Happy Holidays!

Holiday wishes from Yol Swan

Happy Winter Solstice! As this year comes to an end, I reflect on all the things I was able to accomplish as well as my unfinished projects. Publishing You Are Your Healer was very fulfilling, but the most important aspect of this—which is what my clients hear me say again and again—was the process of getting there. Closing circles is empowering because of the transformation that occurs as we pierce through our resistance and overcome the many obstacles the ego-mind triggers along the way.

Everything happens as and when it has to happen, for reasons our limited mind is unable to understand or control (although it’s always trying), so what matters the most is how our experience of life shifts as we become self-aware and gain self-knowledge, releasing what gets in the way of our emotional and spiritual freedom.

Celebrate all your victories, both external and internal, big and small, and be grateful to have things to look forward to as well! :-)

May your Holiday Season be filled with joy, love, and all good things, and the New Year bring you much happiness and spiritual insight!


Yol Swan: Spiritual Mentor, Life & Business Coach




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