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The Art of Discovering a Sense of Purpose

I love young children’s illustrated books (that’s the section you’ll find me at a bookstore); they’re beautiful reminders of the simple, innocent, and loving perception most of us felt forced to leave behind while growing up. They’re creatively fun and they speak to our inner child, prompting us to reclaim a more natural approach to life by restoring our inherent…

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Are You Aware of Your Invisible Language?

Do you ever wonder why some people treat you in a way that doesn’t match how you consciously think of yourself, often creating unpleasant or confusing interactions? It’s hard to understand why others behave the way they do sometimes, but when this becomes a pattern that repeats over time, it’s worth taking a closer look and discern what it’s pointing…

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Have You Found Your Personal Path Yet?

Life is challenging for everyone, but would you say that yours tends to flow gracefully or that you have to fight your way through obstacles and opposition before accomplishing your goals? Perhaps the story of how Siddhartha found his path to become the Buddha, or the Awakened One, can help you understand how to find your own path as well.…