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energies of 2020 according to an intuitive spiritual counselor coachHappy New Year and new decade! This year is another one we’ll remember for a while.

The transits of 2020 will not be easy, but they hold a necessary force for transformation, to help you assert the roles you want to play in what’s to come. In other words, the challenges you may face this year will help you cultivate new levels of strength and clarity, like the laboring pains preceding new life.

At the center of these are Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter cycles, with Uranus underlying the process with fluctuations of authority/control, disruptions, and rebelliousness. The intensity of 2020 will be evident as it starts off with Pluto conjunct Saturn in Capricorn. These two powerful archetypes have been in Capricorn for a while now, but when they come in such contact with each other, they carry a strong masculine energy that usually shatters or destroys something, to promote a redistribution of power.

They’re here to tear down old structures by allowing us to delve into the underworld—what’s been hidden or meant to keep things secret—and effect a much needed transformation, both collectively and individually. We’ve been witnessing this build up in the past few years in the world. Saturn represents structures, government, and limitations, but also individual responsibility, discipline, and healthy boundaries. It reveals areas of weakness in need of strengthening and the craving for the positive side of the sign it transits.

Since it rules karma, it basically goes around the zodiac restoring order in different aspects of life, often through unpleasant or difficult events. However, it also rewards you with greater emotional and spiritual maturity if you’re willing to make the effort, but not without prodding you to let go of what doesn’t serve you or may be hurting your growth. Saturn is not fun, but it’s the vehicle of Consciousness through which you’re forced to step out of the wounded child archetype and take spiritual responsibility for your experience of reality. (see Saturn In Capricorn: Your Life Is About To Change In Big Ways!)

On the other hand, Pluto represents power and transformation. It amplifies the restrictions of Saturn to help you separate the essential from the non-essential and harness the awareness and determination to accomplish your goals or develop what will bring you to a higher level of perception. Their first conjunction on January 12th, 2020 will initiate a new cycle, shifting the emphasis on new ways and structures to support a new purpose.

Nothing is easy when dealing with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn (Pluto destroys while Saturn builds), but their intensity helps us develop focus, determination, and courage, without which nothing is ever accomplished, and without which we’d remain forever trapped in the delusion of duality. They remind us to be resilient in the face of opposition while surrendering to the unfolding of life, which is out of our control, but without denying our feelings of grief or loss.

Finally, Jupiter will be in Capricorn for most of the year, giving you the “Midas Touch” on the material plane and, more importantly, the opportunity to grow into and embody Divine Consciousness within you. It will also make various aspects with personal and outer planets that suggest a busy and productive year, with the potential for expansion on a personal, financial, business, creative, and spiritual level.

Numerology For 2020

The digits in 2020 add up to 4 (2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 4), which is a number promising stability, like the four legs of a table. It’s also the number of hard work and family relationships (4 equals 2 + 2, and 2 is the energy of relationships or duality). This is a year to “keep your nose to the grindstone,” as they say, and focus on creating both external and internal stability—a solid material foundation as well as a strong inner center, with full presence and detachment.

2020 can also be reduced to 22, which is considered a master number, or the number of the “master builder.” This is the number of big ideas, expansive plans, idealism, leadership, and self-confidence, which means it’s the perfect year to focus on the achievement of your goals. If you put the effort, you will find the support to turn your dreams into reality!

The positive aspects of number 4 are: work, commitment, teamwork, practicality (grounding), conscientiousness, diplomacy, relationships, discipline, and concentration. Of course, everything has a shadow side, so the negative aspects of the 4 energy include: seriousness, rigidity, emotional repression, fixed ideas, codependency, limitations, delays, anxiety about money, and greed.

This is a year you’ll remember, not only because it’s meant to bring significant personal and collective changes, but also because it will offer you opportunities to set a solid foundation for years to come, through the accomplishment of your goals and aspirations. You’re likely to feel inspired but also more serious about everything, so try to balance things out to discover new ways to connect to the flow of your life with greater flexibility and openness. Keep these general energies in mind when you read what your personal year has in store for you.

Your Personal Year Number

To calculate your personal year number, add the digits of your birth month and day to 2020. For instance, if you were born on May 6th, you’d add: 5 + 6 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 15, then reduce to: 1 + 5 = 6, so your personal year would be a year 6. You can also use a shortcut: 5 + 6 + 4 = 15, then 1 + 5 = 6. Now let’s take a look at each personal year.

YEAR 1: New beginnings, projects, goals, births (or rebirths), and new relationships. One is the energy of Oneness, individuality, creativity, and independence, but also of ego. This is a year to spring into action and make the changes you’ve been craving, after last year’s wrapping up and clearing some areas of life. Define your priorities and goals to move forward. Stay focused on your goals but avoid stubborn resistance to change and scattering your energy. The keys to your success are discipline and logical, methodical thinking. Good words for this year are: DISCIPLINE, LETTING GO, CONFIDENCE, SUCCESS.

YEAR 2: Relationships, partnerships, balanced responsibility. Two is the energy of duality, of the illusion of separation, which it tends to instigate with misunderstandings. It pulls you in opposite directions, making you choose between your individual expression and other people’s needs or demands. This can be a “touchy” year when it comes to relationships, so be flexible and patient, choosing clear communication instead of confrontation, and developing greater emotional independence. In a year 4 (2+2), you may make important connections as well, just take remember to take things slowly. If a career change is in store, be ready for delays and things moving slowly as well. It’s essential to be detached but focused, as you move towards your goals. Good words: DIPLOMACY, COOPERATION, DETACHMENT.

YEAR 3: Emotional honesty, creative expression, excitement, good luck. Since your personal year is too close to the general year 4, life may be a bit trickier to navigate as the year unfolds. Three is the energy of self-expression, and this year will present you with the opportunity to add some excitement to your daily life, but it will also demand greater discipline and focus, lest you get lost in your dreams. Avoid emotional drama, moodiness, and meddling in other people’s affairs. This could be a lucky and prosperous year, but don’t lose sight of your goals and objectives, or indulge in any excess. Remain anchored in your creative projects without neglecting your family. Good words: INNER VOICE, SELF-EXPRESSION, COMMUNICATION, OPTIMISM.

YEAR 4: Stability, hard work, safety, limitations. Four is the energy that promotes stability, so it tends to create a bit of chaos to help you clarify or build upon previous years. It’s usually a slow year of hard work, to develop patience and perseverance, but since it resonates with this year’s global number, you’ll be more supported to work on and improve life on all levels. Dedicate it to make your talents and gifts real and tangible! Use both creativity and logic to overcome any obstacles or delays, and move closer to your dreams. This is. year to establish a solid foundation for your future. Avoid skirting around family responsibilities, working too hard, or being too rigid. Good words: CONCENTRATION, FLEXIBILITY, DETAILS, FAMILY.

YEAR 5: Freedom, changes, travel, spontaneity, entrepreneurship. Five is the energy of freedom, which will get easily scattered without the boundaries and clarity of the global year number. If you’ve been disciplined and on task, you’ll start reaping the rewards of both inner and outer work. This is a year you’ll feel invigorated and motivated but also limited or restricted in some way. Avoid getting restless; this is a good opportunity to learn patience and not getting side-tracked. You may experience changes that, in alignment with the energy of 2020, will nudge you to start (or expand) a new business or venture, or relocate. Remain flexible but anchored in your projects, to avoid distractions or disruptions that may lead to anxiety. Good words: CHANGE, BREAKTHROUGH, TRANQUILITY.

YEAR 6: Responsibility, family, community, health. Six is the energy of responsibility needed to harness the lessons acquired through the previous year numbers. It promotes creative cooperation for the good of the family or community, but can also feel heavy with obligations, health issues, and work. You may face some difficulties this year, but if you remain determined, optimistic, and detached, you will succeed in your endeavors. Changes coming your way may be life-changing, but due to the overall energy of this year, they may be confusing at first. Develop spiritual responsibility for your life and take good care of your physical body and your family, and remember to breathe! Good words: HOME, FORGIVENESS, WELLNESS.

YEAR 7: Trust, spirituality, intuitive senses, faith. Seven is the energy of spirituality that helps take the experiences of previous year numbers to a deeper level. For this reason, it may present challenges on the worldly aspects of life, nudging you to trust you’re always guided and supported. The general energies of 2020 make this a good time to bring your dreams into reality through hard work, both in the world and for self-growth. It’s time to drop your anxiety and guilty feelings, and delve deeper within to move to the next level. Stay focused on your spiritual development and you’ll develop greater clarity about the purpose of life through enhanced intuition and insights. Good words: FAITH, SELF-AWARENESS, CONSCIOUSNESS.

YEAR 8: Power, recognition, appreciation, abundance. Eight is the energy of power and abundance resulting from your commitment during the previous year numbers. If you’ve developed discipline, flexibility, and gratitude, this year will help you accomplish anything you’ve set your mind to. Saturn’s number is 8, and in alignment with the energies of 2020, you’ll be able to expand your authority and expertise. But you must also avoid power struggles and the need to control life in spite of the slow and disruptive energies of this year. Be honest with yourself and use your creative power to transform what is no longer working in any area of life. Remain flexible, positive, realistic, and practical to balance material and spiritual aspects. There may be some surprises this year as well. Good words: STRENGTH, EMPOWERMENT, PROSPERITY, MATURITY.

YEAR 9: Completion, integration, integrity, fruition, preparation, humanity. Nine is the energy of completion, of the integration of previous years, encouraging you to tie loose ends and choose which things and people to keep or to let go of. It’s a year of cleaning house, closing circles, and releasing what no longer serves you, in preparation for something new. In alignment with the energies of 2020, you should focus on completing projects to reap the rewards of your work. If obstacles or painful memories resurface, take the opportunity to embrace them as part of life, since it’s time to release old, subconscious energy, and move toward something new. Good words: WISDOM, INTEGRATION, SERVICE, COMPLETION.

If you sustain your effort through any challenges, by the end of 2020 you will have made significant progress toward major life goals and established new, supportive structures that will endure for a long time. Don’t be afraid to delve within to integrate all of who you are—the good, the bad, and the ugly. Now is the time to remain anchored in yourself, in spite of the conflicts in the external world, and plant the seeds for the future you truly want!

At the end of the year, Jupiter and Saturn will conjunct in Aquarius, impelling you to release the personal dreams and dramas to which you’ve been so attached. You’ll be better prepared if you do the needed inner work beforehand. So contact me today to understand and balance the negative tendencies and habits blocking your emotional and spiritual growth!

All the Best for this year, and always! ♥

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