Do You Have a Fixed or an Open Mindset?

develop an open mindset for emotional & spiritual growthThe protests we’re witnessing are a natural response to the blatant racism and abuse of power that has created and continues to create suffering and injustice (see Why Martial Souls Rule The World). But they’re also a reflection of our individualized perceptions on the collective movie: the eternal battle between the egoic illusions of separation, power, and control, and our soul’s inherent yearning for free and authentic expression.

As we move toward a new feminine cosmic cycle (see Self-Ascension Into 5th Dimension), the polarization and division has intensified at every level of experience while bringing forth both positive and negative aspects of the emerging New Age of Aquarius: a sense of community vs. a herd mentality; true vs. false freedom and democracy; depth of knowledge and critical thinking vs. impulsive “opinionitis”; and technology as a means of communication vs. a vehicle to escape.

The Internet, an Aquarian byproduct, makes it easier for these contradictory aspects to become confusing and chaotic, but it also allows for greater communication to bring people with similar interests and challenges together, to find solutions in a more organic, humanistic, and sustainable manner. We haven’t found all the solutions yet, but we’re working on them, both consciously and unconsciously, as we figure out how to better navigate our individualized life-movie.

From my perspective, this comes down to the underlying fight between a fixed (overly masculine) and a more open, fluid (feminine) perception of self and others, so understanding and balancing this in yourself would be a great contribution at this time. Life is really a dream of Consciousness over which you have no control, but your patterns and beliefs determine which pieces of the collective reality you get to perceive and experience, and how. As you transform yourself, you transform the world!

Ego is always trying to fix and compartmentalize life, so a fixed mindset means you have a static perception of who you are: your character, intelligence, and creativity are set and don’t allow for any significant changes. You reinforce the elements of a fixed identity with thoughts like, “I am this or that way,” which gives you a false sense of security. This type of mindset predominates in the world and maintains stagnant, inflexible cultural beliefs and social structures.

Life Is Constant Change, Fluctuation and Expansion

In your personal movie, it results from an imbalance between the Feminine and Masculine within you, often due to a restrictive, neglectful, or unsafe upbringing. When you don’t feel loved or safe, you unconsciously create protective mechanisms that end up trapping you in those old feelings, thus keeping you stuck in the past. This fixed mindset limits new possibilities of experience by driving you to:

  • Seek success and validation according to an invisible, unconscious “standard” you can never attain.
  • Avoid a sense of failure at all cost, even if it means lying, deceiving others or giving up on your dreams.
  • Censor or adjust your self-expression to please others or suit what you think is expected of you.
  • Give up easily when you find obstacles, difficulties or opposition.
  • Disbelieve your capacity for growth or fulfillment, so you stop putting any effort.
  • Become extremely sensitive to any criticism or lack of validation or support.
  • Compare yourself to others, harboring envy or feeling threatened by their success.

Believing that who you are is carved in stone stunts your potential for happiness by fixing you in a distorted self-perception of smallness and deficiency, thus limiting your interactions as well. More importantly, it keeps you disconnected from the flow of your life, which is continuous change, fluctuation, and expansion. To develop a more open, fluid mindset you must nurture your sense of self, giving yourself permission to learn and grow as you experience life, without rigid ideas or expectations.

It’s the process of reclaiming the emotional freedom that allows for personal expression and spiritual growth. It shows as the tendency to:

  • Pursue your goals for their own sake, from an organic, authentic drive rather than a need for external validation.
  • View challenges, criticism and setbacks as opportunities for self-awareness, knowledge and growth.
  •  Embrace the unknown by gradually stretching your “comfort zone” in spite of any resistance.
  • Learn from all experiences, integrating new knowledge into previous levels of perception.
  • Give continuity to your process and goals in spite of obstacles or opposition.
  • Find inspiration in the success of others and use it to fuel your own efforts.
  • See life as a journey of self-discovery, self-expression and spiritual maturity.

A big difference here is whether your main purpose is proving yourself or discovering who you really are, what you’re made of, and what life has to offer; whether you hide out of the fear of being “exposed” or judged, or you come out of your shell to live life to the fullest, with all its ups and downs, as a unique expression of the Divine.

If you remember that the real goal is your personal and spiritual growth, you’re more likely to achieve mastery over an outdated, distorted self-perception, making the effort to overcome the resistance to be who you truly are, which is not a fixed identity but the pure awareness of all the fluctuations of life. This is how you develop more flexibility and openness for Consciousness to flow through you and transform the world—from within. So contact me today to get started on your path to real emotional and spiritual freedom!

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