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What Is the Age of Aquarius All About?

Humanity is experiencing fast, radical changes on all levels, and the Internet is brimming with information and misinformation about them. For the mass media, it’s all about keeping you focused on the (often disturbing) appearance of things, and for the New Age movement it’s more about dissolving old structures to give way to something new. And everything in between. So…

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What Does It Take To Be Happy?

Let me ask you, are you happy? If not, do you know what would make you happy? You can probably observe there are both positive and negative things in yourself and your life, but did you ever imagine it would be the way it is when you were younger? And more importantly, what expectations of your future self do you…

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Self-Ascension Into 5th Dimension – Part Three

Experiencing a 5th-dimensional reality means healing and restoring the Feminine that connects you to your spiritual senses but has been deeply wounded and distorted on the Earth plane. It requires deep, progressive mental and emotional shifts. A change in perception can’t be a linear process; it follows the cyclical and spiraling nature of Consciousness. And this new paradigm can’t happen…