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numerology for new year 2017 by spiritual counselor coach

What Energies Does 2017 Hold For You?

In past years I’ve suggested that, rather than writing a list of New Year resolutions you’ll likely forget in a month or two, you choose one word as the main focus of the year, such as ‘power,’ ‘abundance,’ ‘love,’ ‘freedom,’ and so on, to set the intention to learn its true meaning. But since this year marks the start of…

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Align Your Energy With This Year’s Energies

I previously mentioned (see Make 2016 the Year Your Prepare For Divine Emergence!) that this is a year of divine recognition, compassion, and service demanding greater self-integration and integrity. You could say that each year offers new possibilities for all of these, but 2016 is quite significant in that it also represents both endings and beginnings. From an astrological viewpoint,…