Bring Love and Purification Into Your Life

Back in 2014, which I labeled “the Year of Love,” I was guided to share a Love Prayer on a video. I think this prayer is very much needed now, and I hope you’ll help me spread it to counteract all the fear and uncertainty getting stirred up in the world.

February is the month of love, and this lunar eclipse Full Moon will demand emotional readjustments before you can open up to bigger and better things in the months to come. So it’s a good idea to repeat and share the prayer as a form of purification, to welcome the upcoming Spring, both literally and symbolically any time of the year.

Purification was the main theme of the ancient, pre-Roman pagan festivals known as Lupercalia and Februa (the Latin origin of February). These festivals were replaced by a Christian feast in honor of martyr Saint Valentine and later associated with romantic love, thanks to poet Geoffrey Chaucer and his circle, during the emergence of courtly love in 14th-century Europe. This is what most people celebrate with chocolates and flowers nowadays… :-)


Please share your thoughts and/or experiences with this Love Prayer in the comments below, and contact me today to discover true love within you, shed the fear of these unsettling times, and develop emotional and spiritual freedom!

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