How To Get Rid Of Fear Once And For All

be fearless with spiritual counseling business coachingDid you know that all fears are rooted in the fear of death? And I don’t mean just physical death, although, of course, the fear of dying is a subconscious, instinctual fear. But even that fear results from your identification with the physical senses. In other words, what you’re really afraid of is losing your identity—the self-images and sense of individuality you’ve attached to a physical body on this plane of existence.

That’s what we call ego, which gives you the illusion of being a separate entity with a unique story and perception. The ego creates individualized, sensory life experiences with thoughts, desires, and attachments that color that perception; physical death represents the end of your identification with it—the end of who you believe you are.

But from a spiritual perspective, death doesn’t exist and your uniqueness doesn’t come from ego, only the experiences and memories it helps you acquire lifetime after lifetime. Your soul is both an individual and eternal spark of Infinite Consciousness (or God), and although leaving the physical plane means the dissolution of ego, it’s really just a physical transformation or transition rather than the end of your journey.

The same is true on a practical, everyday level. You must undergo many ‘small’ transformations, nurturing certain aspects and dropping others, such as attachments and desires you either fulfill or let go of, to keep growing and moving toward new experiences. That is, you reinvent yourself as you go through different stages and cycles in life, because the purpose of being here is to experience what it means to be human and to heal unresolved issues from previous experiences. Which, again, is what you attempt to do each lifetime; you develop an ego at every incarnation, which gives you plenty of opportunities to deal with and (hopefully) heal the past.

In the ebb and flow of Consciousness, healing becomes a process of getting attached and then letting go, of internalizing the outside world and then looking within to free yourself from it—of identifying with who you think you are and then discovering who you truly are. But, of course, the ego-mind creates resistance and makes this process more difficult—with the fears, judgments, and guilt it colors your life with.

Now, if you were to drop all fears, all attachments, and all desires, your ego would dissolve and your experience of life would come from your true Self. Only love would flow through a purified, ego-less mind, and Consciousness would graciously guide and support you every step of the way. But this is easier said than done, because as a complex human you can feel both attachment and aversion toward anything, including fear itself.

On a conscious level, you want to get rid of your fears, but unconsciously you keep identifying with them and find it hard to let go. Fear and guilt manifest in varied and disguised ways, underlying your resistance to grow and become one-in-yourself. Why? Because without the fixations that fuel them, your ego—the illusion of separation that gives you the sense that ‘this is me’ and ‘this is mine’—would cease to exist, which is more terrifying than the suffering you create with your own attachments and resistance. The truth is, you both desire and fear freedom, since it means taking full responsibility for your life, with nobody to blame and no crutches to lean on.

Take Spiritual Responsibility & Choose Love Over Fear

Anything you do to move toward (self-)love and away from fear is a threat your ego perceives as death, so it will try to stop you with all sorts of negative emotions, unconscious impulses, and even physical ailments to sabotage your growth. Most people live their lives based on fear—of judgment, poverty, disease, abandonment, loss, and anything else that may jeopardize what they’re attached to or identified with.

In fact, the whole world is based on fear and guilt; the collective mind embraces this sense of vulnerability and ignorance that those in power keep reinforcing to remain in power. Since fear is the opposite of love, most people can’t see that they often yearn for the love, peace, justice, and equality they’re constantly blocking with their unconscious fearful impulses.

If you understand that you are an eternal spark of Consciousness and nothing in your life is really separate from you, because your life-movie is a mental projection colored by the ego that reflects your self-perception, then fear has no place. Life becomes a journey of self-discovery where each experience yields more pieces of a puzzle you’re meant to put together, to understand who you are and what your life is really about.

Taking spiritual responsibility means comprehending that everything you go through has a purpose; your life is your own projection meant to help you know yourself better and better, until you purify and refine your negative tendencies and remove everything you’re not, to discover your true, eternal Self. Since you’re a spark of Consciousness, this process is guided and supported by the spiritual forces within you, trying to nudge you inward, toward your inner power and away from the external expectations that enslave you to ego.

Self-love is self-empowerment and healing; your life-movie shifts as you change your priorities and consciously choose love over fear, no matter what your circumstances. This investment of love in time brings you spiritual freedom. Here are a few guidelines to start getting rid of your fear once and for all:

  1. Embrace that life is your own movie reflecting a perception colored with past impressions that aren’t true nor fixed, since they’re emotional memories projected as your present.
  2. Accept that you are responsible for your life-movie and everything in it is pointing at something you need to look at in yourself. There are no victims nor perpetrators, so choose consciously how to respond to what you are projecting, so you can stop self-attacking to dis-empower yourself.
  3. Meditate on a daily basis to awaken positive tendencies and gain clarity about your priorities and goals (your investments of love), as well as to develop detachment from what enslaves you to the demands of the individual and collective ego.
  4. Trust the spiritual forces within you: your soul knows better than the ego-mind what’s best for you on your journey.
  5. Remember to use every experience as an opportunity for healing by reflecting on what it’s pointing at: what you need to nurture, what you need to develop, and what you need to let go of.
  6. Harness the creative power that shapes your life-movie by investing time and energy in a regular creative endeavor to align the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your soul.

Life is about self-alignment and soul integration. As you become more whole, freer to express who you are and fulfill your desires, you’ll need less validation from the outside world and less obstacles and pain to push you inward, prompting you to discover your inner resources and power. Contact me today to heal the past and shift your perception, to design a new life-movie based on more love and less fear!

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