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navigating relationships on the spiritual path

The Power of Togetherness: Navigating Relationships on the Spiritual Path

Do you struggle in a relationship because the other person doesn’t share your spiritual views or inner work? Or perhaps you have trouble balancing the desire for social interaction with the need for solitude and introspection that spirituality requires? Relationships are challenging no matter what, even more so when we yearn for inner freedom, but if we see spirituality as…

discern between intuition and fear with a spiritual mentor coach

How Do You Know if You’re Acting From Intuition or Fear?

In the journey of self-discovery, our actions are shaped by the subtle interplay between intuition or insight and fear or resistance. Intuition connects us to our inner guidance while fear points at perceived threats, often leading to hesitation or impulsive action. But these forces can be easily confused because the ego-mind can deceive us to remain in control of our…

experience inner peace with spiritual mentor coach

Inner Peace Arises From Accepting What Is As It Is

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been busy working on new creative projects to expand my work. The idea of launching a podcast made me realize I needed an intro for it. So I began working on the content and the music, and that sparked the desire to go back to making music again, which of course entailed learning new things…