What Are You Thankful For?

develop gratitude & humility with a spiritual mentor & life coachThis week we celebrate Thanksgiving in the US, which is based, like many other holidays, on a distorted story. For one, the first so-called thanksgiving meal was with the Spaniards about 50 years earlier. Also, there’s nothing celebratory about the Pilgrims coming to impose a religious theocracy over the native Americans, and there’s no real information about how, or if, they ended up eating together after the harvest.

However, due to the collective energy this holiday brings about in most people, I think it’s a good opportunity to reflect on what we are grateful for. As long as you’re aware of the truth, you can go beyond the appearance of things and participate in the world using anything in your life-movie to keep learning and growing.

After all, this is a dream of Divine Consciousness, and in spite of the ego-mind holding the illusion of control, only Divine Consciousness is truly in charge. Life unfolds as it does, oftentimes against your desires and illusions, so becoming aware and grateful for it all requires humility, which opens you up to new possibilities of experience through the power of your true Self (see Master the Power of Gratitude and Humility).

Be aware and thankful today and every day…

For all your experiences, both pleasant and painful.

For all the people you’ve met, both friends and foes.

For all the opportunities to learn things, especially to learn about yourself.

For all your gifts and talents, at any level.

For all your privileges, both present and past.

For every moment that has brought you to this moment.

And for being alive and able to keep growing toward your true Self.

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, please keep your distance from family members and follow health safety protocols. If you’re unable to celebrate with your loved ones due to the pandemic, then celebrate on your own, in your heart, from which all reality emerges. Again, this is an opportunity to drop the arrogance of ego and develop greater humility.

I know I am grateful for your presence in my life. And if you’re ready to delve deeply into yourself and remove what gets in the way of fulfilling your spiritual potential, contact me today to find the best way to work together!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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