Why You Need Courage To Be Yourself

develop the courage to be yourself with a spiritual life coachFear rules the world. I’m not just saying this because of recent events making it look like a scary place filled with injustice, violence, and disease; in truth, fear has dominated the world for thousands of years, more so as it turned increasingly masculine and ego oriented (see Why Martial Souls Rule The World). It has shaped most of the structures we’ve relied upon to feel “safe,” believing they will prevent humanity from falling into chaos.

Fear of death is the root of all fears, which arises from a natural attachment to life and remains in place while there’s an identification with the physical body. This is what constitutes your ego, along with your identification with the mind. In this sense, ego, mind, body, and fear keep you trapped in the delusion of duality that veils the truth of the limitless, eternal Divine Consciousness you truly are.

The power dynamics you witness in the world reflect the internal dynamics of ego: the battle between your sense of self and your sense of otherness—that is, who you are (or want to become) and who you think you’re expected to be. Your soul has the inherent yearning to express your individuality, but you’ve been conditioned to conform to certain roles and behaviors to gain a sense of belonging—in your family, culture, country, the groups you resonate with, and humanity at large.

Your individuality allows you to go against the collective mainstream to find your true Self. But, of course, the sense of separation (and isolation) it also creates blocks your path. It’s a paradox that often keeps you stuck or confused. You want to be you, authentic and expressive, and connected to the flow of life by a sense of purpose and direction, but you feel great pressure about who you’re supposed to be, according to how other people perceive and judge you.

In other words, you want to be you but always in relation to others, which is a contradiction in itself. This is a byproduct of ego, because it cannot exist without the polarities that produce conflict and opposition—of “me versus another.” You both yearn for and fear your own individuation, because your sense of otherness makes you feel that you should be someone other than who you are, doing something other than what you’re doing.

You Must Overcome the Fear of Simply Being

It’s very confusing, but the confusion subsides once you understand that you are not separate from your life, or anyone in it, for it doesn’t exist without you; at least not as your life, which is a soul-guided mental movie filled with desires and experiences shaping your identity. Through pleasure and pain, these are meant to guide you in your self-discovery by helping you understand what connects or disconnects you from it. You, your life-movie, and everyone in it are really one and the same—your own projection.

In spiritual terms, you cannot know who you are; you can only be who you are by knowing and removing everything you are not. You have no control over your perception until you remove the fear of just being—not being this or that. Before then, how can you be authentically you if you’re restricted by the needs, opinions, and expectations of other people? Your own sense of self appears to change and transform as it undergoes different experiences, so as long as you perceive yourself through others, you can’t really be you.

The most important events in your life-movie are those that make you pause from the push-and-pull of ego to ponder, “Who am I?” They prompt you to question your conditioning (or sense of otherness) and start releasing all the self-images you’ve created to feel “safe”; like the social structures humanity has relied upon, these are purely based on fear.

And yet, the question “Who am I?” holds its own answer, since it redirects your mind inwards, to the “I” that experiences, perceives, and observes everything. In the world, this I-sense is expressed as the ego that attaches to things and people, thus reinforcing the delusion of duality and the fear and suffering in entails.

But if you delve more deeply you’ll discover that this “I” is the eternal Presence within you that directs your movie. It’s from this “I” that everything appears and disappears; it’s the Consciousness that allows you to perceive reality and all the objects in it. Even while you’re asleep or dreaming, unaware of your body or mind, this “I” remains as your own existence.

It takes great courage to look within and remove all the false beliefs distorting your perception. These are mental patterns you’ve carried all your life, and for lifetimes, about you, about others, about the world, and the nature of your Self, which is pure light and love. So contact me today to embark on your individualized journey toward emotional and spiritual freedom, replacing unconscious patterns of fear and guilt with self-awareness and love, to feel connected to the flow of your life!

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