Why Spiritual Growth Requires Time In Solitude

solitude is essential for spiritual growthI’m happy to report that my new projects are coming along, albeit quite slowly due to what could be called “creative overflow.” One idea led to another idea, and then another, so before long, I found myself with too many choices to follow and not enough time to do it all. :-)

Since each of these choices entailed a learning curve on some level, I decided to try a few different things to find the best way to integrate my creative flow in practical ways. In short, it’s still going to take some time to put it all together: my teachings and the Swan Method I described in You Are Your Healer, as well as some of my new tools and music I’m creating for online and in-person ventures. I wish the day had more than just 24 hours, but I’ll try to keep you posted!

As I go through this process, motivated by the drive for transformation, both in the way I do things and to expand my audience’s perception of life, I have to remain attentive to the ego-mind bombarding me with thoughts and desires and doubts and everything in between. This is why solitude is essential to avoid getting lost in the world of appearances and otherness (see Why Fulfillment & Spiritual Growth Trigger Your Resistance and Understanding Your Wounded Child Archetype).

The mind field is like a two-stream river; one stream flows toward sensory objects, as an ongoing current of thoughts and desires, while the other flows away from them toward the Inner Self. Your external reality pulls you easily, since it holds great amounts of energy—the endless thoughts and ideas maintaining the illusion of a world separate from you that draws your attention away from your true Self.

Widening the inward stream requires an ongoing effort, which is why solitude is needed to look within and anchor yourself in your center. From this center—your spiritual heart—your experience of life shifts, because you become a witness to it rather than always allowing the ego-mind to taint it with unresolved emotions pulling or pushing you off-center.

Solitude is not loneliness or isolation, but rather inner silence. It is quieting the mind and it happens through Grace, like meditation or being fully present. The ego is swift at blocking it to keep the control of your perception and behavior. As long as you crave all kinds of things, you remain unhappy and dissatisfied, which is how the ego makes itself felt.

Solitude Is Silence and Silence Is Awareness

When the delusion of duality appearing as the external world draws you, you trap yourself in your own ideas about it. You think, “How can I be without my partner, my children, my parents, my house, my comforts…?” “How can I be who I am without my past, my experiences and traumas, or my identity, and so on?” What truly binds you is this collection of identifications to which you cling in an attempt to qualify your existence instead of simply being.

Solitude is that space where you simply are, without the need to be “this” or “that.” It is a state of Pure Awareness, witnessing life as it is, with no resistance or attachment, where peace and clarity emerge to guide you on your path back to your Self. You need to nurture solitude to balance the usual, excessive otherness. With creative projects. With spiritual practices. With contemplation. With meditation. With outer silence (turn that phone off!). Spending time in nature. More importantly, not being the “doer,” which is ego, but just being, fully present in the moment.

This inner silence results from clearing the mind of false, outdated patterns and distortions about yourself and your life through an ongoing process of self-awareness and spiritual knowledge. So contact me today to delve deeply into the workings of your ego-mind and gain emotional and spiritual freedom to embody your full potential!

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