How To Live Your Life With Presence

learn to live with presence with spiritual counseling & coachingI was highly tuned to my daughter’s energy since I was pregnant with her, and although she had a welcoming, gentle, stress-free water birth at home, it was clear that she wasn’t ready to land on this physical plane right away; she lingered in a meditative state for weeks. I knew whence she came was much more peaceful and comfortable, so I didn’t want to disrupt that connection too soon.

I allowed her to stay in this slumber until she was ready, avoiding most external stimuli and introducing her to the outside world very gradually. As I continued observing and tuning in with her, I also became more and more aware of the contrast between my mental states and hers. I was a new mother, suddenly filled with a lovely sense of purpose but also a collection of fears about the future I had not experienced before; she was in a peaceful, relaxed state of being.

I could see the similarities between her neutral state and the mentally empty, high consciousness states I was able to reach after many years of meditation and spiritual practices. But mine demanded effort and continuity while hers was as natural as breathing. She was fully present and connected to the flow of life and love—that is, completely ego-less.

No expectations. No fears. No doubts. No illusions. No mental fluctuations.

This is the level of alignment we all yearn for and have to work hard to achieve by removing all the baggage we accumulate over lifetimes of ego identification. But how can you reclaim this peaceful sense of being when the world is continuously pulling you in different directions and the mind bombarding you with and all sorts of negative thoughts and emotions?

You have to consciously redirect your attention to be present in everything you do. So rather than being this or that, or focused on what has been or what could be, comparing and judging yourself and others, you must stay anchored in the present with your breathing and your focus. The breath controls the mind, so making your breathing deep and slow will quiet the mind, leaving an empty mental space for Divine Consciousness—which is neutral love and light—to connect you to the flow of life. Have you ever observed the slow and relaxed breathing of a baby sleeping? Well, try to emulate that!

Remaining centered also entails some type of mindfulness or spiritual practice, because you must create new imprints of perception and being that counter the usual demands of relationships and worldly pursuits pulling your energy away from Consciousness, by clearing the mind of ego with its attachments, thoughts, concerns, judgments, fears, etc.

But aside from the discipline required to empty the mind and discover a higher perception, being fully present means paying attention to the things you tend to take for granted, especially in this time and age when distractions and busyness prevail: you must embrace life in all the small joys and miracles around you. Become a child again, and let your natural curiosity and sense of wonder fill your days. Here are a few pointers to get you started:

  • Stop and smell the roses, as the saying goes: pay attention to your natural environment.
  • Watch children play and play with children, if you can.
  • Carve time to do nothing ‘productive’ and just observe the sky, the clouds, the trees, the leaves, the grass, the birds, the bees…
  • Take regular walks and pay attention to people and things (no rush, no cell phone, no stress).
  • Slow down every time you feel rushed or pressured, and breathe deeply.
  • Go to a park with a sketch book and draw what you see (but don’t be a perfectionist).
  • Observe your mind as it judges and criticizes, and redirect it to nature (the sky, tress, birds, a plant, and so on) as negative thoughts arise.
  • Be grateful for everything in your life—the good, the bad, and the ugly—to learn from it all.
  • Stop trying to find the logic or reason behind negative situations or emotions; accept them as they are while opening up to new possibilities!

Believe it or not, you’ve been investing immense amounts of energy and time to disconnect from Consciousness and the flow of life and joy by reinforcing patterns that allow the ego-mind to direct your life-movie and distract you from yourself. Without full presence, life feels joyless or like it’s always passing you by. But reconnecting to the real you—that innocent baby reflecting the purity of your soul—entails a process of self-exploration and energy management to develop self-awareness and self-love. So contact me today to reclaim the child-like nature you left behind while growing up, and start living a life with greater presence and emotional freedom!

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