Would you like to make a living doing what YOU LOVE?

Are you a service-oriented visionary wanting to start a business
or a conscious solopreneur ready to take it to the next level?

You’ve come to the right place! Because you’ll need more than conventional business tools to build and grow an abundant business that connects you to who YOU really are—to your Soul Signature, which is what holds your true purpose in life.

As a visionary and creative entrepreneur, the general idea of what you want to do may come easily, but the specific how-to can be much more difficult. I provide a step-by-step approach to building a business that is both authentic and empowering: the ‘nitty-gritty,’ the nuts and bolts of how-to-be-in-business while honoring your values, beliefs and unique vision.

If you want to launch a business, does this sound like you?

  • woman in need of conscious business coachingYou are confused about the best way to get started.
  • You are multi-talented and don’t know how to integrate what you love to do in a holistic way.
  • You want to set a solid foundation before making the leap to quit your job.
  • You don’t know much about marketing or managing a business.
  • Most of the business info out there doesn’t suit your vision or values.
  • Your beliefs about money and abundance are holding you back.
  • You are overwhelmed and confused about how or when to get started.

I know you want to make a difference and a meaningful contribution while getting compensated for your expertise. If you are a creative, holistic or spiritual entrepreneur, a cookie-cutter or conventional business model is probably NOT for you. I learned this the hard way. I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my life and watched the world of business change over time. I had to shape a new, more feminine model that would fit my personal vision, my talents, my expertise, and my spiritual beliefs. I can guide you to create a business suited for YOU without having to reinvent the wheel. This will definitely help you save time, money and frustration!

If you already own a business, is this you?

  • overwhelmed woman in need of a spiritual business coachYou don’t understand why people aren’t knocking on your door to experience the great services or products you offer.
  • You spend a lot of time on the computer listening to business ‘gurus’ or searching for ways to make your business profitable but end up frustrated and exhausted.
  • You are overwhelmed with all the aspects of business and confused about the next step or the next level in your business.
  • You struggle with doubt and frustration because you hate sales and asking for money.
  • You’ve been in business for a while but you’ve reached a plateau.
  • Or maybe your business is quite successful but the old business model you follow is burning you out and you want a more leveraged experience.

Create an empowering business model
that makes YOU the expert in YOUR own field

excel in business with a conscious business coachAs consumers we are moving toward a much more personal, connection-oriented way of doing business. Your business won’t survive if you follow outdated models that may have succeeded in the past, like hiding behind your credentials or a corporate-like façade.

As a spiritual visionary, you need business tools and strategies that fit both your needs and personality, to leverage your expertise and help you stand out while remaining authentic and easy to connect with. You need someone to steer you in the right direction, to avoid getting stuck in the old business model that’s crumbling.

It can get very confusing! To make it worse, you have blind spots and self-defeating mental patterns that create resistance to change. Whether you’re just starting or ready to expand, you’ll find that every step you take is followed by (unconscious) resistance that tries to deviate or stop you, to keep you spinning where you are.

Plus, your business mirrors hidden beliefs about abundance and self-worth. You may not be aware of this, but your potential clients and customers can perceive it, because you reflect it in the way you present yourself and your business.

You have to invest time, energy and money to be in business,
stay in business and grow your business

spiritual business coaching for abundance and success

There’s simply no way around this, but you can do it the “smart way,” not the “hard way.” If you are a solopreneur, your business is an extension of who you are and reflects how you perceive yourself. The thing is that if you want others to invest in you, you have to believe in what you do by investing in yourself and your business.

When I hired a coach I learned tools I didn’t even know I was missing, which made a huge difference in how I manage my business and help my clients now.

The way we do business has changed, and keeps changing, so simply advertising on local papers isn’t enough, like it used to. Plus, all the hoopla about social media can be overwhelming. The old approach to business is crumbling and you need a new business model—based on trust, transparency and personal experience.

If you find yourself…overworked entrepreneur needing a conscious business coach

  • Overworked and overwhelmed
  • Over delivering and undervalued
  • Questioning your worth and your vision
  • Feeling like there’s something missing in what you do
  • Holding back because your inner censor says you’re “not good enough”
  • Remaining small, frustrated and invisible

It means that you hold unconscious contradictions regarding your self-worth, the value of your work, deserving abundance, and fear of being judged. In other words, you are NOT giving yourself permission to do what YOU love and receive what YOU truly deserve!

You need conscious business coaching to:

  • Integrate your dreams, passions and experience to become the expert in YOUR own field.
  • Create an empowering business that sets YOU apart from similar ones.conscious business coaching for spiritual entrepreneurs
  • Overcome self-defeating beliefs that hold you back.
  • Recognize your true value and that of your services and/or products.
  • Design strategies and marketing that suit YOUR personality.
  • Shed your negative ideas about money and sales.
  • Price and package your services based on value, not time.
  • Overcome your stopping points at every stage of business growth.

I have the intuitive ability to connect with you on a soul level and guide you to see and remove what holds you back—what I call your ‘inner bully’ blocking you with fear and self-doubt. Our work together is always based on your Life Path and Soul Purpose to carry you forward feeling connected and empowered.

I help YOU design an empowering road map to YOUR SUCCESS!

My approach to business is of a spiritual nature, which means I believe YOU have something special and unique to contribute to the expansion of Consciousness. I use my many years of experience as an entrepreneur, business manager, editor, artist and graphic/web designer to help you make the best choices to connect to your ideal clients.

If you are a conscious, creative or spiritual entrepreneur, being in business is about having a purpose, expressing yourself, and making a valuable contribution that has your unique stamp on it. But you need to invest money to make money and learn the tools to grow your business in alignment with your values.

The better you understand how your relationship with your business reflects your relationship with yourself, the more empowering your business becomes. And the best part is that you can create an empowering business that fits YOU and allows you to leverage your impact as you transform your mental patterns and grow personally!

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With my spiritual business coaching, you will

conscious business coaching for successful marketing1. Design your business around Your Empowering Story. This is the core of your business that carries your soul signature. It holds your big WHY—what makes YOU unique and an expert in YOUR own field. This is where you draw clarity, direction, motivation and your marketing from.

2. Understand who your ideal client or customer is.  To convert prospects into customers you need to be clear about who your clients are, what they are looking for, and why they would benefit from working with you.

3. Clarify your message for greater attraction and impact. Your message is the bridge between your business and your clients. It needs to stand out, reflect how unique you offering is, and connect you to the type of clients that are looking for YOU or would benefit from your services.

4. Find the best marketing for your service or product. Not all marketing tools work for all entrepreneurs or all types of business. We will find what best resonates with your talents and offerings, so you can focus your efforts on what gets you results.

5. Understand and change your money story. If you are not aware of your money story and how it shapes the way you do business, unconscious negative beliefs and money drama will get in the way of your personal and business growth.

6. Transform your mindset for growth. Without the right mindset, your fear, self-doubt, insecurity and distorted beliefs about money and self-worth will try to run your business and stop you from moving to the next level—no matter where you are at.

A step-by-step process that makes it much easier to:

  • spiritual business coaching for effective web design and marketing Understand what YOUR business is really about. It is not about the process of what you do, and it is not about your certifications or qualifications. It’s about what only YOU can offer as a unique soul.
  • See the value of what you offer. You need to understand your services, your customers, and your relationship with money clearly to create a business that is both empowering and successful.
  • Move from overwhelm to action. As a visionary entrepreneur, all the nuts and bolts of being in business can be overwhelming. You need support and a road map to accomplish what you want.
  • Stop treating your business like a hobby. Learn to see the fine line between caution and resistance, and focus on activities that generate revenue.
  • Position yourself as the expert YOU already are. Avoid placing yourself behind your credentials and use your life story and experience to stand out.
  • Leverage your expertise. Manage your energy and marketing by adjusting your strategies to further leverage your expertise as you grow and expand, while you remain true to who you are.

Why work with me?

Yol Swan, Spiritual Counselor & Business Coach I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my life: I know what it takes to create a business you LOVE.

I’ve worked as a freelance and in-house editor for various publishing houses (plus, I’m a writer and author myself): I can help you with your copy.

I’ve worked as an independent graphic and web designer: I can help you with your online presence and marketing materials. I can build your web site or help you do it with a strategic layout and tools to turn it into an effective virtual assistant working 24/7 for you.

I created a holistic clinic from scratch and managed it for 12 years: I can teach you management tools and marketing strategies that work for YOUR BUSINESS TYPE.

I am computer and web savvy, and familiar with the current marketing and social media trends: I can help you choose the best platforms for you and your business so you don’t dilute your efforts trying everything and getting nowhere.

I approach business coaching with a spiritual perspective: I utilize my intuitive and creative abilities to guide you in the direction of your soul path, while providing tools to manage your awareness and emotional energy toward greater abundance and success.

Plus, I know what you really need from a business coach because I’ve invested in business coaching myself. I also know how this industry works and will share with you what most coaches don’t tell you, so you don’t jump ahead of yourself, leaving big gaps on your path to succeed!

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Testimonials from some of my clients

happy spiritual business coaching client“I am so deeply grateful for the guidance Yol has provided as I pursue my dream of being a soul based entrepreneur. Not only has she given me practical action steps including marketing ideas and website design based on her own experience as a successful business owner; but more importantly, she has helped me identify and given me strategies to deal with my internal resistance (ego) that attempts to keep me small and distract me from my purpose. This is what makes Yol unique and why I chose her services over other business coaches.

Her generous, compassionate support and intuitive insight have been invaluable because establishing my own business has also been a personal healing journey. One that is empowering me to use my unique gifts to heal others and to prosper by doing so.

As part of that healing journey, I booked a crystal bed therapy session during which I experienced a profound peace like in a deeply meditative state that allowed me to access my inner wisdom. Physically, I felt very relaxed for several days afterwards. I will definitely book other sessions and highly recommend this experience. I knew when I embarked on this journey that I would need help and Yol was the right person for me!”

—Kristina Kelly, Asheville NC


happy spiritual business coaching client“I was making plans for a new business but was overwhelmed and confused; it was a difficult time and it was bringing up a lot of unresolved pain from the past. Yol is skilled at looking beyond the surface into ‘why’ of what’s going on emotionally and she drew out my thoughts and feelings and gave me honest feedback. It was great to work with someone who could help me with the business side of my plans and, at the same time, with the old fears that the challenge was bringing up.

Yol guided me through the process of drawing together my life story and identifying my values to get clear on the difference I want to make through my business. Alongside this she helped me to identify patterns of perception and understand how they show up in my life and how they’ve been holding me back.

Through coaching with Yol I’ve gained clarity on what I want to do with my life and I’m making daily progress to make it happen. I feel happier, freer and focussed. For the first time I feel like I’ve found my voice.”

—Laura Marconi-Cox, West Yorkshire UK


spiritual business coaching client“When I met Yol, I had been trying for months to create my own coaching business after a layoff in a career that I could not longer go back to. I felt like I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere.

Once I decided I needed a coach, I knew that I wanted someone who could help me gain awareness of the sabotaging patterns that continued to bring up feelings of powerlessness and a sense of failure, as well as an experienced and successful business coach about the order of action steps that would help me stay focused and make progress. Within 15 minutes of talking with Yol, I knew that I had found the coach for me.

Working with Yol I’ve gained an unprecedented sense of calm and faith that I am creating a successful and thriving business. I have become aware of self-defeating patterns and limiting beliefs that kept me from doing this earlier.

In all of my 30-year spiritual journey, reading many books and seeing various therapists – I have never understood or been given the tools to heal old wounds that continued to get triggered in such an effective way. Her experience, intuitive gifts and tools are beyond what I’ve ever experienced in working with anyone.

I can’t thank Yol enough. She is a true gift!”

—Terese Guettler, Eagan MN


happy spiritual business coaching client“Working with Yol has allowed me to finally examine (and demolish) all the blocks that were preventing me from reaching my true potential as a healing practitioner. She gently guided me beyond my comfort zone, helped me polish my authenticity, and propelled me forward.

Yol’s uncanny perceptiveness and her refreshing ability to zero in on the main issues is a sparkling recipe for self-confidence and success!”

—Miriam Langsam, Brooklyn NY


a happy spiritual business coaching client“Yol has helped me define how to integrate my personal journey with my calling and life purpose in a way that has given me more focus, more happiness and definitely more productivity.

She has a gentle and loving yet strong, intuitive and intelligent approach that allows you to be yourself while you strive to evolve on your life path. I am now able to avoid the patterns that typically hold me back and sabotage my efforts – not stepping into and embracing my power and creativity.

Yol has been a tremendous help with everything from my website branding and copy and the set up of my programs to just understanding soul integration and how to keep it going as an earthly being.

I’m so grateful for her wisdom! I trust her with all of my business and life decisions.”

—Tina Anderson, Mission Viejo CA


happy spiritual business coaching client“When I started working with Yol I was looking for help getting clear about how I wanted to structure my business and who was my ideal client and what they desired. I had tried to form the traits of my ideal client on my own using some marketing books and articles I had read online, but I was still not clear. Yol guided me through several exercises to help me realize that my ideal client was actually a version of myself.

She is such a gifted writer, editor and web designer! She helps me find the true meaning and emotion that I want to use to connect with my clients. She can take very esoteric ideas and distill them down into practical language. I continue to gain clarity about the purpose and structure of my business so it is in alignment with me, working for me. I could not have achieved such clarity without her guidance. When I feel stuck or have trouble getting clear around some aspect of my practice, her insights help me find my truth and confidence. I highly recommend working with Yol!”

—Rachel Moress, Ashland, OR


happy spiritual counseling & business coaching client“Yol has really helped me gain greater clarity and understanding about the service I am offering to clients. Having many gifts is a blessing, but it can be difficult to tie everything together in a cohesive system that is easily presented to others.

Yol is very insightful and intuitive, one of her many gifts is helping people get clear about and tap deeply into what she calls their Soul Signature, once you have done this, you are really on your way. Her unique model for business coaching is exactly what I’ve needed!”

—Shanel Jackson, Oak Park IL


happy spiritual counseling coaching client“Working with Yol is very heart centered and comfortable. She is easy to talk to and has deep intuitive insight into the mental and spiritual realms. Through our sessions I gained clarity on my goals, intentions and ways of using my skills to their most authentic purpose in my professional and personal life.

Working with Yol helped my projects take fuller form with greater clarity and confidence through examining and integrating my own inner habits and emotional wiring. It created a catalyst for my business and a stabilizing energy for my personal life.

Her book, The Indigo Journals, is awesome, too! Great introspection and integration. It made me feel understood. Thank you Yol!”

—Liana Auli’i Meraki, Hakalau HI


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“When I first started working with Yol, I was looking to understand my soul purpose and gifts, to align my business accordingly. After a few sessions of working together, I have developed more confidence and clarity which is allowing me to shape my business in a way I never thought possible.

Yol has also helped me to identify and address some negative beliefs/patterns within myself which I now realise kept me stuck and unable to consider new ways of working. The benefits I am gaining working with Yol are far reaching and simply priceless.”

—Wendie Ralphs, Coalville, United Kingdom


spiritual business coaching clientI found Yol in the midst of starting my business as a medical intuitive and was looking for guidance and support to help me navigate the process. I was ready to drop my limiting beliefs and really needed someone who could push and challenge me to step outside of the box I was comfortably, but unhappily living in.

After working together for a few months I have a much better grasp on how to market and to whom, I began taking more risks as we worked through deep inner beliefs that began in childhood, and I finally feel confident in my skills and abilities.

Yol is extremely talented! She is an expert at effective yet authentic marketing, she knows how to get to the core of self-sabotaging issues, and she is very fun, kind and empathetic throughout the whole process! I highly recommend Yol for anyone who is in search of transforming everything from your business to yourself.

—Cameron Giles, San Francisco CA


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“When I started working with Yol I was looking for help with transitioning out of my technology job and into supporting myself with my music and coaching. Now I have a lot more clarity on my talents and abilities and I especially enjoy the insights she helps me uncover about my avoiding bringing my gifts to the world.

I also have more clarity in how to proceed to fulfill my purpose in the world.

I think Yol is really good at understanding our talents, what we are here to do, and to uncover the blocks that are keeping us from living the life we want.”

—Dan Blanchard, Topanga CA


a happy conscious business coaching client“I discovered Yol during a period of intense inner crisis that was having heavy effects on my business as a spiritual teacher. She quickly conveyed a new understanding of how what she calls my ‘sense of otherness’ (born of childhood emotional trauma unconsciously carried into adulthood) was the root not only of my spiritual crisis but also the answer to why my business wasn’t thriving.

Yol’s tender toughness in transmitting this information has been just what I needed. Along with her deeply helpful book, The Indigo Journals, I intend to use the tools Yol has given me for the rest of my life.”

—Amanda Parker Lambert, Atascadero CA


conscious business coaching client“When I found Yol I was looking for some guidance on how to start my own spiritual business, the proper way this time, as I had tried before and it hadn’t worked. After working together, my mind is clearer and now I understand how to relate to what it is I really want from my business and how to talk to the people I want to work with and help.

Yol’s language is funny and clear and relates to me. She has given me direction. I think Yol is really good at understanding how people think and can see where they are on their journey.”

—Val Beresford, Herts, United Kingdom


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“Yol is a very smart lady. She has a deep understanding of the spiritual and the material.
She just has a way of explaining things that makes them penetrate deep into your understanding.

Thank you Yol for all your support and good work!”

—Christine Machiraju, Winnipeg, Canada


It all starts with YOUR decision!

spiritual business coaching for women solopreneursOnce you make the decision, the Universe supports you. When you are determined and committed to do what it takes to build a successful and authentic business in alignment with your soul path and purpose, the Universe responds with opportunities for success.

But you must take action! You have to BELIEVE and show your commitment to succeed FIRST, for your reality to shift and your business to move to the next level.

I coach clients all over the world, so let’s discuss your business needs and goals, determine if we are a good fit, and find the best way to work together!

Stop wishing and hoping (aka procrastinating)!

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If you’re still hesitating, ask yourself:

  • How much is it costing you to remain where you are instead of receiving the guidance and support you really need?
  • Where will you be in a year or in 5 years if you remain stuck where you are, either in the idea realm (if you haven’t launched your business) or the stagnation your business is experiencing?
  • How much time, energy, love and money are you wasting by not taking your dreams seriously?

Take action NOW to build the success you desire!
This is the first step to create an authentic, abundant and empowering business you LOVE, in alignment with your soul!

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