Why We Must Surrender the Ego To Promote Peace

embrace life with spiritual counseling & coachingThe whole world was shocked by the violent insurrection at the US Capitol earlier this month. This is not supposed to happen after an election in America, the bedrock of democracy. And yet, it proves how the human mind is vulnerable and easy to manipulate by those who crave power (see Why Martial Souls Rule The World).

Anything is possible when people lack self-awareness. They’re not really in control of their behavior; they simply react in anger when they’re triggered, without thinking of the consequences. Conspiracy theories abound nowadays, since we’ve reached the extreme of imbalanced masculinity—that is, of an overly masculine, ego-oriented cosmic cycle. We live in the age of cults and cult-like behaviors where people’s fears and hopes are exploited to uphold the illusion of power of those manipulating them.

When certain thoughts or ideas are repeated over and over, they become beliefs that start shaping a belief system. At first, it produces similar ideas, symbolism, and philosophical justifications to grow. Then it needs other people’s validation to expand. It doesn’t matter if the original thoughts are true or not, they gain momentum as they’re repeated over and over in a convincing, authoritative manner.

Religions and social and political systems have been born this way, based on dynamics of power, because it’s the essence of the ego-mind to hold on to its thoughts and beliefs as if they were the absolute truth. In reality, the ego is what distorts the truth of our divinity to be in control of our perception; and it will taint it with all sorts of delusions to remain in control.

The Ego-Mind Creates Duality & Conflict

This is the story of humanity in a nutshell, but it starts at the individual level. Now we’re witnessing a concentrated version of the destructive nature of the ego-mind projected as the external world of conflict and imbalance. In spiritual (rather than psychological) terms, ego produces the delusion of duality to give us individualized experiences; it cannot exist without apparent differences and judgments that result in power struggles—of “me” versus “others.”

Without such division there’s no sense of individuality. How could you be an individual without the objectification that creates a contrasting sense of separation? How could you be distinct and unique without comparing yourself or focusing on your differences with “others”? How could you be right if nobody else is wrong? It’s the nature of ego to divide, producing opposition and polarity while isolating you in the process (see Without Self-Awareness All You Can See Is Ego).

The result has been conflict and war. However, this is the time to start taking spiritual responsibility for the painful division we’ve projected as the collective community. All the unrest and extremism we observe is nudging us toward change. We just don’t know what that change will look like, or how it will come to be. Our job is to embrace it as it unfolds, for we are the vehicles through which Divine Consciousness takes care of its creation.

Life is a collective dream of Consciousness (see Your Life-Movie Is a Dream Within a Dream); it’s shifting directions to restore the Feminine principle and promote balance as we move into a feminine cosmic cycle. It may not be obvious yet, but that’s because we’re still attached to the perception and power dynamics we’ve reinforced for thousands of years with polarizing beliefs of good/evil, right/wrong, master/slave, and so on.

Restoring & Embracing the Feminine Within

The dream is changing, and change triggers resistance. The energies of Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus are certainly shattering outdated structures and beliefs on the collective and individual level. The question is, are you willing to release them and open up to new possibilities of experience, or are you too afraid to trust and surrender to life by accepting that the ideas you identify with are mere egoic illusions?

The old patriarchy appears to be kicking and screaming as it crumbles, unable to let go of a world that has become too destructive and unsustainable. I’m not talking about the government alone, although Donald Trump (the ego archetype) is a clear expression of this; I’m referring to the excessive Masculine principle everywhere—in our interactions, beliefs, language, biases, fears, culture, and self-perception. Real change comes from within, as we respect, embrace, and surrender to life.

Before a global transformation can happen, we each have to transform our individual perception to comprehend that it’s all Divine Consciousness dreaming a dream and we’re each expressions of Consciousness. That there’s no real separation, and “others” are reflections of what’s good, bad, and ugly in ourselves, helping us become aware of who we really are.

This is, by the way, the main subject of my next book, which is taking longer than anticipated, but hopefully will get published this year. So stay tuned! In the meantime, contact me to start letting go of the outdated beliefs and distorted patterns of perception that trap you in the past, thus upholding a highly dysfunctional world causing suffering and strife!

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