Guidelines To Deepen Your Spiritual Path

deepen your spiritual path with spiritual counseling & coachingThe concept of spirituality was equated to that of religion for a very long time, so the spiritual path was restricted and tainted with a variety of rules and dogmas.

Now things are beginning to change, as more people are listening to the natural yearning of their soul, seeking to experience and expand Divine Consciousness by removing what blocks self-awareness rather than blindly following idealistic rules of behavior.

Religions teach how to pray and how to live in the world by offering certain definitions of God, but no religion can produce the perception of the infinite Presence that inspirits you and everything around you. This is something you may only experience internally, through your own practice, in the intimate union with your Inner Self. No religion, group, or person can liberate or “save” you from the egoic entrapment of your mind; you must transcend your own perception to discover the divine nature of life.

Consciousness can’t be constrained to any particular form, but it manifests in every possible form, allowing you to comprehend, worship, and relate to the Divine in your own way. However, since these are still dark times filled with all sorts of delusions (see What Is Kali Yuga?), it’s important to stay away from cult-like groups, pseudo-spiritual teachers, and codependent behaviors, and focus on a daily practice to transcend the external world (see 3 Reasons Why Daily Meditation Is Essential).

The world is a projection of ego filled with discord and power struggles, while spirituality is about inner peace and freedom. It’s not about being good or generous or grateful, although these are positive qualities when not tainted by ego (see The Difference Between Spiritual Growth and Spiritualized Ego). It’s really not about being anything in particular but about finding a path to remove what gets in the way of simply being—a path meant to remove all the egoic labels and concepts of who you think you are, to discover your divinity.

Make Your Spiritual Practices a Priority

Yoga means ‘union’ with God, so all spiritual traditions belong in one or more of these yoga paths: devotion (bhakti yoga), selfless service (karma yoga), self-inquiry (jnana yoga), and self-discipline (raja yoga). For instance, Buddhism is mainly about self-discipline while Christianity is about devotion and selfless service, although with a different flavor than, say, the Hindu traditions.

However, as you discover higher dimensions of yourself, with self-awareness and humility, you’re able to perceive that, although each may appeal to different people according to their individual dispositions and stage of spiritual maturity, all paths lead to same goal and often overlap with one another. Their aim is, again, to dissolve the ego-mind that blocks access to the ultimate reality of the Divine.

But no mater what path you choose, you can deepen your spiritual perception, going against the intense pull of otherness reinforcing ego (as the world), by keeping these guidelines in mind:

  • The liberation of your soul is the main purpose of life; all other endeavors are secondary.
  • Nothing is ever achieved without effort, positive karma, and divine grace.
  • Life is a dream of Consciousness: nothing is real but God and nothing matters but love for God.
  • The more you focus on reaching and embodying your Self, the more guided and supported you’ll feel.
  • Your path is individualized, for you are a unique experience of Consciousness.
  • All your obstacles and difficulties are mental impressions that dissolve in the light of awareness.
  • God is inner peace, so spiritual growth is measured by the stillness of your mind leading to inner peace.

The spiritual path is a process of learning and unlearning, of making the unconscious conscious, of embracing life and people as they are, without trying to control or fix or fight anything. In truth, it’s a slow process of surrendering to the Divine—the real owner of all your experiences and burdens. So contact me today to gain clarity and receive the support and tools you need to enhance your journey toward emotional and spiritual freedom!

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