Life Takes You Exactly Where You Need to Go

discover a new life path with a spiritual mentor & coachHappy Spring Equinox! Do you feel like you’re being pulled in two different or opposite directions? You’re certainly not alone. It’s time to make some choices and open up to a higher version of yourself!

Life seems to be taking me in a slightly new direction as well, which is why I’ve been quieter than usual for the past few months, both here and on social media. I had to take care of my eyes after surgery, which brought other health, lifestyle, and business issues to my awareness as well. Then I keep finding technical glitches here and there that I’m still figuring out…

I won’t bore you with the behind-the-scenes stuff, but it all has made me look for new ways to continue sharing my perspective and tools to help you gain emotional and spiritual freedom. Writing You Are Your Healer was such a deeply transformative process that I would like to help more people experience it in some way, too.

It has led me to explore other, more direct ways to help clients and readers implement the Swan Method to shift their perception. Reading the book is one thing, but integrating the Method into your day-to-day life brings a completely new experience of reality. However, some of the concepts and tools in it require guidance, repetition, and self-reflection in order to effect deep changes in the psyche.

To make this process less daunting, I’m taking one day at a time, balancing health issues by staring less at the computer and enjoying more movement and creative expression. And I’m allowing whatever is meant to emerge from within me in its own time and shape. I know life takes me exactly where I need to go to keep growing, so my job is to remove the confusion and resistance the ego-mind triggers. I sincerely hope you will follow along in this new chapter!

Opening to New Ventures

My initial thoughts are setting up a podcast, a meetup group (both in person and online), and short courses/workshops, but I’m hoping to include retreats at some point for further study and greater social interaction. I’m not sure where this will lead, but the idea is to encourage self-awareness and reflection while you learn to implement the Swan Method and remove the subconscious codependency of your ego that produces suffering.

I want to help you perceive life as the ongoing unfolding of Divine Consciousness you truly are, and your experience of it as a movie or dream made of your subconscious content, so that you may stop being emotionally stuck in the wounded needs of your past, and instead accept that things evolve on their own. (See Your Life-Movie Is a Dream Within a Dream.)

When you surrender the the ego-mind pushing the need to control everything, each moment becomes rich with meaning and purpose. If you remain centered, rather than impulsively following the ideas and desires the ego-mind produces to keep in charge of your perception, you allow the next steps on your path to manifest organically—from within.

This, of course, demands humility, self-awareness, and flexibility, especially when things don’t go the way you anticipated or you find obstacles that make you doubt yourself. You may not see the purpose of these challenges until later on, once you reflect on the events that have paved your path, leading you from one moment to another and one experience to another.

Life Unfolds In Perfect Synchronicity

Life is always perfect; it is Divine Consciousness continuously unfolding in perfect synchronicity with everything else. But you cannot appreciate it unless you dissolve the egoic need to micromanage it. You cannot control life (or others), but you take charge of your experience by knowing yourself, managing your energy from a centered place of self-awareness.

Your true purpose on the spiritual journey is integrating your totality—the eternal Self you really are—by mastering the ego-mind that keeps you stuck in a fragmented, painful perception of yourself and others. (See How to Dissolve the Ego to Find Happiness & Fulfillment.)

Rather than thinking things should be this or that way, according to a personal (ego-based) agenda, you become the observer of life as a witness to yourself. If you embrace that absolutely everything in your reality arises with and from within you, because it is your own movie or dream reflecting your ideas, desires, and beliefs, then you can use any thought, emotion, event, or interaction as a portal into your subconscious.

Doing this means surrendering the egoic need to control, allowing instead the child-like, creative curiosity and sense of adventure you may have lost a long time ago. By adding new vehicles of communication, my intention is helping you shift your perspective to reclaim and embrace everything you are that makes you a unique expression of Divine Consciousness.

I need time to focus on and prepare these new ventures to expand (or reinvent) my business model, so I may no be as active on social media or the blog/newsletter for a little while longer, but I will try to keep you posted as the process moves along. I hope you will bear with me and stay tuned!

Much love,

Yol Swan: Spiritual Mentor, Life & Business Coach

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