What Opportunities Will the Year of the Water Rabbit Bring?

year of the water rabbitThis Lunar New Year is celebrated as the Year of the Rabbit in Chinese astrology. As the story goes, the Jade Emperor set up a cosmic contest among 12 animals to determine the order of the zodiac signs according to the order in which each animal would arrive at his party.

The Rabbit was very proud of his speed, even arrogant about it, and continuously criticized the Ox for being so slow. He arrived at the Emperor’s palace before anyone got there, and being so sure he’d beat everyone else, he decided to take a nap on the side. But by the time he woke up, three other animals were already there, including the hard-working Ox!

This is a year of possibilities, creativity, prosperity, and peace—as long as you remain focused, mindful, and even cautious. In contrast with last year (the Year of the Tiger), where the yang energies of action and impulsivity were strong, the Year of the Rabbit holds a yin quality meant to promote balance through self-reflection and introspection, as well as an all-around slower pace.

In addition, the element of Water will add movement, travel, and expansion. Last year, the water element paired with the energies of the Tiger was like a flood, with people impulsively trying to go places after feeling constricted by the pandemic or forced to seek refuge elsewhere due to war or natural catastrophes. This year, however, the water element should be much gentler, like a stream slowly expanding our lives through curiosity and opportunities for learning and pursuing new goals.

Rabbits are gentle, resourceful creatures. For instance, in the story of the zodiac, the Rabbit knew he was a weak swimmer, so he found a raft to cross the river portion of the course. Like the animal, this year it’s best to work smarter, using your inner resources wisely and favoring diplomacy and flexibility rather than forcefulness to accomplish what you want.

Nurture Your Yin, Feminine Qualities

Rabbits are also well known for their fertility. They symbolize Spring and rebirth, and are therefore associated with prosperity. (Even the Easter bunny is rooted in pagan rituals celebrating the vernal equinox that welcomes Spring.) So this year will bring abundance, although whether it is an abundance of good or not-so-good things will depend on what you’ve been cultivating in the previous years.

Rabbits are restless and unpredictable as well, which is further enhanced by the Water element this year. So developing flexibility and determination while at the same time surrendering to life as it is will keep you on track in spite of sudden or unexpected changes.

Another aspect that may come to the forefront of your life this year is compassion. At one point in the cosmic race, the Rabbit got stuck in the water and the Dragon, who was flying overhead, chose to finish behind the Rabbit by blowing a gust of wind to push him across the finish line. Both giving and receiving compassion will be important this year.

Finally, the Rabbit is associated with the Moon, so there will be many opportunities to promote feminine (yin) qualities such as intuition and inner wisdom. Trust your inner voice rather than the impulses of the ego-mind, seeking the path of least resistance to build connections and togetherness by developing flexibility and greater communication skills.

The Year of the Water Rabbit is considered a lucky year overall, but how much you may benefit from it depends on how clear you are about yourself and your goals in this stage of your life. So contact me today to embark on an individualized  journey of self-exploration and self-mastery to gain greater emotional and spiritual freedom while achieving your goals!

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