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Do You Feel Like a Beginner?

I went to college for the first time when I turned 20, then again in my early 30s, and later I studied homeopathy in my early 40s. As you can imagine, I felt like a total beginner all those times. Can you relate to this, even if you’re not starting anything new? My ego-mind didn’t like this at all, but…

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Falling In Love With Love

I didn’t believe in God as a kid. I grew up in a religious culture where God was supposed to be this omniscient authority figure who had a say in how you should behave, and who would punish you for all eternity if you didn’t follow his rules. He resembled my father too much for me to accept that. Like…

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Understanding Your Internal Deceiver

As the year moves forward and time continues to shrink, more challenging situations seem to be coming our way, bringing many of us to the point of serious physical issues or emotional turmoil, confusion, and depression. It is as if we are experiencing the true density of 3rd dimension for the first time, and we are forced to take a…