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Do You Take Yourself For Granted?

Did you know that, although deaf and blind, Helen Keller was an author and activist who helped found the American Civil  Liberties Union and later was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom? She was an admirable woman with greater clarity about who she was and what she wanted than most people who can see and hear. It’s hard to imagine…

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Do You Understand Your Life Purpose?

We all want a meaningful life, right? A life with purpose. And yet, most of us get confused about what that really means. Is it creating a happy family life, building a successful career, enjoying public recognition, or living a spiritual life? It’s not surprising that we get puzzled about this, for we lose track of who we are and…

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Are You In Love With Your Life?

Whenever I ask people if they are in love with their life, more often than not I get a look of hesitation that tells me that they don’t ask themselves this question much. They have to stop and ponder… I understand. Life keeps us busy and focused on what we do and the people we interact with—our jobs or businesses,…