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astrology & numerology for 2021Happy New Year! You’re probably looking forward to a brand new year, hoping it will bring good things so you can leave behind all the challenges and weirdness of 2020. Well, change is definitely afoot, but it won’t come as swiftly as you’d like or without obstacles to overcome.

The pandemic is still unfolding and will continue until it reaches its timeline, like anything else in this earthly dream. However, with Saturn and Jupiter no longer in Capricorn, things will certainly feel somewhat lighter, and hopefully we’ll witness positive changes take place. Just not overnight.

The Winter Solstice brought in new energies through the Grand Conjunction of those planets in Aquarius and their Grand Mutation to air signs (see Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction and Grand Mutation in Aquarius). During the next 200 years, humanity will experience immense social changes and innovations in the fields of ideas, technology, and communications, as well as in the areas of community, sustainability, and justice.

This year Uranus (disruption/freedom/innovation) will be challenging those energies along with Mars (initiative/action/aggression), Pluto (power/death/transformation), and Mercury (intellect, communication) during its retrograde times. I won’t go into too much detail, but it’s going to be a bit of push-and-pull before we can see a clear path ahead. We may want to push much needed changes, but we still have to resolve our outdated belief systems and let go of great fear and resistance. However, we’ll find hope and clarity during the summer months.

On an individual level, these energies will likely prod you to drop a fear-based approach to life resulting from an ingrained attachment to material reality. The collective dream has been reflecting and reinforcing material security as the main value of life for the past 200 years, but this is going to change as we each gradually drop the need to control life and open up to its subtler aspects.

If you’re willing to expand your belief system and take risks for new possibilities of experience, at any level, you will feel guided and supported. But be warned, it won’t happen without your buttons being pushed. The last time Saturn and Uranus aligned was during the Harmonic Conversion of 1988. This means you’ll be able to use the wisdom you’ve acquired since then (if you’re old enough, of course) to plant the seeds for higher consciousness, but only if you’re willing to let go of the past that holds you back.

I believe this is the theme of 2021 and for years to come as well, because there’s no way to transform such a dysfunctional dream-world we live in without taking full spiritual responsibility for our individual life-movies. The overall purpose is to create a more hopeful future as we acknowledge and release the dark, painful aspects of our human condition gradually surfacing into consciousness. But don’t fret, any disruptions and challenges that come with this transformation will in time yield a new, more balanced collective dream. We’re being forced to resolve karmic dynamics we’ve perpetuated for centuries!

That being said, your life is an individualized movie within the collective dream, so you always have the choice to shift it toward the Divine Consciousness you truly are by breaking free from the ego-mind that creates and sustains the world. Just keep your awareness directed inwards! :-)

Numerology For 2021

The digits in 2021 add up to 5 (2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5), which is the number of change and freedom. It’s also the number of scattered energy that can cause procrastination, anxiety, and overwhelm, so make sure you have a project to anchor yourself in the present. This is a year of changes, and it’s also a year to learn that true freedom is not doing whatever you want whenever you want, like a rebellious teenager following unconscious impulses.

Maturity is needed to understand that true freedom is freedom from the ego-mind that binds you to the past and a distorted self-perception. Be patient and learn to delay gratification while keeping focused on your goals, as you juggle the many things life brings to your attention. Until the pandemic resolves, travel may be too limited to offer an escape, but you can learn to embrace your life as it is by looking at it with new eyes.

The positive aspects of number 5 are: change, adventure, travel, expansion, freedom, creativity, art, crafts, openness. Everything has a shadow side, so the negative aspects of 5 include: scattered energy, impulsive behavior, codependency, overindulgence, and lack of boundaries, discipline, and commitment.

Overall, it’s a year of expansion and major life transitions in areas such as career, finances, relationships, and location. Keep these general energies in mind when you read what your personal year has in store for you.

Your Personal Year Number

To calculate your personal year number, add the digits of your birth month and day to 2021. For instance, if you were born on August 10th, you’d add: 8 + 1 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 14, then reduce to: 1 + 4 = 5, so your personal year would be a year 5. You can also use a shortcut: 8 + 1 + 5 = 14, then again, 1 + 4 = 5. Now let’s take a look at each personal year.

YEAR 1: New beginnings, projects, goals, births (or rebirths), and relationships. One is the energy of Oneness, individuality, creativity, and independence, but also of ego. This is a year of new initiatives, and you’ll spring into action to make much needed changes in different areas of your life. Do not let your creative energy get scattered due to too many ideas or contradictory choices. This is a good year for you; the keys to your success are concentration and discrimination. Good words for this year are: DREAMS, DISCIPLINE, TRANSITION, FOCUS, SUCCESS.

YEAR 2: Relationships, partnerships, balanced responsibility. Two is the energy of duality, of the illusion of separation, which it tends to instigate with misunderstandings. It pulls you in opposite directions, making you choose between your individual expression and other people’s needs or demands. In a year 5, you may experience changes in your relationships, which can either bring confusion and fear of commitment, or you may finally recognize that a good relationship requires emotional maturity. Be flexible and patient, and choose clear communication rather than confrontation while also developing greater independence to accept the changes. If a career change is in store, accept delays as well; remain detached as you move towards your goals. Good words: COMMUNICATION, DETACHMENT, COMMITMENT, GROWTH.

YEAR 3: Emotional honesty, creative expression, excitement, good luck. Last year might have been tricky to navigate, since your year number was too close to the general 4 energy, so this year will feel much lighter and easier in contrast! Three is the energy of self-expression and good luck, and it aligns nicely with a year 5, so you will likely see positive changes and exciting opportunities ahead, along with great prosperity. Avoid emotional drama, moodiness, or doubting yourself. Stay positive, focused on your goals and creative endeavors, and avoid indulging in any excess. Good words: OPTIMISM, CREATIVITY, EXCITEMENT, JOY, EXPANSION.

YEAR 4: Stability, hard work, safety, limitations. Four is the energy that promotes stability, so it tends to create a bit of chaos to help you build upon previous years. It’s usually a slow year of hard work to teach patience and perseverance. Since this year’s global energy is too close to 4 and is also about change, which 4 doesn’t like, you may feel challenged to embrace new things beyond the familiarity that gives you a sense of stability. Learn to be flexible and give yourself time to process the changes. Do something to release stress and embrace what comes as it comes! Good words: FLEXIBILITY, RESPONSIBILITY, CAREER, MOVEMENT.

YEAR 5: Freedom, changes, travel, spontaneity, entrepreneurship. Five is the energy of freedom, which can get easily scattered without clear boundaries and activities that anchor you in the present. You’ll feel invigorated and motivated as you pursue dreams and goals you’ve been putting on hold. You may start a new business or family, or expand the one you have, or relocate to a better place. Remain focused and anchored in your creative projects to avoid disruptions and distractions that may lead to confusion or anxiety. Letting go of toxic situations or people should come easy now. Good words: BREAKTHROUGH, FREEDOM, LETTING GO.

YEAR 6: Responsibility, family, marriage, community, health. Six is the energy of responsibility needed to harness the lessons acquired through the previous year numbers. It promotes creative cooperation for the good of the family or community, but it can also get heavy with obligations, health issues, and work. This may be particularly true in a global year 5, since you will feel the general drive toward freedom and individuality. Remain optimistic and detached, but listen to that inner voice if it’s telling you to settle down or make some big change. Take spiritual responsibility for your life, take good care of your body, and do not neglect your spiritual development! Good words: COMMITMENT, WELLNESS, SELFLESSNESS.

YEAR 7: Trust, spirituality, intuition, faith. Seven is the energy of spirituality that helps take the experiences of previous year numbers to a deeper level. For this reason, it may present challenges on the worldly aspects of life to help you learn to trust that you’re always guided and supported. The general energies of 2021 make this a great time to expand your consciousness by committing to a spiritual practice and delving deeply within to effect significant inner changes. Your spiritual development should be your priority, as you integrate what you’ve learned until now and let go of what no longer serves you. Good words: SELF-AWARENESS, ACCEPTANCE, OPENNESS.

YEAR 8: Power, recognition, appreciation, abundance. Eight is the energy of power and abundance resulting from your commitment during the previous year numbers. If you’ve developed discipline, flexibility, and gratitude, this year will bring a variety of opportunities to expand and enjoy life while accomplishing anything you’ve set your mind to! But be honest with yourself and be determined to transform what is no longer working for you. Try new things, step out of your comfort zone, and challenge yourself to pursue something you never thought possible. It’s time to get up and get going! Achieve your dreams while balancing the material and spiritual aspects of your life. Good words: SELF-FORGIVENESS, CONFIDENCE, RECOGNITION, TRANSCENDENCE.

YEAR 9: Completion, integration, integrity, fruition, preparation, humanity. Nine is the energy of completion, of the integration of previous years, encouraging you to tie loose ends and choose which things and people to keep or to let go of. It’s a year of cleaning house, closing circles, and releasing what no longer serves you, in preparation for something new. In alignment with the energies of 2021, you should focus on your spiritual growth to reap the rewards of this whole cycle of experience and transform deeply. The challenges you’ll encounter are meant to help you release old emotional energy and outdated patterns of perception, to free yourself from the past! Good words: INTEGRATION, SURRENDER, FAITH.

I think this is a year that will bring many opportunities to help us let go of the old and welcome the new so we may begin to create a more sustainable, community-oriented world! But it won’t happen without resistance and obstacles along the way, as we continue shifting toward the Age of Aquarius and a new feminine cosmic cycle (see Self-Ascension Into 5th Dimension). Your best contribution to this collective shift is your own transformation. So contact me today to embark on a personalized journey toward emotional and spiritual freedom!

Wishing you All the Best in 2021, and always! ♥

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