you talk about?

Spirits are all around us, but we can’t usually perceive them with the physical eyes, only with the spiritual senses. Although there are many spiritualist traditions in Brazil, hundreds of spirits concentrate regularly in Abadiânia and use these crystal beds as a portal for healing around the world. Many have been perceived as doctors, surgeons, or saints that decided to remain in a closer realm to continue helping humanity without the restrictions of a physical body. The crystal bed is a conduit for these healing energies.

  • Can you do this therapy long distance?

No, this therapy can only be offered in person. You can check my Distant Energy Healing, which can be done with a recent photograph, and is also an effective yet gentle, subtle process for you (but much more involved and intense for me).

Why balancing your chakra system is important

chakra balance - crystal bed therapy - AshevilleThe word Chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit. Chakras are vortexes of energy that regulate physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual functions. These energy centers are part of the network through which your body, mind, and spirit interact as an integrated system. There are seven major chakras and many minor chakras all over the body that form an energetic grid connecting you to the flow of life and to higher realms of existence as well.

The seven major chakras have individual characteristics and functions, and correspond to specific aspects of Consciousness. Each chakra relates to one of the various glands of the endocrine system, as well as the different systems and organs in the body. They’re doorways of Consciousness through which the spiritual and creative energy within you flows into physical expression.

The energy from your thoughts, emotions and mental attitude runs through the chakras and is distributed through your cells, tissues and organs. Self-awareness can bring insight into how you affect your mental and physical health—for better or for worse—and how to restore balance. But you need guidance and support, as well as extra energy and clarity to heal the past and keep growing, especially in these dense and dark times of transitioning into new cosmic and planetary cycles—when your personal transformation is the key to transforming the world and healing the planet.

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Disclaimer: The information provided on this site is for educational purposes only. Energy or spiritual healing is intended to work with your current medical regimen. Do not stop medical attention or medications. Consult your health care practitioner if you have any health concerns.

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