The True Power Of Devotion

discover the power of devotion with spiritual counseling & coachingWe live in a highly toxic world, a world filled with violence and injustice, ruled by greed and the pursuit of power. Everywhere you look, there are crimes, disasters, and all kinds of disheartening news. Of course, good things are happening as well, but the negative ones get much louder, so it’s hard not to get tangled up, feeling powerless and discouraged about life on this planet (see Why Martial Souls Rule The World).

And yet, if you pay close attention, you’ll notice that in your own small world, the personal bubble you live in on a daily basis, you can find peace and love whenever you direct your attention away from the outer world. You can sit quietly to read a good book or listen to your favorite music, you may nurture good relationships with your family and friends, and get immersed in the projects you’re working on.

The mind field is like a two-stream river. One stream flows outwards to sensory objects; it appears as a continuous current of thoughts and desires. The other stream flows inwards, toward the stillness of your true Self, and grows with the seeds of virtuous actions, self-discipline, and detachment. It’s very easy to get pulled toward the external, because the ego-mind lures you through sensory perception, but widening the inward stream demands a committed, continuous effort.

If you comprehend that your life is a personalized movie within the collective dream of Divine Consciousness resulting from previous choices and mental imprints, then it’s clear that you’re solely responsible for your own happiness. Things don’t have to be perfect or the-way-you-think-they-should-be to align with the flow of life and love the Universe is made of. You don’t have to deny there is suffering, put on emotional blinders, or compartmentalize your experiences to find joy.

You can redirect your energy to balance your outer and inner worlds by establishing an emotional space to engage with reality without being swallowed by it. This detachment requires you to anchor yourself in you, no matter what others are doing or what’s happening on the outside; it develops through creative and spiritual practices. So rather than letting your sense of otherness pull your energy outwards to instigate power struggles, you bring your awareness back to your center, from which you can make more conscious, loving choices.

Be Open and Attentive To the Flow of Your Life

For this to happen you must be mindful and choose to do things for their own sake, without expectations or attachments, while remaining attentive to the hidden agendas of your ego-mind and ready to drop these as you uncover them. Self-awareness allows you to surrender ego to the spiritual forces within and around you that create both your individual and the collective dream—what appears as your inner and outer worlds. This devotion magically transforms your experience of life.

It opens you up to the infinite flow of love and compassion that purifies the mind and turns you into a vessel of Divine Consciousness. It’s not about following dogmas or a specific belief system; true devotion is serving God by serving others, without identifying with or trying to control their behavior to meet your needs. In other words, dissolving the self-centeredness of ego to gradually give way to the inner peace and fulfillment of spiritual freedom.

You’re invariably caught between love and ego (see The Battle Between Love and Ego), since you need this ego consciousness to experience this plane of existence. But ego is limited and limiting, causing pain through your desire for and attachment to pleasure and the illusion of control. Once you recognize its limitations, you start longing for something more powerful and stable, which is how your true nature awakens as devotion. It drives you stop fighting the karmic unfolding of your life and the world; to surrender and invest your energy in what you can do to liberate both from the suffering of ego.

In time, it may lead you to recognize that God is in you and in others—in your friends and your enemies, in the so-called good and the so-called wicked—because it abides in everyone and everything, pulling you like a magnet to arouse you from the dream. Isn’t it time to contribute your personal transformation to the spiritual revolution of this world, to restore the Divine Feminine—which is love, compassion, and forgiveness—for the benefit of all and the expansion of Consciousness? Then contact me today to delve deeper into yourself and discover your full potential for emotional, creative, and spiritual freedom!

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