How To Step Out of the Collective Fear

protect yourself from an emotional virus with a spiritual mentor & coachFirst of all, I hope you and your loved ones are doing well. When I wrote at the beginning of the year that 2020 was going to be a memorable and challenging year, I didn’t anticipate some of the challenges would take epidemic proportions! When Jupiter joins other major astrological archetypes, it can expand things in unpredictable ways, but since it’s a generous teacher, there’s usually a silver lining behind the magnification it creates.

Now, since everyone is talking about the Coronavirus and there’s plenty of information out there, I don’t need to give you any instructions to prevent infection and “flatten the curve” for the global welfare. But if you’re concerned about your health, you can follow the guidelines below on a daily basis to strengthen your immune system:

  • Take 1000mg Vitamin C and 2000 to 5000 IU Vitamin D.
  • Take 10-15mg Zinc. Also, Zinc-Echinacea or Zinc-Propolis lozenges.
  • Take 500-1000mg of Turmeric, preferably extract.
  • Take Elderberry (sambuca nigra) syrup or extract (or in any form), one dose per day.
  • Or any syrup/formula with Echinacea and other respiratory strengthening herbs (Goldenseal, Elecampane, Mullein, Loquat, Olive Leaf, Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Slippery Elm, Licorice, etc.). Blends are better than single herbs.
  • Add to your food a formula with medicinal mushrooms like Reishi, Cordyceps, and Maitake, Lion’s Mane, etc. Take 2-3 doses per week.
  • Eat lots of fresh organic veggies and fruits, and drink lots of filtered water and ginger tea. Of course, get good rest and relaxation, and enough sleep.
  • Put Thieves essential oil behind your ears and on your wrists before you go out, especially if you have to be out and about.
  • Use vinegar to clean your house and the things you touch instead of poisoning yourself and your family with harsh chemical cleaners. :-)

Now let’s look at how to overcome the fear the collective movie triggers, which is a dangerous emotional virus distorting your individual movie, so you may continue on your path toward greater emotional and spiritual freedom—now and throughout the year.

Since I perceive life as energy, the best way I can describe what it looks like in the general energy field is with the image of tiny specks of denser energy everywhere. In simpler words, the air looks and feels “grainy,” like the texture of some old photographs. These spots carry and spread the lower energies of fear leading to anxiety and confusion, which in turn can produce mental weakness and panic.

They create an energetic screen, like a strainer or sieve of sorts that both feeds and is fueled by the negative tendencies of the ego-mind, thus allowing the fear to grow while also leaking your vital energy. This is why fear and anger (its shadow) can be so debilitating, especially when magnified by collective forces.

Since feminine souls are more receptive and empathic, we are more open to let in external energies in order to transmute them. I know my readers and clients are feminine souls, so I want to stress how important it is to enhance your self-care with a natural approach and remain very self-aware of your mental-emotional fluctuations. Depending on your level of vitality, you may be experiencing flu-like symptoms (sinus headaches, sore throat, phlegm, low energy) that are not due to the Coronavirus but to individual and collective unresolved emotions.

Time To Go Inwards and Replace Fear With Faith

While being sick with COVID-19 is like becoming a battleground where the organism and the virus are fighting for survival, those of us who are not sick with it are also at war on a mental-emotional level. Our battle is the regular tug-of-war we experience simply because we have an ego (see The Battle Between Love and Ego), but it’s become more intense, centered around the respiratory system, which is where our lack of love and sense of belonging are expressed, due to our disconnection from our true Self.

Fear is the opposite of love, and love is your real, eternal nature. These challenging times provide a great opportunity to delve within and get to the root of your fears. The biological virus has been slowly pushing the population to slowdown and remain inside or stay put as much as possible, which is a symbolic representation of the spiritual medicine needed for the emotional virus the collective movie is pointing at as well. It’s time to go inwards and replace fear and the need to be in control with faith!

It’s never easy to be reminded of your own mortality and lack of control; and it gets harder in this age of digital communication, when even if you’re alone you may invite a slew of scary and discouraging news into your home with the click of a button. But the difference between an ordinary person dwelling in ego consciousness and a spiritual seeker working toward inner peace is the awareness of something more real and powerful within you.

Surrendering to what is, no matter what shape it takes, is your true power, because in doing so you dis-identify with the sensory perception that keeps you in the wounded child archetype from your past—invisible, afraid, and powerless. As soon as you drop your fears and concerns, you experience peace; and when you nurture your inner peace, you open up to new possibilities of experience as well.

Daily meditation will help you detach from the chaos, so it’s time to increase your meditation and other spiritual practices; spend less time online and at least an hour meditating every day (see 3 Reasons Why Daily Meditation Is Essential). Trust that nothing meant for you can be lost or avoided, and nothing that is not meant for you can happen. Fear doesn’t change your destiny; it only disconnects you from the present moment.

Another aspect this epidemic is emphasizing is how we are one, in spite of arbitrary geographic and political frontiers; how the illusion of separation is just that, an illusion of the ego-mind. One single soul can trigger disease, disruption, and destruction on a global scale. What affects one, affects us all, even if not immediately. So it’s your spiritual responsibility to act with awareness and love, to shift your own life-movie and transform the collective unconscious.

Finally, it’s essential to remember that this is all a dream of Divine Consciousness where only the ego-mind suffers. Your physical body will reach its timeline at some point, but your true essence is eternal. You choose to either live life in fear, trying to control something you simply cannot control, or to put your best effort to navigate the dream with the intention to transcend suffering by seeking its source behind the emotional fluctuations of the ego-mind. So contact me today to learn how to shift your perception and experience greater freedom!

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