How To Find Balance In a World of Excess

balance the ego-mind with a spiritual mentor & life coachPlanetary energies seem to be bringing a second wave of the pandemic. I don’t know if you can feel it, but I sure can! (See Following Up With the Coronavirus Pandemic.) It’s a good time to revisit the aspects contributing to these types of chaotic situations.

Clearly, what we’re going through is the result of a long process that begun many generations ago. It intensified with the Industrial Revolution, when everything began growing exponentially and the collective ego became much bigger, eventually creating a culture of excess.

Not only have we developed innumerable technologies to make human life longer and more comfortable; we’ve also come up with the most dangerous and ruthless systems of mass control and destruction, as well as highly sophisticated methods to disconnect from ourselves and others, thus strengthening the isolating quality of the ego-mind at the expense of our peace and happiness.

Now the Internet allows people to communicate from all corners of the planet, but it’s also used to propagate misinformation, anger, and division. We carry cell phones to stay in touch with those we care about, but they’ve become an addictive distraction to avoid real human interaction as well.

We have more than enough technology and resources to heal the Earth and take care of everyone, at every level, but the unequal distribution of wealth promotes fear, injustice, and suffering. Life is out of balance because there’s an excess tilting the scales of karma, but this excess has to reach a point of saturation to shift the scales in the opposite direction. This is what planetary energies are magnifying now, but the process is neither easy nor quick.

The world is focused on money, fame, power, and sexual gratification, because it’s made of ego and upholds ego-based desires. However, when ego rules your life it leaves very little room for love, which is the most profound and irresistible power there is; it is your very nature and the divine substance of life. At some point, the ego has to recognize its limitations, through the suffering it creates, and yield to something bigger.

More Ego = Less Love – More Love = Less Suffering

This can be the starting point of real freedom, but only if the recognition leads to devotion and launches you in search of Divine Consciousness (God, the Self). Unfortunately, the ego resists this till the end, continuously attempting to remain in control of your perception rather than dissolving in love. You must be self-aware, disciplined, and persistent to pierce through your own resistance to grow. There’s no greater guru than life itself. Develop the humility to surrender to it!

People are always looking for relationships and groups that support their needs and beliefs, so they engage with others without really discerning what they’re agreeing to in the first place: giving their individuality and power away. They’re unaware that the emotional and spiritual freedom they really yearn for comes from self-awareness and solitude. They keep looking for love outside of themselves, where it cannot be found—at least not without the distortions that turn it into pain and disappointment.

For instance, when a person adopts the beliefs of a small group they join, he or she feels heard and supported; they may even find a sense of purpose and direction. But soon enough, the interactions in the group reflect similar dynamics to those of their family and upbringing. Then, as the group grows, these power dynamics intensify, although its members become so attached to each other and/or their leader that they lose their discrimination (see Without Self-Awareness All You Can See Is Ego).

As the group expands, the need for new recruits or “believers” also increases, along with the resources they can bring. In theory, this responds to the growth of the group, but in reality the dynamics of power work on their own, even with the best of intentions. The inherent nature of ego is attachment and greed, so it seeks to gain more and more control and power when given the opportunity. The bigger it gets, the more power it wants; and the more power it has, the bigger it becomes.

Ordinary folks become arrogant and entitled when they gain power. Small spiritual, political, and social groups invariably become cults once they get big. But this also happens in personal relationships, albeit on a different level. What starts as a loving, exciting engagement turns into power-based interactions where one partner tries to mold the other one into an idealized version of themselves. In other words, one ego fights for more space and control over the other ego.

The Egoic Entrapment of ‘Otherness’

Whether on a small of bigger scale, the ego-mind works in the same way in everyone, through the “sense of otherness” that produces the delusion of duality and promotes separation, division, and isolation. Your sense of self and your sense of otherness are always fighting for your perception, but your sense of otherness has acquired so much power (the power you’ve been giving to others) that it doesn’t leave much room for your authentic self-expression.

Your excessive focus on others since childhood has turned your sense of otherness into an inner bully that is  now reflected in your reality through your interactions with others. But you still have the power to balance it out by unraveling outdated patterns of codependency and taking spiritual responsibility for your own happiness. It requires a process of self-exploration, however, to clear the distorted perception that keeps so little room for love.

Your life is your own movie, your own dream within the collective dream of Consciousness (see Your Life-Movie Is a Dream Within a Dream). This means you can shift your experiences by transforming your self-perception. Believing that you can find love, peace, happiness, and freedom outside of you is the greatest delusion of the ego-mind, since it’s all a projection of yourself (see Why Individuation Is Essential For Spiritual Freedom).

At the same time, however, everything you perceive and experience in the world is meant to lead you back to you—to your Self—by reclaiming the divine substance of which you are made. Such is the paradox of Consciousness. So contact me today to gain clarity and embark on a soul-guided journey toward greater emotional and spiritual freedom!

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