Why You Should Nurture Feminine (Inner) Leadership

develop emotional freedom with spiritual counseling & coachingThe external world, by its own nature, promotes and upholds the masculine aspects of life. That is, what appears as manifest, active, and objective. In this context, the idea of leadership entails the duality of otherness—of me leading others or others leading me. But if you understand that life is a play of Divine Consciousness exploring and expanding itself through the wide spectrum of human experience, then it’s clear it holds the inherent quality of self-direction.

If you’ve ever given birth or watched someone give birth, you know that a new life happens without your volition or interference. Yes, doctors and nurses in hospitals (or midwives at home) may appear to do something during this process, and can help you if there are complications, but your body will do what is needed, on its own, like it has since time immemorial, according to your and your baby’s karmic destiny.

I gave birth to my daughter at home, and what became apparent during this most humbling and empowering experience was that my real job was to get out of the way and let things unfold as they were meant to. I didn’t decide when I was ready; in truth, I didn’t even push or give birth, my body did it all while I observed it become a vehicle of life.

I can say the same for all the times of personal rebirth, when I’ve reclaimed my more authentic aspects. The effort to get there has been about gaining clarity and removing the attachments and fears of the ego-mind blocking the truth, like clearing a flower garden of all the weeds and pests. This is what I call feminine leadership.

It’s not about women leading others, although the external world certainly needs more of that. It’s about diminishing the ‘otherness’ in your life-movie and nurturing your sense of self with self-awareness and love. Although your ‘self’ is still an element of ego (your sense of individuality), it’s the aspect that needs healing to leave the past behind in search of your true, infinite Self.

You can’t kill the ego, as some people think you should, because without ego you can’t experience life in this world; but you can redirect the mind inwards and invest more energy in your inner world. As you do, the ‘otherness’ diminishes and you become more and more independent in your thoughts, choices, and actions. While the external world plays out its own karmic dynamics of war and power and destruction, you take charge of your perception to create a better future in your individualized life-movie.

Conscious Individuation Leads To Ego Dissolution

This is the real purpose of ego—the I-am-ness that gives you the illusion of separation within the collective play of Consciousness. You can either let it run the show with past, unresolved energy, or you can lead your own life from within, with self-awareness, love, and independence. This is feminine leadership, because you surrender the external appearance of things (from the ego-mind) to the Divine Feminine within you that creates your life and absolutely everything in the Universe. Planets and galaxies work in harmony together, but each element is whole and separate; likewise, human souls are meant to accomplish the same level of collective integration through their individuation.

The external world, which is made of ego, promotes the ‘otherness’ that wants you to remain emotionally codependent, believing you can’t accomplish things on your own, for yourself, or for their own sake—that is, without other people’s validation reflecting the parental figures you internalized as a child. This is how it remains in control of your perception, disconnecting you from real happiness and peace. In other words, you’ve learned to perceive yourself only through others. If they recognize you, you have value; if they love you, you deserve love; but if they don’t, you’re doomed.

In fact, you’re conditioned to secretly believe that life without others or a positive response from others is worthless; this turns obvious when you drop your goals and unconsciously disconnect from yourself, feeling deflated and purposeless. But it’s a fallacy of the ego-mind. You don’t have to be alone to be autonomous, but you must be independent if you want to find real fulfillment in your relationships and projects. The nature of your soul is love and freedom, and you embrace them by reclaiming your feminine, inner leadership to remain anchored in yourself.

You’re not leading anyone but yourself, although you will affect those around you. This autonomy requires your ongoing self-exploration and complete honesty. You have to stop hiding behind others—what the do, say, think, or judge—or comparing yourself and giving your power away. You must commit to a process of self-discovery and take spiritual responsibility for your life-movie on a daily basis, with compassion and love for you and others; they’re also struggling with the ego-mind, navigating their own life-movie, and not here to fulfill your personal needs or desires.

This is key. Without expectations there are no disappointments. Your aim should be to accomplish your goals in spite of any obstacles or opposition, which are reflections of your unconscious resistance, but without pushing or trying to control things. You must find the flexibility and determination within you to clear the way to true independence, which is freedom from the ego-mind, humbly bending and adjusting as needed. So contact me today to feel empowered in your process of individuation and discover the path to emotional and spiritual freedom!

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