Self-Ascension Into 5th Dimension – Part Three

experience 5th dimension with intuitive spiritual counselingExperiencing a 5th-dimensional reality means healing and restoring the Feminine that connects you to your spiritual senses but has been deeply wounded and distorted on the Earth plane.

It requires deep, progressive mental and emotional shifts. A change in perception can’t be a linear process; it follows the cyclical and spiraling nature of Consciousness. And this new paradigm can’t happen without taking emotional and spiritual responsibility to transcend the ego-mind, for which things are always linear and sensory-oriented (see Self-Ascension Into 5th Dimension Part One and Self-Ascension Into 5th Dimension – Part Two).

Due to our many attachments and aversions, as well as karmic tendencies and debts, this inner transformation follows a multi-layered progression. On a physical level, it calls for a gradual adjustment of all bodily systems as the Earth shifts and re-aligns with its lunar (Feminine) energies. Your body is made of the Earth and follows its laws; although you have no control over this, it’s important to remain attentive and aware (see Main Symptoms of Ascension Into 5th Dimension).

On a mental level, it demands a much higher degree of self-awareness and self-discipline than what you may be used to, to shed the beliefs that bind you to the physical density of 3rd dimension. These shape your self-perception mainly through distorted judgments and affect how attached you are to appearances, external validation, punishments and rewards, and any thought processes or systems that place any thing or person above or below another. Compassion and tolerance are keys here.

On an emotional level, it also requires radical honesty with yourself and others, to break free from old patterns of guilt and shame that block a deeper perception of life. These manifest in multiple ways, including all the fears, insecurities, and conscious or unconscious feelings of disconnection from the flow of Love that, along with your distorted judgments, color your life with fixed ideas about ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ (or ‘deserving’ and ‘not deserving’). Here, forgiveness and trust are essential.

Relinquish Attachments, Judgment and Guilt

Mother Earth has 12 dimensions of vibrational energy along which Infinite Consciousness spirals to experience itself in innumerable shapes and forms in this realm. As it flows upward (playing a divine game of hide-and-seek), its manifestations become subtler and more refined. Clearly, 3rd dimension is much denser and physically-oriented than 5th dimension and beyond.

Similarly, to reach a higher reality, your perception must become subtler and more refined than sensory perception—in other words, less attached to the physical senses and more in tune with your spiritual senses. You must drop all the judgments and guilt that distort your perception, to open up to new possibilities guided by love, faith, and the light of discrimination (the feminine and masculine aspects of Consciousness within you) to see the Divine in this world.

The fear-mongers and bad news out there make this quite challenging, and many people question how God allows this much suffering and injustice. But both result from humanity’s attachment to the ego-mind seeking external power and the physical senses craving pleasure. God is Infinite Consciousness trying to become self-aware, but the ego-mind gets in the way claiming doership and ownership of life without letting you take spiritual responsibility—playing a victim-blame game fueled by judgments, guilt, and the identification with the senses.

How do you transcend this? Maybe this will help. Visualize the world like a pyramid through which Consciousness spirals. At the bottom flow the lowest human energies and tendencies, as well as the strongest attachment to the physical senses. This is where power hunger, greed, and lust predominate, and unfortunately most of humanity vibrates here, trapped in karmic and toxic dynamics.

Trust the Spiritual Forces Within You

Awareness increases as you move up the pyramid (through the learning that comes from painful experiences), but as you relinquish your attachments to the ego-mind and physical senses you experience a gradual sense of peace arising from the connection to your divine nature. The lighter you become the higher you go, and the higher you go the clearer the view from above and the perception of Oneness.

As you get closer to the top, you can see how your mental choices—both conscious and unconscious—determine your experiences and you are responsible for your own suffering through the mental, emotional, and physical (actionable) choices you’ve made and continue making. You gradually take spiritual responsibility for yourself and in so doing, promote more love and light in the collective mind. You comprehend that your vibrational contribution depends on where you invest your attention, thus your creative energy.

Now, the tricky part is that those in power control your behavior through politics, laws, organized religions, and the mass media to keep you at the bottom of the Consciousness pyramid, which translates into a material power pyramid as well. Most TV shows, news, movies, and other information sources are centered around lust, greed, betrayal, revenge, crime, gossip, power, control, war, injustice, and disease. Because they want you to remain focused on the physical senses, investing your energy in the lowest levels of the pyramid and remaining unaware of your inherent divine power to create a much higher reality.

To wrap this article series, here are some fundamental tools for you to rise above the extreme density we are currently experiencing as a global community:

  1. Disbelieve the inner bully that pushes you toward (self-)judgment and guilt (experienced as shame, fear, and hopelessness) and the mass media that feeds negative emotions.
  2. Open up to new possibilities of perception and action (“What if I do/see/respond in this new, conscious way instead of sticking to familiar patterns?”).
  3. Focus your attention and energy in what connects you to yourself and makes you feel good and positive.
  4. Take full spiritual responsibility for all aspects of your life (drop the victim-blame game and see life as a reflection of yourself).
  5. Develop self-discipline and dispassion (love without attachment) to raise your vibration and find peace within.
  6. Trust that your journey is soul-guided and relinquish the egoic sense of doership and ownership. Your Divine Mother knows what is best for you at all times and in all ways.
  7. Let go of your spiritualized ego and surrender completely to the Divine within you (your inner voice) and in all external forms.

Use these words from the great Indian saint Ramakrishna as a guiding light:

“Do your duty with one hand and with the other hold to God.

After the duty is over, you will hold to God with both hands.”

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