‘Tis The Year Of Balanced Responsibility

gain clarity and insight with spiritual counseling coachingMid-January marks the beginning of the harvest season on the Lunar Calendar, which is when the Sun moves from the Tropic of Capricorn to the Tropic of Cancer. This is known as Makar Sankranti, a major festival celebrated in various parts of India—one of the few Hindu festivals happening on a fixed date, which is January 14th (a day before or after on leap years).

It reflects the day when Lord Surya, the Sun, starts entering the Northern Hemisphere to regain its full power, and a slumbering Mother Nature wakes up and turns more and more lively as the next six months progress. Of course, this is just the starting point, and although the strange weather patterns we’ve been experiencing in the West may seem to contradict it, the fundamental idea here is that of the beginning of light overcoming darkness.

We can’t control the weather imbalances caused by global warming, but on a spiritual and energetic level this point remains valid and true. The Sun symbolizes awareness, discrimination, knowledge, and spiritual wisdom—the masculine aspects of Consciousness—and Makar Sankranti reflects your ability to turn away from the darkness of the illusions of duality, to allow the light within to shine brighter. Remember to take advantage of this and intensify your spiritual practices on January 14th!

This day is also a reminder to leave the past behind to move toward the light as the year progresses and your life unfolds. But to leave the past behind you have to become aware of your past, because it’s a thick trail of energy that gets projected into the screen of your mind and colors your perception with previous, often outdated experiences and impressions, preventing you from growing emotionally—until you shed the light of your awareness onto those experiences and impressions. This is how you grow out of the wounded child archetype.

Commit Fully To Your Process To Let It Unfold

Since this year (a year 2) is one of creative cooperation with yourself and others, the Sun’s energy will support your commitment and determination to negotiate, compromise, be flexible and loving, to make things happen and your dreams come true. But not without effort and self-awareness. Makar Sankranti happens during a Capricorn cycle, but since this year Saturn is also in Capricorn, all these very masculine energies (Saturn, Capricorn, a year 2 and the Sun) combine to help you establish a solid foundation for your goals, both on a personal and a spiritual level. I’d encourage you to follow these guidelines for the next couple years, and in your life in general:

Dream BIG and work hard toward the fulfillment of your goals,
but be willing to stretch beyond your comfort zone!

This demands growing out of the wounded child archetype (or ego-mind) and letting go of the illusion that someone else is going to take care of the things you’d rather not deal with. This is a year to discover the value and meaning of balanced responsibility and drop your mothering/fixer tendencies, your need to remain small or hidden, as well as your addictions, to take care of yourself and design future experiences with love and compassion for yourself and others without self-effacing.

You won’t promote love, equality, tolerance, and creative cooperation in the world if you maintain codependent dynamics within yourself and in your life. Clarity and knowledge come from experience and insight, and these are extraordinary times of personal and worldly transformation that require greater spiritual responsibility. Taking spiritual responsibility means dropping the victim-blame game to accept that your reality is your own doing—your mental projection—but it also entails letting others learn to take responsibility for themselves.

Real transformation demands self-discipline, determination, and the emotional honesty to recognize the good, the bad, and the ugly in you—all the aspects that make you who you are, from your true Self to the wounded ego. That is, the things you need to nurture, develop, and release in yourself to be more centered and in charge of your life-movie. Only then can you dig deeper and bring more light onto the aspects that have remained veiled by the illusion of duality and separation since ancient times, so you can find your way to be more at peace, no matter what the world may be going through, and feel free to express the complexity of your being.

To help with this process, I’d encourage you to read The Indigo Journals: Spiritual Healing For Indigo Adults & Other Feminine Souls, if you haven’t already. You don’t need to be Indigo to benefit from the insights, cosmic memories, and spiritual tools provided in the book; it will give you a clearer understanding of yourself and others, and the energies we need to balance on the planet. (Plus, you may be an Indigo adult or another feminine soul type without even knowing it!)

And if you’re ready to gain greater clarity with the personalized guidance and support of my spiritual counseling and coaching, contact me today to master your emotional terrain and feel more centered and empowered. I can certainly help you balance your sense of self and your ‘sense of otherness,’ which may be quite challenging this year, to experience the magical journey of a soul-guided life!

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