When Was the Last Time You Felt Truly Free?

You Are Your Healer - The Ultimate Guide to Heal Your Past, Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True SelfBy being truly free I mean being in the moment, without any concerns or worries, because nothing was more important than what you were doing, regardless of what that was. Maybe you were playing with your friends as a child or completely immersed in other enjoyable endeavors.

Or maybe you were just deeply relaxed, staring at the ocean, walking in nature, or listening to your favorite music. Wasn’t that a wonderful feeling? And wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to maintain it while tending to all your activities, rather than just during fleeting moments of relaxation or enjoyment?

The thing is, that peaceful state doesn’t usually last long because the mind is mostly restless, jumping form one thing to another. But you can certainly achieve it whenever you free yourself from your own thoughts! This is one of the reasons why daily meditation is so important.

Meditation leaves imprints of non-attachment or neutrality that help you stay anchored in yourself as you tend to your worldly affairs, rather than simply following thoughts and desires blindly and reacting to life as it unfolds. However, this is a process that takes a very long time, for there is a constant fight with the restless ego-mind.

Real meditation is not just the sitting practice you follow every day, although this is essential for mental discipline; it needs to become a continuous state to make you truly free. It cannot happen without turning the mind inward to reclaim the control over your perception. This is true freedom. It’s not freedom from anything external but from your own ego-mind, which is what gets in the way of your inner peace.

In other words, it’s freedom from the past, because that is the makeup of your ego-mind: a collection of thoughts, desires, and memories that you believe yourself to be. Thoughts repeat and become beliefs; beliefs repeat and become patterns; then these patterns revolve to weave the fabric of your life, thus keeping you emotionally stuck in the past.

But since these are your memories and thoughts, you hold the power to dissolve them. You just need a method to uncover them on a daily basis, to develop emotional and spiritual freedom. This is exactly what my upcoming book, You Are Your Healer: The Ultimate Guide to Heal Your Past, Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self, is all about. I’ll tell you more about it in the next weeks, since it’s coming out in early August.

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