Balance Your Life To Help Balance the World

develop spiritual balance with spiritual counseling & coachingWhen I was a young girl, my father used to take my siblings and I to a department store on the weekends to get things we needed for school.

The rule was that we could each choose only one thing, which had to be practical—so no toys but things like socks, pens, and such—and also reasonably priced, because he didn’t make a lot of money back then. It was, however, his way of expressing love.

Knowing I didn’t really care much for stuff, my sister, who was six years older, would pick something extra and convinced me to say it was for me during checkout. I think I agreed to it due to my introverted and austere nature, as well as the desire to avoid my intense father getting upset and making a scene. It was so embarrassing whenever he did!

My sister’s pattern of perception continued throughout her life: always wanting more and more to fill her internal emptiness, to the point of believing that what was hers was hers and what belonged to others was also hers! Later in life she managed to swindle what she could from my mother and steal my inheritances. But that’s another story…

As I got older I observed similar dynamics in the world as those I experienced in my own family from an early age: selfishness, greed, and injustice causing personal and social imbalances. Mind you, I grew up in the Third World, but this ego-based perception rules the world at large and has expanded exponentially, leading to the current state of affairs coming to a head with the pandemic, social unrest, and collapsing economies.

Since the collective movie out there is an amplified reflection of our individual life-movie projected on the screen of our mind, mirroring what I call our egoic sense of otherness, countering this chaotic mess starts in our own life. To promote balance, we need to restore within ourselves the harmonious interplay of the main energies on this plane: health, knowledge, and wealth.

Nurture Spiritual Harmony Within & Without

Health starts at home, by taking responsibility for your self-care and what you let into your body and mind. Clearly, taking good care of your body requires taking good care of Mother Earth, because your body is made of the earth and belongs to the earth. Then, being aware of where and how you invest your mental energy is important to remain level headed and centered, rather than further contributing to the collective chaos.

For this, knowledge is essential. Understanding the world and what to do or how to deal with things comes from your experiences and self-reflection, to comprehend your journey, the meaning and purpose of your experiences, as well as what may need healing or nurturing. In this sense, the most crucial knowledge is self-knowledge, because accumulating or managing information is pretty useless if it doesn’t lead you to a happier, more fulfilling life—which requires presence and self-awareness.

And yet, it is the nature of the ego-mind to accumulate stuff: thoughts, emotions, ideas, things, money, power, attachments, fears, and so on. So it makes you believe that if you have more information, more concepts of what’s right or wrong, or more material wealth, you’re less vulnerable or unsafe, because you’re above others. It’s like my sister taking advantage of me to get more socks; it gave her the illusion of power that temporarily buffered the anxiety of feeling deficient and unloved.

It’s this sense of insufficiency (or deficiency) that keeps ego in control of your perception, pushing the desire for more and more things you think you lack, when in truth the real you behind your ordinary ego consciousness—your true Self—is limitless and all-encompassing. It needs nothing and wants nothing, because it is everything there is, everything there has ever been, and everything there will ever be. Embracing this truth is your greatest wealth. So rather than living in fear, redirect your attention to connect to the abundant flow of life and love of Divine Consciousness within you.

The external world reflects the delusion of duality produced by the ego-mind. For this reason, it will always show the conflicts inherent to duality. But to restore balance and bring about more peace and joy into your daily life, you must transform the patterns of perception that distort your true nature and the nature of reality. So contact me today to embark on an inward journey of light and love toward emotional and spiritual freedom!

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