Do You Struggle With Negative Emotions?

You Are Your Healer: The Ultimate Guide to Heal Your Past, Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True SelfI’m sure you’ll agree when I say it’s not easy to let go of negative emotions like anger or sadness if you find obstacles or opposition, or when things don’t seem to go your way. We all get triggered without knowing why, reacting to life in an impulsive manner or lashing out against those we love. That is, until we start shedding light onto our negative tendencies of perception.

We are full of contradictions. Our mind goes one way, our feelings go in a different direction, and our actions (or rather, reactions) also appear to be disconnected. But isn’t this what makes us humans, as opposed to psycho-chemical robots? And isn’t our process of integration what life is really about? Then what better compass to lead us out of our own suffering than the feelings emerging from our experiences to redirect us inward?

Life is a play of Divine Consciousness, a game of self-awareness where Consciousness projects itself as ego to go on a scavenger hunt for experiences; then, through those experiences, it is drawn back toward itself. Once you can see this, life becomes a fascinating endeavor of removing what gets in the way of reclaiming your true, divine nature. But it requires the courage and discipline to look within and take spiritual responsibility for the life you create with your own beliefs.

You do this, for the most part, unconsciously, so the reason why you tend to get stuck in resentment, guilt, and fear, is because you believe yourself to be the ego-mind, which invariably follows a negative direction by hijacking Consciousness in order to create individualized experiences. As long as you identify with your body and mind—that is, the feelings, thoughts, memories, and desires you experience—the ego is in control of your perception and behavior. And yet, you are none of those things; you are the one who can observe your own mental play.

It’s Time to Master Your Ego-Mind

When you watch a good movie, you go through all sorts of emotions. You may get angry at some injustice or at the selfish villains; you may feel afraid if the protagonist is in danger or you may be moved by the love between certain characters. This is what makes a good story: people and events that bring up what is already in you. But you never forget that the movie is fictional, so you remain detached as you watch it.

Your life is no different; it is also made of what you carry within you—your past, your subconscious content. However, rather than watching it as the projection it really is, to gain self-awareness and remove what disconnects you from yourself, you see it as something external and separate from you. Again, it is the ego-mind that creates this sense of separation, which triggers painful emotions and destructive actions.

It’s a vicious circle that keeps you spinning in suffering lifetime after lifetime. But you no longer have to. You are Divine Consciousness, and you hold the key to free yourself from your own ego entrapment. You just have to learn how to regain control of your mind and how to dissolve the ego by peeling away layer after layer of outdated beliefs about yourself and others.

My upcoming book, You Are Your Healer: The Ultimate Guide to Heal Your Past, Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self, shows you how. Integrating ancient Vedic wisdom into a practical system of self-exploration, I will guide you through a process of self-discovery and self-empowerment to discover your unique spiritual roadmap and live a fulfilling life in awareness and love.

If you follow the Swan Method consistently, your experience of life will shift spontaneously from within, without the need to control anything external, and you will expand your awareness to become who and what you have always been: free, limitless, and eternal.

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