Self-Ascension Into 5th Dimension – Part Two

experience 5th dimension with intuitive spiritual counseling / coachingTo experience a 5th-dimensional reality, you must rise above the physical plane without resisting or disengaging from it; to accomplish this you have to become increasingly aware of the subtle energies affecting your perception.

Since your perception becomes your reality, what you experience depends on where your awareness is—either the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual layers of the soul. In other words, how integrated your feminine and masculine aspects are, which in turn shows how aligned (or misaligned) you are with your true Self.

I previously mentioned that Creation unfolds in cycles within cycles for Consciousness to expand (see Self-Ascension Into 5th Dimension – Part One). This is also true in the personal life-movie you create with your tendencies, beliefs, and inherent creative power. You go through different phases as you mature, to have a variety of experiences, learn from them, and grow both emotionally and spiritually.

Some of these cycles are pretty obvious, like the individual hours, days, nights, months, and years you go through. Others may be less obvious but quite significant in the sense that they represent chapters and turning points shaping your life’s road map. For instance, you undergo 7-year growth cycles (at ages 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, etc.); astrological cycles affecting certain aspects of your natal chart; and elemental and numerological cycles for every day, month, and year you’re alive.

Although they’re outside of your control, you can certainly benefit from understanding these and other phases, but it’s even more crucial to become aware of subtler cycles to shift to a 5th-dimensional perception. I’m talking about mental and emotional patterns that tend to show up in a cyclical manner, because they’re activated by lunar (and yes, hormonal) changes affecting your emotions throughout life: they reflect the main karmic issues you came to deal with and ‘resolve’ (that is, put to sleep) during this incarnation; they manifest as mental tendencies and emotional habits—the energies that either carry you forward or hold you back.

Take Emotional Responsibility For Yourself

Emotions get triggered when someone says or does something and you feel a tug inside that sets in motion a familiar reaction; your response is then played out automatically, unless you consciously stop it. You either react in anger and lash out or shut down and withdraw when past wounds are poked. This repeats time and again, leaving you feeling alone and disappointed in yourself and others. In truth, you’re stuck in a self-perception of victimhood that separates you from the reality you’re actually creating, albeit mostly unconsciously.

In the extreme density of 3rd dimension humanity is experiencing, it’s easy to believe that life just ‘happens’ and you have no power to change anything. The excessive suffering in the world permeates the collective mind (or collective unconscious) and the mass media tries to keep your attention there, bombarding you with information that reinforces a sense of vulnerability and helplessness. It does this by addressing you only at the level of ego, which is the virtual layer of the mind that colors your perception with past impressions, thus keeping you emotionally in the past—and in the suffering of 3rd dimension.

If you remind yourself that Consciousness unfolds in cycles and your issues invariably come back in cycles, you can observe and recognize your patterns in all the shapes they take, as well as the types of situations that trigger them, as they circle back around. This is a process that allows you to shift to a higher level of perception and consciously choose how to respond to life, as opposed to re-investing your energy in the usual victim-blame dynamic. You can now become a witness to your ego-mind, ready to acknowledge your tendencies and emotions.

Take Spiritual Responsibility For Your Life

When you recognize your unconscious patterns as they get reflected in your reality, you can begin to see your life as a soul-guided journey of self-awareness and drop the sense of doership of the ego-mind that is bound to the physical senses. This requires nurturing a detached witness within, which emerges from a deeper sense of self that connects you to the Infinite Consciousness you’re an extension of.

This inner witness is pure awareness. It sporadically shows up in your ‘aha!’ moments and acts like a light turned on in a dark room (your subconscious). The more you feed this aspect of yourself, which abides beyond the mind, the more light you let in and project out. You turn into a light bearer and Earth keeper, bringing the Feminine within (again, your subconscious) to the surface (your perception) and connecting you to a higher vibration of our feminine Earth.

Remaining in this higher perception requires great emotional honesty, self-awareness, and mental discipline. Without a strong inner witness you can’t experience 5th dimension, because your unresolved issues will pull you down. There’s no room for self-images (or spiritualized egos) in 5th dimension. I will further explore this in Self-Ascension to 5th Dimension – Part Three, but here are a few key elements to help you transition:

  1. Understand that your reality results from your self-perception and is invariably colored with past experiences, impressions, and karma.
  2. Recognize your emotional patterns revolving in cycles to ‘catch’ them as they come, and own them without judgment.
  3. Focus on new possibilities to break those old patterns, since your attention determines which dimension you place yourself in.
  4. Drop the victim mentality and start seeing your life as a soul-guided journey of self-discovery reflected in your reality.

We all need guidance and support along the way. I can help you develop the inner witness and align to your soul. Contact me today to begin your journey of self-exploration and learn the tools you’ll need for the many planetary changes ahead.

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