How To Stay Grounded As You Navigate Your Life

learn to stay grounded with spiritual counseling & coachingLife is fluid. It’s constant fluctuation and change. But in this time and age, it’s also fast-paced and a bit chaotic, with so many things going on at the same time and so much information coming from different angles. Modern technology allows you to engage with the world 24/7 without being physically out in the world.

The natural direction of ego is outwards—through what I call your sense of otherness. This is how the ego-mind creates the world and the illusion of it being separate from you. It bombards you with a multiplicity of forms and stimuli that keep you busy and distracted, thus preventing you from looking within to experience inner peace and feel connected to yourself.

Now, even if you’re not overly hooked to the external world, which is a challenge in itself these days, its intense collective energy gets to you, especially if you’re sensitive and receptive or you lack clear boundaries. Plus, your sense of otherness is an inner bully that sets you off-center with pressure and stress to take control of your perception. You need great self-awareness and discipline to dismiss it and find balance (see How To Survive The Age of Anxiety).

The key is to remain fully present in what you do, no matter what it is (see How To Live Your Life With Presence), and grounded in the moment, which is something most people have a hard time achieving. You may wonder, how do I stay grounded when I’m on a schedule, juggling chores and obligations throughout the day, and also have many ideas and projects on my to-do lists I never find the time (or motivation) to finish?

Life moves so fast it often seems like it’s just passing you by! But the problem is not the amount of things you have to take care of, or how much time they require; it’s the inherent lack of discipline of the ego-mind, jumping like a monkey from one thing to another, always making you feel—again, through your sense of otherness—that you should be someone else doing something other than what you’re doing.

I’m not talking about transforming outdated aspects in yourself or making life changes when it’s necessary; your life is soul-guided and will take you where you need to go to experience what you need to experience regardless of the plans you make. But what I’m referring to here is the sense of insufficiency and the shoulds with which you pressure yourself that set you off-center.

If you believe you’re supposed to be perfect or have it all figured out, rather than allowing yourself to reflect and learn from what you experience as your life unfolds, your mind is going to continue being directed outwards, seeking some form of external validation. What you may not realize, however, is that this also directs your energy outwards, where it gets easily scattered. You have to find a way back to your center!

Being Grounded Is Being Present & Self-Aware

A sense of completion is empowering. Mental discipline and presence are also empowering and fulfilling in themselves. In fact, you cannot feel real fulfillment if you’re not fully present in what you do, because your ego-mind will either get in the way to disconnect you with doubts or discontentment, or it will create new desires to distract you.

Like the proverbial dangling carrot before the cart, desires keep you moving forward,  but they also disrupt the enjoyment of the present. Joy is your essence while the nature of desire is dissatisfaction. When you’re anchored in yourself, moving at your own pace and doing things for their own sake, without letting the ego push or pull you, you have no need to prove anything. You’re not in competition with your own life—or with others.

If you understand that it’s much easier for your ego to remain in control of your perception when you’re confused, scattered, or overwhelmed, then you can stop giving it your power. You turn life into a journey of self-discovery rather than a race against your sense of otherness—your identifications with other people’s opinions and behavior determining whether you’re valuable (or smart, creative, spiritual, happy, etc.) or not.

I provide several exercises in The Indigo Journals to help you connect to the Earth, to your breathing, and to your body, to feel at home in yourself, but I want to leave you with 3 fundamental things you must master to be fully present, grounded, and at peace:

  1. Anchor yourself in your body. You achieve this through your breathing, because the breath controls the mind and brings you into the present. Your mind goes everywhere, but the body only exists in the present, through each breath. Make your breathing deep, slow, smooth, and rhythmic throughout the day. Then your mind will become quieter and more focused, and you’ll be able to stay centered.
  2. Discipline the ego-mind. The key here is to bring your attention from otherness to self. Rather than focusing on what other people are doing or saying, pull your mind inwards to reflect on what you’re feeling, what you believe, and what you want. But don’t let ego pull you outward again by judging or blaming others for your own feelings. Stay anchored, centered in your heart, to awaken a deeper awareness and sense of direction. Without taking spiritual responsibility for yourself and your life, no transformation is possible.
  3. Take one step at a time but give continuity to your process. It’s easy to get overwhelmed if you think you have to accomplish something right away and it has to be perfect. Give yourself permission to break things down in smaller chunks, taking one step at a time while also reflecting on what you’re doing and how present you are. Don’t let ego distract you from your goals. It takes much effort and discipline to achieve anything, but it’s very easy to disconnect from your process and start losing momentum or procrastinating. Embrace the process with its ups and downs, but stay anchored and disciplined!

The ego-mind is very tricky and has access to all your subconscious files. It can use anything within you to create resistance and fear, to deter you from being self-aware and present, which is what being grounded really means. But you can reclaim your inner power to take charge of your perception and experience of life. So contact me today to embark on a soul-guided journey of spiritual transformation and fulfillment!

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