Yol Swan: Spiritual Mentor, Author, Life & Business Coach

I am in love with life, centered and at peace, either helping clients or immersed in my creative projects and spiritual practices. But it wasn’t always this way. I felt like the “Ugly Duckling” as a kid and very alone most of my life, except for my experience as a mother (that’s me and my baby below). I yearned for love but felt trapped in my relationships and out of place in the world, seeking a sense of purpose. I spent years working on myself to find emotional freedom and make sense of my journey.

Yol Swan and baby daughterI’ve always perceived life as energy and had access to higher dimensions or states of consciousness. Giving birth was one of the most humbling and empowering experiences in my life, because I was able to step back, by removing the idea of being the one doing anything, to witness Divine Consciousness make it all happen on its own.

I had embarked on a journey of self-exploration and spiritual knowledge since my 20s, but a crucial turning point came years later with the dissolution of my 13-year marriage. My grief reactivated cosmic memories of the wounded Feminine in myself and the planet, along with the pieces I needed to understand and put together to finally “hatch” and start truly embracing and loving life.

It was time to resolve the persistent angst, pain, and confusion of feeling separate and different, as an Indigo adult, and heal ancient wounds to help other feminine soul types seeking my guidance.

Through my intuitive gifts and more than 30 years of experience exploring the mind, psychology and spirituality, I’ve developed an effective system of self-exploration and energy management to help YOU let go of what holds you back and create a life or business you LOVE, in alignment with your soul!

A Little Bit of History

Yol Swan as a kidI believe your success and how much you enjoy life rely on how consciously you manage your emotional and creative energy—that is, how in tune or in sync you are with deeper aspects of your soul—that is, your true Self.

I grew up surrounded by the Shamanic culture and rituals of Mexico, and was able to sense energies and spirits around me from a very young age. I could see through people and knew what they were feeling, and was able to perceive past lives, including many of my own. I also sensed when the energy was out of balance and would unconsciously compensate for it.

Although my healing journey started as a kid, pondering the meaning of life and rebelling against the limiting religious views of my culture, it really took off when I dove into seven years of intense counseling (in the form of psychoanalysis) that led me to a “personal retreat” in almost complete isolation for almost 4 years. I was touched by the Divine for the very first time, even though I had rejected anything that even smelled like religion since childhood.

It was my awakening. I had mystical experiences and unusual encounters with subtle beings, as well as casual meetings with people who helped me better understand what was unfolding within and before me, including spiritual seekers and traditional curanderos (shamanic healers). I began to comprehend the nature of the mind, how energy works, and how Consciousness weaves all life and human experience. Needless to say, this completely changed my perception of life.

But it was just the beginning of a lifelong search for a deeper understanding of the higher reality I longed for…

My Buddhist and Hindu Spiritual Background

Yol Swan being inititiated as a Buddhist nun by Ajhan Tong SirimangaloI’ve met several enlightened teachers, both from the Buddhist and Hindu traditions, and I am grateful for their guidance. I first discovered Theravada Buddhism with Ajahn Tong Sirimangalo, an enlightened master and highly revered monk from Thailand who initiated me as a nun during a 40-day Vipassana retreat.

I began understanding what the ego-mind was about right then and there, with shaved head and eyebrows (yikes!), spending the whole day practicing meditation. Yep, that’s me on the photo, with no facial hair, right after my initiation.

I realized that the monastic life was not for me, but I had the opportunity to travel to Thailand for another retreat and to meet other teachers in the lineage. From Thailand I jumped to India for the first time and knew that my path was about to change: India felt like home.

Yol Swan being fed by Sri Anandi Ma on her birthdaySoon after, I was initiated by Anandi Ma, an enlightened saint and the spiritual heir of Kundalini Maha Yoga master Sri Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji. I immersed myself in their spiritual teachings, techniques, and rituals for over 12 years (in the picture she’s feeding me cake for my birthday).

I had been attracted to the Indian culture since childhood and fully resonated with most Hindu concepts and rituals. Some of the mantras and practices I was initiated with continue to be part of my spiritual discipline.

Yol Swan with Baba Hari Das at his orphanage in IndiaI’ve also been blessed by other spiritual teachers and saints over the years, both in the body and in non-physical form While visiting one of them in India (Baba Hari Dass, in the picture), I spontaneously went into a state of non-duality or pure Consciousness.

Coming back to ordinary consciousness was truly the most harrowing experience of my life. But it helped me understand the painful entrapment of the physical body and ego-mind blocking the awareness of our true nature, leaving an intense desire to find a way back to that state.

As life challenged me in many ways, I became less reliant on the external form of teachers, spiritual groups, and rituals, and more intensely focused on my self-exploration and self-inquiry while furthering my studies of yoga philosophy and Advaita Vedanta. This eventually led me to the path of non-duality and my discovery of a healing method to dissolve the otherness of ego that helped me completely transform my experience of life. Now I help my clients implement it as well, to develop emotional and spiritual freedom.

Funneling Energy, Wisdom, and Consciousness

When my mother was dying of cancer, I intuitively used some of the spiritual tools I had learned over the years to diminish her discomfort and help her be at peace. I was a seer, but that experience made me realize (and manage) my natural ability to connect with other people on a soul level. I became a clear channel of energy and removed all her energetic blocks, fears, attachments, and regrets so she could die in peace.

To quote an astrologer while looking at my natal chart, I have “an innate broadband connection to higher dimensions.” I can connect with you on a soul level to guide you on your life path and purpose, and naturally transmit healing energy and wisdom while I coach or teach. I often integrate homeopathy into my spiritual counseling, too, to speed up your personal and spiritual growth by removing the resistance that keeps you from accomplishing your goals in life or business.

You Are Your Healer: The Ultimate Guide to Heal Your Past, Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True SelfYou can learn more about my journey, my spiritual and philosophical insights, as well as my Swan Method to heal the past and gain emotional and spiritual freedom in my latest book, You Are Your Healer: The Ultimate Guide to Heal Your Past, Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self.

I will take you on a journey of self-exploration to discover your true power and fulfill your soul purpose as you master the ego-mind and understand the true nature of your reality. Once you implement the Swan Method consistently, your experience of life shifts spontaneously as you reclaim the Divine Consciousness you truly are and have always been—free, limitless, and eternal.

If You Must Know…

  • Yol Swan graduating from Berklee College of Music

    I have studied Modern English Literature, Professional Music (the picture is from graduation day at Berklee College of Music), and Classical Homeopathy;

  • I love Yoga Philosophy, Advaita Vedanta, Meditation, Mantras, Numbers, Crystals, Music, and Computers;
  • I’ve been an editor, translator, teacher, artist, singer, composer, homeopath, business manager, and jewelry and web designer;
  • I speak English, Spanish, and French;
  • I’ve traveled through Europe, Mexico, Asia and the US, and love ancient cultures;
  • I live with an adorable rescued dog;
  • I believe that feminine souls in female bodies will change the world and my work supports these causes: One Billion Rising, 10×10: Educate Girls, Unstoppable Foundation, and Central Asia Institute.

I was able to integrate my life puzzle into an authentic and empowering life and business I LOVE, and I can help you do the same. Are you ready to make it happen?

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