Spring Is the Perfect Time For New Beginnings & Projects

bring your vision into reality with a spiritual mentor & coachHave you been thinking of starting something new but are unsure about your next steps? Or perhaps you have been procrastinating about an old project that you’re not ready to let go? You’re not alone! It seems that the energies around us are a bit contradictory—or, rather, pulling us in different directions.

I’ve been working on the projects I mentioned earlier that I want you to be part of (podcast, meetup, etc.), but as is often the case, some decisions lead to more details than anticipated and delay the process. No worries, though, things are coming along, in spite of there being more pieces to this puzzle than I thought (LOL).

But I have something important to share. At the same time that we have a solar eclipse in Aries, bringing endings and beginnings along with the drive to pioneer a new path, Mercury is going retrograde, pulling us inward to work behind the scenes. Solar eclipses bring deep motivations to the surface, and this one is challenged by Pluto pushing us to let go of old emotional wounds and self-defeating beliefs.

Quite a bit of push-and-pull there! However, in the Indian (lunar) calendar, this month also brings what is known as Akshaya Tritya, or the Day of Lasting Achievement. It is the best day of the year to start (or restart) something: a project, a business, a marriage, an investment, buying a new car, and so on; this year it falls on April 22, and that’s why I wanted to write this brief post now.

Akshaya Tritya is considered a very auspicious day, so it is worth taking advantage of it to counter the confusing planetary energies you may be experiencing. Whatever you put your energy into will come back to you tenfold. Here are few examples of things you can do to benefit from it:

  • Intensify your spiritual practices.
  • Focus on a project you’ve been working on or start a new one.
  • Draft a clear plan for a new business or marketing plan, or launch it if it is ready.
  • Offer food or money to those in need.
  • Buy gold, gold jewelry, or other symbols of abundance.
  • Make peace with or forgive those who’ve held resentment toward.
  • Nurture your body and soul in some way.

Of course, once you get something started (or restarted), you may need guidance and support to turn your vision into reality. Whether it is a spiritual business, a creative project, or your personal or spiritual development, I am here to help you see what you cannot see and master the ego-mind that gets in the way of your fulfillment by creating resistance. So contact me today to get your new endeavors started or begin your path to emotional and spiritual freedom!

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