How To Embrace the Unknown Without Fear

embrace the unknown without fear with spiritual counseling & coachingGiven the uncertainty humanity is experiencing on many fronts, feeling anxious or concerned about the future is not surprising. In fact, it’s quite natural, but it’s nothing new; the future is always unknown and, by its own nature, the ego-mind fears anything that is not familiar.

What we witness in the world is a reflection (on the collective movie) of what we must deal with on a more individual scale. The question is, how can you embrace life, as it unfolds, and however it unfolds, without self-defeating emotions that disconnect you from yourself and the limitless power within you? Let me start by sharing a brief story from Taoist master Chuang Tzu.

A monk decided to meditate in complete solitude, away from his monastery. He took a boat out and moored it at the center of a lake; then he closed his eyes and began his meditation practice. After a period of undisturbed silence, he was suddenly interrupted by another boat bumping his. He immediately felt his anger rising, and by the time he opened his eyes, he was ready to scream at the person who had so carelessly disturbed his meditation!

However, he was surprised to see an empty boat that had gotten untethered and floated to the middle of the lake, hitting his boat as a result. At that moment the monk realized he carried the anger within him all along and the bump of an external object was just a trigger. From then on, whenever he felt irritated or provoked to anger, he’d remind himself that the other person or situation was merely an empty boat, therefore turning his mind inwards to find the real cause of his anger.

You must do the same to detach from negative tendencies of perception that sabotage your inner peace, and get to the root of the mental-emotional fluctuations blocking the pure awareness of your divinity—where the happiness you’ve been yearning for awaits. Furthermore, this is how you can fearlessly embrace the future, the unknown, and anything that’s been hidden within or from you.

Your Perception Shapes Your Experience of Reality

When you take full spiritual responsibility for your life-movie and perceive it as a personal reflection to know yourself, you naturally start navigating life more freely—without fear, anger, expectations, or disappointment—because you understand that everything happens as it is meant to, to help you experience what you need to experience to grow emotionally and mature spiritually. It’s no longer about maintaining a self-image or achieving success according to other people’s ideas; it becomes an authentic journey of self-discovery where the Truth is the method, the path, and the destination.

So rather than being concerned about whether life is going to bring pleasure or pain, which are the usual egoic preoccupations, you remain curious and open, to discover deeper levels of awareness and love—that is, deeper levels of your true Self. And as you keep focused on this discovery, your sense of otherness (the inner bully that puts other people’s needs, opinions, and judgments above your own) loses its power to give way to a stronger sense of self.

This is a process of transformation through self-awareness, for without self-awareness there is no individuation—no clarity about what connects you to or disconnects you from yourself, or what makes you who you really are, as opposed to who you think you should be. You have to consciously redirect the mind inwards to be able to uproot a distorted self-perception of deficiency and lack.

But the reward is immense. It’s like turning the light in a dark room and seeing things as they really are for the first time. It’s awakening to a new life where nothing is real but your awareness and nothing matters but your awareness, because you start perceiving yourself as Pure Awareness. Now you can walk into the future—or the unknown—guided by the light of Consciousness, as opposed to the fear of ego. Keep these core principles in mind to stay on track:

  1. Life is a dream of Consciousness and I am an individualized experience of Consciousness in this dream.
  2. Nothing is real but Consciousness.The unknown is also Consciousness guiding me on my path.
  3. Ego is not real, and neither is fear; they’re passing mental fluctuations disturbing the Consciousness I truly am.
  4. I am not my mental-emotional fluctuations; I am the awareness that observes them.

True growth begins when you question outdated beliefs that keep you small or stuck in the past—in the wounded child archetype that holds your wounds, confusion, and fear. But you need guidance and support to see what you cannot see, since the ego-mid keeps things fuzzy to remain in control of your perception. So contact me today to embark on a soul-guided journey of deep transformation toward greater emotional and spiritual freedom!

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