True Freedom Is Spiritual Freedom

experience true freedom with spiritual counseling & coachingI mentioned before that the pandemic reflects the interaction of Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter, the archetypes of death, restriction, and expansion. Pluto brings the virus while Jupiter expands it and Saturn creates the necessary restrictions to contain it that a lot of people are now rebelling against. However, these planets also rule the transformation, karmic resolution, and innovation necessary for individual and social change.

No real transformation is possible without dismantling outdated structures, whether we’re talking about social institutions or our own patterns of perception. But since the external world is a collective reflection of the individualized mind, what’s really at stake here is how willing and courageous we each are to look at our dysfunction, to start building a new path toward real freedom—from fear, judgment, and suffering.

We cannot effect change in the world or our personal relationships without recognizing the internalized authority figures and voices that keep our perception trapped in a wounded child archetype—either in temper-tantrum mode or resentful rebelliousness—due to a lack of self-awareness and love. This is how we live when we let the ignorance and delusions of ego control our mind and keep us in the past. We may try to fight for “freedom” while remaining unaware that it’s our own mental entrapment that causes restrictions and pain.

Humanity has gone through many social revolutions, but the suffering and injustice hasn’t changed; only the power has changed hands (see Why Martial Souls Rule The World). The world is made of ego, therefore dominated by the need to control that justifies the endless fight against this or that: disease, political views, limitations, and individual and social differences (race, gender, status, religious beliefs, and so on); basically, anything that arouses fear by threatening the self-images we protect to uphold the beliefs to which we’re attached.

It’s a mental game of ego where the ego-mind makes you believe that if you fight and destroy what triggers your fear you’ll be free from the pain it causes, when in truth you’re identifying with it, thus giving it your true power: the capacity to grow out of it by recognizing it for what it is—a mere concept that maintains a false I-sense (ego). If a caterpillar fought against the cocoon because it made her feel constricted and vulnerable, she would never transform into a butterfly!

True Freedom Is Freedom From Ego

Every argument, fight, and struggle for power or control is an investment of energy that perpetuates it. Rather than resolving the issue at hand, it hides the real motivation behind your actions and reactions: the fear of losing your self-images and anything to which you’ve become attached. In other words, it’s the fear of dissolving the ego you perceive as your identity that keeps you engaged in the fight, justifying a wounded need to be right, special, heard, or visible to justify your existence.

Ego is your identity as long as you’re attached to sensory perception and hold the belief that you are the body-mind complex. Once you start questioning this, however, a transformative process begins to gradually lead you in the direction of emotional and spiritual freedom, through a liberation from attachment and fear. Only when you remove these can your essence emerge as pure awareness and love, to remove your wounded needs and grant you the blissful experience of simply being, regardless of what others do, say, judge, or expect from you.

Attachment is the fundamental nature of ego that produces fear due to the attraction to pleasure and aversion to pain it creates. But because everything is impermanent in the external world of polarities, pleasure doesn’t last, which leads to pain and engenders a new desire for pleasure. The ego-mind keeps you spinning in this loop, like a dog chasing its tail, endlessly producing desires and fears to remain in control of your perception.

In this sense, ego is your attachment to pain—your disconnection from Divine Consciousness, or your divine nature. If you identify with your ordinary ego consciousness you can’t experience real freedom, not matter how successful, wealthy, recognized, powerful, or rebellious you may be in the world. This inherent yearning of your soul—for your essential nature—can only be satisfied in the Self by the Self. For this you must realize you are not in the world, the world is in you although ego makes it appear external.

You may build a powerful self-image or a protective environment to feel in control, or you may attempt to lead others to change the world for the better, but the true freedom we all yearn for is the inner peace that can only be experienced by an ego-less mind (or no-mind); this level of freedom emerges when you surrender completely to the Divine, doing whatever you do with no egoic self-interest but a spirit of service and love. So contact me today to unravel the patterns of perception that create limitations and pain in your life, and learn effective tools to develop emotional and spiritual freedom on a daily basis!

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