Break free from what is keeping you small, unhappy or stuck

What if you could live life on your terms, feeling empowered to do what YOU want? What if you had the clarity to understand what is holding you back, so you could accomplish your dreams and aspirations?

When you lack clarity, it shows in unpleasant ways:woman in need of spiritual counseling

  • You are not sure what your next steps are
  • You can’t seem to accomplish your goals
  • You feel invisible, unheard and unappreciated
  • You get discouraged by a sense of loss
  • You are easily scattered, confused or overwhelmed
  •  You feel lonely and disconnected
  •  You get paralyzed  by fear, insecurity and self-doubt

I know this because I’ve been there and experienced every single one of them. During a painful divorce I felt like my life had completely crumbled and I had no idea how to put all the pieces back together. I was hurt, confused, lonely and powerless, until I started taking full spiritual responsibility for everything in my reality. I moved out of the victim-blame mentality by embracing my emotional and spiritual wounds, and witnessed true inner power emerge, along with the clarity of what my healing was all about.

integrate your life puzzle with intutive spiritual counseling and life coachingI can help you put all the pieces of your life together, under a new light, with a clearer understanding of who YOU are and what YOU want. Aren’t you ready to take full charge of your life, living it on your own terms and with no apologies?

With my guidance, you will understand the HOWs and WHYs of your experience and integrate your life puzzle to draw the direction, confidence and purpose you need to create more joyful and meaningful life experiences and relationships.

Gain insight and clarity to bring your inner vision and true desires into manifestation! When you invest your energy, time and money in yourself, you start creating an authentic and abundant life with meaning and purpose.

Everything you need to be happy is already within you!

But you need guidance, direction and support from someone who understands where you are and how you feel, to help you discover your full potential and move past your own resistance—the blind spots and stopping points that hold you back. And yes, you are conditioned to resist change and self-growth!

I’ve developed an effective system of self-exploration and energy management aligned with your soul path and purpose, to help you find the clarity, motivation and direction you need to create the life YOU truly want.

I know how you feel: you keep yourself busy taking care of others’ needs (feeling “useful”), while you remain invisible and unheard, secretly craving appreciation, love, and support to feel more connected to YOU and YOUR dreams.

Or perhaps those dreams have become fuzzy and unclear because nobody is investing in them! You hope and wish that the day will come when you’ll find something more fulfilling than what you do or have—something that will make your life more authentic and bring passion and joy into your experience. So you wait and wait, and the routine simply goes on…

I truly get it. I know how lonely and disconnected you feel. And I KNOW I can help you break the invisible ties holding you back, to discover and embrace who YOU really are and what YOU truly want in life—what you are here to do. But…

You can only transform things when you recognize your unconscious limiting beliefs because the Universe can only give you more of what you give yourself. And it’s not that you don’t want more from life, it’s just that—consciously and unconsciously—it is all you are allowing yourself to receive!

This is for your if you are ready to:

  • Understand your life path and the challenges of your soul-driven journeyemotional freedom coach
  • Discover who YOU are from a spiritual perspective
  • Find your inner power to turn your life around
  • Shed what’s holding you back and live life to the fullest
  • Connect to your soul to feel confident and emotionally free
  • Discover your full potential and purpose in life

In these rapidly evolving and confusing times, discovering the shadow side of yourself, as you’d do in psychotherapy, is not enough. You have to find the inner light that can get you out of the darkness when you need it and the creative power to reshape your life. In other words, you need to learn to live a soul-guided life!

If you’re ready to invest in yourself and transform your life, Schedule a Discover Session Today to explore where you’re at and find the best way to work together.

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Your DREAMS and ASPIRATIONS are the food for your SOUL. Not investing in yourself and your dreams is like giving up on YOUR life, which makes you feel disconnected and confused. Being confused and in fear is like handing out your inner power on a silver platter. Only clarity, self-awareness, and a sense of purpose can heal and empower you.

When you KNOW who YOU are and what YOU want:

  • You feel empowered to grow emotionally and spiritually
  • You can trust and follow your heart
  • You can be at peace knowing you’re living your life on purpose
  • You heal in mind, body and spirit
  • You feel connected to yourself and others from a place of love
  • You inspire and uplift those around you

You are a soul on an eternal journey, an extension of the Infinite Consciousness Continuum that pervades everything. You have the ability to manifest whatever you desire and live a life of joy, love, and abundance!

Can you afford to remain trapped in the old limiting patterns
that keep you invisible, powerless or stuck?

Ask yourself, where will you be a year from now, or five years from now, if you remain where you are because you do nothing about it? Life will continue to feel like a series of challenges and obstacles if you don’t know how to align and anchor yourself in yourself. I’ve been where you are now.

  • I too have struggled with confusion and overwhelm and lack of direction (for years!).
  • I too yearned to find my life purpose and contribute my experience and vision.
  • I too desired a life that would make me feel emotionally free and yet connected to others.
  • I too wanted abundance to do what I love and support what I believe in.
  • I too needed the clarity and support to see my blind spots and move past my own resistance.

And this is what I’ve learned through my own process of emotional and spiritual growth, and by helping many clients like you:

While you have within you everything you need to transform your life,
you also have unconscious mechanisms that want
to keep you right where you are
and stop you every time you attempt
to make any change.

This is true for everyone, no matter what your upbringing or environment. Why? Because your soul chose a particular life path to work through specific (unresolved) issues, and these issues got tightly woven into patterns of perception during childhood that now just repeat and repeat.

So whenever you try to change or create new habits, no matter how big or small, your ego-mind feels threatened and creates doubts and fears and dramas of all kinds to stop you. If you listen to the fears and doubts, you simply reinforce your resistance and remain trapped where you are.

I can help you understand your life path and your soul’s direction to unravel the beliefs and patterns that hold you back so you can pave a new, soul-guided life aligned with who YOU really are and what YOU truly want—not what you think you should be or do.

Let’s be honest, shall we? Do you give yourself these excuses?

  • unhappy midlife woman in need of intuitive life coaching“I’d love to work with a counselor or life coach, but I don’t have the money”: Are you evaluating how much it is really costing you not to invest in yourself?
  • “I can take care of my own problems”: Are you afraid to accept support because you’re supposed to be smart and strong, even if it makes you feel alone?
  • “If I can’t figure out what to do on my own, it means I am weak or dumb”: Are you placing a self-image before your own happiness?
  • “If I’m not happy it’s because there’s something wrong with me”: Are you giving your power to a distorted self-perception?
  • “I can’t invest that much on my well-being or my desires”: Are you devaluing yourself?
  • “My partner/spouse/family will think I’m nuts”: Are you living your life according to someone else’s needs or beliefs?
  • “If I follow my dreams, I will be judged as disloyal and selfish, and end up alone”: Do you believe you only deserve love if you please others?
  • “I should just be grateful and settle for what I have now”: Are you choosing to stay stuck where you are because it’s “safer” than taking charge of your life?

I’ve given the same excuses to avoid embracing my true power and taking spiritual responsibility for my life. This is why I also know that remaining where you are now has a very high price because you are wasting YOUR LIFE!

So ask yourself…

  • Are you ready to express who YOU truly are without fear or apologies?
  • Are you determined to fulfill your purpose and master your life?
  • Are you willing to invest in yourself to allow the real YOU to emerge?

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What Some of My Clients Say:

happy spiritual counseling & coaching clientYol is kind and is able to listen carefully and grasp the issues that are being discussed – she seems to intuitively know exactly what is happening with my struggles and therefore she is able to provide insights and more importantly tools, in order to understand myself better and to improve my quality of life. The insights she has shared with me have been completely spot on, and they have allowed me to see my life from a more observant (and therefore less judgemental and painful) point of view.

I feel I understand my emotions more easily and I also feel I am starting to connect with my true self, which feels wonderful. One of my main struggles is a severely inner critical voice that has haunted me for most of my life. With Yol’s help and tools, I have really started to provide a more nurturing, kind and loving alternative to this voice, which has empowered me, improved my self esteem, and allowed me to live more happily on a daily basis.

I am really looking forward to continuing to explore myself, to learn more about all aspects of my life, and to really find my true purpose. With Yol, I feel this is totally possible and I cannot thank her enough for the help she has already provided me. Doing work on oneself is hard and takes courage, but if one is willing to really look at themselves and face the truth, there is a lot of joy on the other side of that.

Thank you Yol for our work together so far, I look forward to continuing my journey with you!

—Marcela Aguirre, Birmingham, United Kingdom


happy spiritual mentoring & life coaching client“Before I began working with Yol, I felt deeply confused, conflicted, and frustrated. My path of self-discovery was leading me in circles and I couldn’t understand why. I was drawn to order Yol’s book, The Indigo Journals, and after reading only a few pages, I wanted to learn more about her.

I was excited to learn that Yol is a Spiritual Mentor/Coach and immediately reached out. Within a few sessions, my perception completely shifted. Yol’s guidance and unwavering support helped me to redirect my focus inward and release my false persona, giving me a new outlook on life.

Along with her consistency, she is extremely wise, patient, loving, and funny. There is a purity and clarity in her communication that I have never experienced before. Yol has taught me to embrace life as it is, instead of trying to resist it. She has given me the tools to discover the truth, the ultimate truth, and to let go of everything I am not. Yol is a sacred gift and I highly recommend her services!”

—Caren Zoppi, West Caldwell, NJ


happy spiritual counseling coaching client“I’m truly grateful to be working with Yol. She has helped me to get off that hamster wheel I have been on for so long. Her in-depth work of the Indigos, which is so clearly described in her book The Indigo Journals, has bought great awareness leading me to take the next steps in healing.

Yol brings her life experience and amazing insight into her work. Because she is very intuitive, she is able to bring much clarity to our work together as well. I can now view my life story with wonder and not with such judgement, criticism, and that feeling of not being good enough. This has been very freeing.

My heart is opening up and I’m living with more acceptance of myself, which is also expressed as acceptance and love for others. I’m seeing the transformation in my relationships, this has been huge.

I look forward to our weekly time together with much eagerness. She has made the whole process one of curiosity and enjoyment. Sure, we can do the work ourselves, but with so many distractions we often leave our inner work aside. Yol’s guidance can help you stay the track and see quicker results. Thank you Yol!”

—Angela Cefalo, Englewood Cliffs NJ


SLawrence “When I first started working with Yol, I was looking for a better way to live my life. After years of struggling with frustration and uncertainty about my future, I realized I needed some clarity and guidance that would get me back on the right path. Simply put, I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin.

After working together with Yol, I now have a proper perspective and renewed focus on my goals… along with a better sense of my life purpose. She has helped me see myself as a divine being and given me tools to keep that awareness alive in my daily life as I move forward in the direction of my dreams.

Yol is very thoughtful and compassionate in her guidance. She takes the time to get to know you and your desires and will skillfully craft the right questions—that when you answer honestly—can best be described as a series of “Aha” moments.

I am grateful to Yol for her patience and understanding. I’m now living the way I imagined!”

—Susan Lawrence, Asheville NC


happy spiritual counseling & coaching client“In the midst of a spiritual rejuvenation after a long dark night of the soul I was a little perturbed by the somewhat frantic nature of online spiritual teaching these days until I chanced upon Yol. Her calm, loving approach to teaching was like a balm.But don’t be fooled – she is expert at identifying our egoic tricks to foil our spiritual advancement and will not let anything pass that smacks of avoidance. Her authenticity shines like a diamond, but it is her wisdom that shows the way for those of us privileged to have her guidance.

If you want wise counsel to negotiate the thorny issues holding you back from a life of peace and abundance, I highly recommend Yol as your guide!”

—Phil Steele, Chilcotts Grass, Australia


intuitive spiritual counseling & coaching client“I was desperately trying to get through a rough time in my life when a family member who recognized me as a fellow Indigo recommended that I contact Yol. Yol not only guided me out of that very dark time but gave me useful tools to recognize imbalances and negative patterns in my life that have helped me find a better place – and thrive.

After working with Yol, I feel a new sense of purpose and understand myself so much better than I ever have before. I see these new changes in my life every day, and I am very grateful for them. Yol is a wonderful teacher with the unique life experience and enlightened perspective to help Indigos and feminine souls reach their true potential. I am looking forward to continuing to work with her on my own spiritual journey!”

—Alexandra Cooper, Austin TX


a happy spiritual counseling & coaching client“Since I began working with Yol I have been able to gain more clarity about my vision and goals. I have been working on writing a book for many years and having trouble with the overall process. She was immediately able to help me hone in on what was missing and gave clear guidance to bring about progress.

Yol also helped me look at past experiences with a different perspective that made me realize blocks that were limiting my growth. Not only does she have a great understanding of challenging issues and limitations but she has so many different solutions available to help create lasting change.

I would highly recommend Yol to anyone looking to bring about internal or external change in their life.”

—Rachel Nierstedt, Weaverville NC


AHorsting“I found Yol at a time when a lot of changes were taking place in my life. I also knew I needed to be doing something more with my life.

She is gently helping me through these changes and steering me in the right direction. Her insight is amazing and she has helped me make sense of things I have felt since I was a kid and didn’t understand.

Working with her has given me such a new outlook on so many things. I feel very fortunate to have her guidance. She is a truly gifted person and I highly recommend her services.”

—Alice Horsting, Shoals IN


another happys spiritual counseling client“Yol is an incredibly insightful, enlightening and nurturing spiritual counselor. Her nurturing qualities have helped me view my surroundings with more compassion and understanding, while also working to solve any bumps along the road.

Yol has helped me transition smoothly though a life-changing year. She has opened my eyes to observing my life-movie and playing an active role in changing negative patterns and beliefs.

Working with Yol has also helped me discover my talents and purpose and reconnect with a more playful, joyous and loving approach to life. The skills she has taught me are invaluable and will continue to serve me throughout my life. I am truly grateful for her guidance and highly recommend her!”

—Jenae Armstrong, Baden, Austria


testimonials for Yol Swan: Intuitive Spiritual Mentor, Life & Business Coach“When I met Yol, I wanted help with navigating through my purpose in life and setting priorities. After working together, I’ve discovered a better understanding of who I am and defined what I want from life. I especially like my new sense of belonging without looking for acceptance from others.

My life has been transformed by attracting the things and people that I need to fulfill my purpose. My perception has also changed since it’s coming from a more centered place, giving me a brighter outlook on who I am and accepting my uniqueness.

Yol is really skilled at guiding you through your journey of self-discovery and bringing awareness to your wounds for self-healing. Thank you Yol!”

—Alyce M. Knaflich, Asheville NC


a happy spiritual counseling coaching client“Tired of a life I didn’t understand and I didn’t want to live anymore, plus being certain that my “differences” and what I believed kept me isolated from others, I was lucky enough to be guided to Yol. I knew there and then that she would guide me back to myself.

There may be obstacles to face in life, but with the tools that Yol has taught me, I believe now that the peaceful smile I’ve gained with the inner work I’ve done with her can never be robbed or betrayed again.

Yol represents more than a coach to me; she has become the only person I trust, and session after session she is able to simplify my life by clarifying the role I have in it and the reason why certain things come up.

I highly recommend Yol as a spiritual counselor and coach for those who want to unravel the mystery of themselves.”

—Ana Lopes, London, United Kingdom


Spiritual counseling & business coaching client“Yol, I just want to say how I appreciate having you in my life! I have had a few people mentor me and I can honestly say that they are not a patch on you. You are tackling areas where no one had gone before. You have made me see things differently and I use your tools daily.

Now I am really excited about the future!”

—Helen Herfurth, Queensland, Australia


happy spiritual counseling & coaching client“My story is long and complicated, the simple version is that when I found Yol, I was struggling and stuck. My husband of over 30 years had passed away, my daughter at 15 years old had an 8 hour surgery for a cyst in her parotid gland, with a very rare cancer diagnosis. I was laid off from my job. In the middle of all of this, I had begun an “awakening” process.

Yol has helped me to understand so much more about myself and my life. She has brought so much clarity to many different facets of my life from my wounded child to my current relationships. I’m not sure where I would be today without my work with Yol.

I have moved forward with Yol’s assistance. I would highly recommend Yol for life coaching and counseling!”

—Monica Hethcote, Eagle CO

Why work with me?

  • I see everything as energy and have the ability to connect with you on a soul level to channel insight and healing energy your way.
  • I’m highly intuitive and empathic and bring hidden emotions and patterns to your awareness.
  • I went through 7 years of counseling (yep, once a week for seven full years), so I know what you’re going through.
  • I have a deep understanding of the ego-mind that keeps you stuck and can help you dissolve it to discover your true power.
  • I’ve been immersed in the spiritual path for 30+ years and personally guided by liberated masters in physical and non-physical form.
  • I’ve studied Vedic philosophy (Yoga & Vedanta) as well as homeopathy, which I may integrate into your program for deeper healing and support.
  • I’ve received coaching as well, so I know what you need from a life coach and what most coaches fail to provide (yes, there’s a dark, icky side to this industry).

I offer a spiritual yet practical approach, providing insight and tools based on your unique soul path and purpose. It is an effective healing system to help you release what holds you back, develop personal freedom and create an empowering and abundant life you LOVE, in alignment with who YOU truly are!

Get the Guidance & Support You Need

I know from experience that you can’t accomplish much without clarity, direction, and support, and it is my mission to be a supportive catalyst for your self-growth and self-empowerment. Ongoing intuitive spiritual counseling and life coaching can help you embrace life to the fullest by helping you gain:

  • Clarity. Insight is your soul’s wealth. It allows you to know who you are, how you feel, and what you want in life.
  • Direction. As you gain clarity about who you really are, versus who you think you should be, you create the doors and opportunities to move in the direction of your desires and goals.
  • Self-Love. When you integrate all of who you are without judgment, compassion and love come forth, both for yourself and others.
  • Success. Whether in business or in life, success comes from transcending the limiting beliefs created by the mind (your conditioning). This is hard to do alone, but very possible with the proper guidance and support.
  • Joy. You learn to communicate with your soul and appreciate how it’s always guiding you toward your destiny.
  • Growth. You shift into a more expansive awareness and leave behind the fear and doubt that block your true path.
  • Mastery. You become the master of your life and learn to navigate it freely, guided by your inner compass and a clear sense of direction and purpose.

woman happily coached by intuitive spiritual counselor

You must invest in yourself to fall in LOVE with YOUR LIFE…

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– Intuitive Spiritual Counseling, Mentoring & Life Coaching For a Soul-Guided Life – Asheville NC & Online