Do You Embrace Your Emotions Fully?

develop emotional freedom with spiritual counseling coachingIf you are a feminine soul type (and most of my readers are, in both male and female bodies), emotions play a big role on your journey. I know, emotions play a big role in everyone’s life, but in our case they pave the path toward spiritual freedom. The soul evolves toward the Masculine—to individuate and experience Creation—and then must return to the Feminine in a process of involution, or inward experience, to merge back with the Self, the spark of Consciousness in your soul that animates and directs your journey.

Emotions belong to the Feminine, to the intelligence of the heart, so the spiritual path requires you to accept and process them to become emotionally free. I believe you’re here to master emotional energy, because it colors your perception, and your perception shapes your reality. But in the density of 3rd dimension—and the dark, masculine cosmic cycle we’re in—feelings tend to get dismissed and pushed into the subconscious.

You may be aware of being highly sensitive and getting easily overwhelmed, without knowing how to set clear boundaries or how to manage your feelings, or you’ve learned to suppress, rationalize, or over analyze them to keep some sense of control. In both cases the ego-mind uses them to disconnect you from yourself, keeping you trapped in the wounded child archetype—that is, emotionally immature and unable to catch up with mental and physical aspects to fulfill your dreams and desires.

Emotionally speaking, the whole world is stuck at this level, because nobody wants to deal with emotions. They’re ‘irrational,’ unpredictable, and like that children’s game A Barrel of Monkeys, where the goal is to grab from the barrel one plastic monkey with hook-shaped arms and pull with it as many more clinging monkeys as possible, when one emotion comes to the surface it’s quickly followed by others that clump together and make things fuzzy for the mind to process.

If you identify with your emotions, which is what we all tend to do when we get triggered by our interactions, you lose your center and become the emotions. They take over, often pushing any logic to the background until you can calm down and regain your sense of self. If you rationalize your feelings, finding logical explanations to push or justify things rather than simply feeling, you miss the opportunity to integrate all of who you are—the good, the bad, and the ugly—to discover deeper dimensions of yourself.

But you don’t have to become your emotions or shove them under the rug, pretending they’re not there, to master their energy. In fact, when you do either you’re giving your power away, allowing the ego-mind to dictate your reactions and responses from past impressions and unconscious wounded needs: the need to be ‘good,’ to be liked, to be useful, to be appreciated, to be right, and so on. These are self-defeating attempts to heal what you couldn’t process growing up, because nobody encouraged you to look within.

Emotions Are Energy Fluctuations In The Mind

If you understand that you are layers of vibrational energy and everything around you is also layers of vibrational energy shaping your life-movie through your own perception, which is an accumulation of past tendencies and impressions, then it’s easier to master emotions by embracing them as energy. This energy gets crystallized in your reality—to reflect what you need to develop, nurture, and let go of—and you can choose to release it by making it conscious and then utilize it to shape a different future reality.

You may think your emotions are happening in the present moment, but they’re projected from past energy that needs to either crystallize or be released. Unprocessed emotions keep brewing inside you until they find a way to come out, which is what you perceive as your triggers (see Do You Know Your Emotional Triggers?). These are wounded aspects you spend a lot more energy trying to push down, skirt around, disguise, or avoid, so when they finally manifest they carry all this other energy you’ve been using to keep them at bay, like a bunch of clinging monkeys clumped together and exploding in your face. I know, in the game monkeys don’t explode, but you get my point. ;-)

Self-expression is the best way to release the energy of unprocessed emotions. We humans are given words, tears, and creative energy for a reason: to express who we are, how we feel, what we experience, what we enjoy, or not, as well as what we want to accomplish, and how. Now, you can use these God-given tools to suppress aspects of yourself—rationalizing feelings with words, using tears to manipulate or feel like a victim, and ‘sublimating’ rather than embracing emotions through your creativity.

Or you can tap into deeper aspects, accepting your emotions as energy—wrinkles in the fluctuations of mind we call thoughts—and letting them pass through you, to release the past without identifying with it. This requires developing your inner witness, the inner voice that leads to the Self, to avoid giving the ego-mind a chance to fixate on any given state of mind to pull you back in the past. Humility is key here, as it opens you up to the spiritual forces within you that transmute negative or unprocessed emotions into love and compassion, healing past impressions you came to resolve.

Without integrating the physical, energy, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers of your soul, you will feel pulled in different directions and disconnected from the flow of your life. So contact me today to learn to manage your energy, live a more graceful, soul-guided life, and pave the way toward emotional and spiritual freedom!

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