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Master The Ego-Mind To Be Happy

Ego gives you the sense of individuality in the physical world; it allows you to perceive things as separate from you, shaping your perception as you accumulate experiences, and makes you think things like, “This is me, this is mine,” and “I am this way or that way,” allowing you to express the individuality of your soul. But this I-sense…

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Are You Aware of Your Invisible Language?

Do you ever wonder why some people treat you in a way that doesn’t match how you consciously think of yourself, often creating unpleasant or confusing interactions? It’s hard to understand why others behave the way they do sometimes, but when this becomes a pattern that repeats over time, it’s worth taking a closer look and discern what it’s pointing…

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Do You Really Need Spiritual Healing?

The short answer to this question is: absolutely! Not because you’re broken and need fixing, but because you’re an eternal soul on a journey of Consciousness expansion. In other words, you are divinely designed work in progress, continuously growing and learning through your experiences. But you also get easily disconnected from your true nature in a physical body mainly directed…