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heal your wounded inner child with spiritual counseling coaching

Growing Out Of The Wounded Child Archetype

Do you get frustrated when you want to accomplish something but life demands more patience and effort than you anticipated? Or perhaps you get overwhelmed if things don’t go as planned, or you find obstacles and challenges, or people don’t behave the way you expect? Intellectually, you know everything is a process; it takes time and perseverance to learn something,…

master the ego with spiritual counseling coaching

How Predictable Is Your Ego-Mind?

You are most likely aware of the things that frustrate or irritate you (your pet peeves), but did you know that your thoughts and emotions—and the situations they crystallize in your reality—are also predictable? In fact, they’re cyclical and if you pay close attention you can use them to unravel self-defeating patterns and better align with your desires, to accomplish…

heal your wounded inner child with spiritual counseling & coaching

Healing Your Wounded Inner Child

In a recent post (see How To Embrace Your State of ‘Becoming’) I mentioned that the process of spiritual growth goes in a somewhat opposite direction to that of personal individuation—as we separate from parental figures. This is because you must come full circle to integrate all of who you are; and like everything in Creation, your journey follows the…

awaken the inner visionary with intuitive spiritual counseling & coaching

Awaken The Creative Visionary Within

Do you see yourself as a visionary? I believe we are all visionaries in our own right, because we are given a unique perspective from where to stand, as well as the inherent creative power to manifest our inner vision. So how come only a few individuals out there are considered visionaries while most people struggle to create something meaningful…

heal your inner child with spiritual counseling & coaching

Is Your Wounded Inner Child Running The Show?

In this dysfunctional world, pretty much all of us have emotional wounds from childhood. First, because it’s through our upbringing that we internalize the issues we’re here to resolve later in life. They become our emotional foundation: the fabric of our lives. And second, because the predominant dynamic in childhood relationships is one of codependency and dominance. Let’s be honest,…

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