Why Martial Souls Rule The World

defeat ego with spiritual counseling & coachingIf a bird came to a valley and asked a snail to describe his view of the land, the snail would probably talk about the textures in the soil, the moisture of the grass, the brown shades of his surroundings, and the effort required to move beyond anything familiar. Now, if the bird were to share her view, she would speak of the vastness of the land, the wide variety of flowers and trees, and the many gradations of color in the sky.

Our experience is no different. Most people are trapped in a flat and constrictive perception of themselves and others, while some have discovered new vistas from a bird’s-eye view. Unlike a snail or a bird, however, humans have an ego-mind that provides self-centered experiences while disconnecting them from the flow of life. Some fight about the Truth, believing their truth is truer than other truths, and their mythical stories and scriptures convey the only spiritual reality there is. They can’t understand we all hold the same Truth but perceived from different dimensions, at different times, and from varying angles.

This confusion keeps those in power in power. In fact, this ongoing fighting is exactly what those who rule the world promote. In The Indigo Journals I’ve explored in detail how we transitioned into a masculine cosmic cycle of experience and then fell into this 3rd dimension under the control of masculine soul types—particularly those I call martial souls. Now that this period is coming to an end, and we’re beginning to turn around toward a feminine cycle, we have the opportunity to recognize how we’ve each contributed to this dark cycle filled with suffering, to be able to transcend it. But not without radical honesty, self-knowledge, and compassion.

Martial souls are expert, forceful manipulators, because they represent the extreme ego archetype, and nothing is more important for the ego than control and power. So at this extreme level of disconnection from Consciousness, there’s no awareness of pain, no tolerance, and no empathy, since there’s no emotional suffering to speak of. It doesn’t mean they don’t feel anything, which would be impossible in a human body, but they’re so completely trapped in the ego-mind that even their suffering becomes a rational, dissociated experience rather than an emotional one. They’re wired to rationalize it by blaming others, to project it by hurting others, and to numb it by chasing pleasure and finding new ways to compartmentalize emotions.

War, inequality, fear, anger, disease, addiction, hunger, and suffering are fuel for these fiery soul types, because this is how they redirect the pain away from their awareness, placing themselves above everyone else and above Divine Consciousness. They’ve militarized the world at all levels, manipulating people to believe the only way to “freedom” is war; that the destruction of nature is necessary; that human life has no value. Everywhere you look, the message is the same: you should be afraid because you are vulnerable, powerless, and small. Nothing is furthest from the truth, but your own ego strives to be in control however it can, further disconnecting you from yourself.

Transform the World Through Your Spiritual Transformation

The ego essentially usurps the role of your true Self—the Pure Awareness you really are, where everything appears—as the experiencer of life by disconnecting you from yourself and coloring your perception with all sorts of identifications through your sense of otherness. It creates illusions such as “I am this or that,” “This is me, and this is mine,” or “My truth is truer than yours” and “Life should revolve around me to fulfill all my desires.” This is how it gives you self-centered experiences to explore this plane, but it also isolates you, cutting you off from the flow of life and love.

Even if you’re not at the extreme level of disconnection of a martial soul, the ego-mind robs you of the inner peace that would otherwise allow you a higher, bird’s-eye view and a freer experience of life—to recognize that you are made of love and nothing is more powerful than love. Now, all soul types belong in the dream of Consciousness, and they each serve a purpose, but martial souls are very attached to their power and will continue taking yours away through your fears, anger, and suffering for as long as you let them.

Nothing exists outside of Consciousness, for everything is Consciousness in a myriad shapes and forms, so this destructive, collective dream is meant to help you transcend your own dream—your egoic life-movie. If self-awareness becomes your main focus, and you’re committed to redirecting your attention inward, to gain access to your true essence, then everything you do acquires a spiritual quality leading you to compassion and freedom. Rather than feeling afraid and insignificant, which is an ego-based perception, you become selfless (ego-less) and surrender to life, thus experiencing inner peace.

You dismiss ego with love. You counter injustice with love. You lead others to love with your own loving acts. You surrender to Divine Consciousness through love. You love all, with no ulterior motive. This is how you help defeat the martial souls ruling the world made of ego as you liberate your soul from painful karmic dynamics. Love is revolutionary, but since the word love has been used and abused to no end, rather than tainting it with ‘otherness,’ from now on think of love as inner peace.

Whatever you do has to come from a centered, quiet place within you. No expectations. No judgments. No anger. No fear. No guilt. Whenever you’re triggered or pushed or pressured, find that inner center again before taking any action. This requires a lot of practice and guidance as well, so contact me today to start a deep process of self-exploration and energy management, to understand the nature of reality and take charge of your life. For the sake of Mother Earth and all her creatures, it’s urgent to take spiritual responsibility to defeat the elusive ego archetype and transform the world through your own transformation!

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