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spiritual numerology - personal numbers for 2018Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, now it’s time to look ahead and set your intentions for 2018. I usually suggest you pick one word for the year, which is much more powerful and effective than writing New Year resolutions you’ll likely drop after a few weeks. But since this year is a year 2, you get to pick 2 intention words; just make sure they’re harmonious with each other and match your personal year number as well as the main themes of this year: COOPERATION and BALANCE.

A year 2 is a year that has to do with relationships in general as well as the dual nature (and illusion) of material life. It’s a year that can make those aspects quite ‘touchy,’ bringing to the forefront how you relate to others and the world. Of course, the most important relationship in your life is with yourself, so it’ll give you plenty of opportunities to balance and nurture your sense of self in relation to your ‘sense of otherness.’ The key ingredient here is LOVE, so make sure you don’t self-efface by trying to please others or over giving your time and energy, but be patient and flexible in your dealings with the world in general.

Love, cooperation, and balance go both ways; it’s not just about you nurturing them in yourself and in relation to others, it’s also about clarifying who responds equally and lovingly, and who doesn’t, to dissolve unrealistic illusions and expectations. Yes, unfortunately, some of these will get shattered this year, but only to help you grow and free yourself from the grip of the ego-mind—by developing detachment and recognizing the value of balanced responsibility.

Now, since Saturn just entered Capricorn, this is going to require patience, discipline, and commitment, and by this I mean commitment to your own growth. But if you follow a gradual process of redefining who you are and what you want, as far as love and relationships are concerned, and the things you love or want to accomplish, this year will support your healing and emotional maturity, as you grow out of the wounded child archetype (or ego) a little more.

Make sure you set clear, feasible goals and stick to them with patience and perseverance. This is easier if your goals are authentic (not egoic but rather soul-guided goals), flexible, and activity-based. So instead of thinking in terms of ‘getting’ things, apply yourself to ‘doing’ things that will eventually get you where or what you want. That is, embrace the process, don’t just fixate on the outcome or goal. If you do this, you’ll learn more about yourself—your motivations, fears, tendencies, and so on—which is what Saturn nudges you to do. Keep in mind that your ego will trigger all forms of resistance to keep you spinning in the same emotional place by discouraging or deviating you in some way.

The wounded child archetype wants things right here right now, and feels dis-empowered when it doesn’t get instant gratification, but Saturn wants to teach you that the fulfillment and inner connection you yearn for requires a true commitment to yourself. Whether this comes easily or is filled with obstacles and difficulties depends, of course, on how willing you are to surrender the ego-mind to this process—since it’s a process of maturity.

A slow, steady, committed development gives you more than the achievement of your goals: it helps you nurture greater clarity, which is your true power. Once you’re really clear about what you want and how you’re going to make it happen, nothing can stop you, since the only real obstacle in life is your own ego-mind. As a general rule, don’t take anything too personally or too seriously this year; find the balance between truth (Consciousness) and illusion (ego) at every level.

Keep this in mind when you read about your personal year below and also throughout the year. To calculate your year number, add the digits of your birth month and day to 2018 (or 2). For instance, if you were born on March 9th, you’d add: 3 + 9 + 2 = 14 = 5, so your personal year would be a year 5. Now let’s take a look at the energies of each personal year.

Your Personal Year Number For 2018

YEAR 1: New beginnings, projects, goals, births (or rebirths), possible new relationships. One is the energy of Oneness, individuality, creativity, and independence. Since 1 is too close to the energies of 2018, you’ll feel pulled in opposite directions, having to choose between the needs of others and your individual needs. Take leadership roles confidently, embracing your creative power to accomplish something new (or bring back something you’ve been wanting to do), but do it with great DIPLOMACY or you’ll turn this year into a rocky path of arguments and disappointments. Good words for this year are: CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, REBIRTH.

YEAR 2: Relationships, partnerships, balanced responsibility. Since your personal year matches the general energies of 2018, you’ll feel them more intensely as the year unfolds. Two is the energy of duality, of the illusion of separation, which it tends to instigate with misunderstandings. It can be a ‘touchy’ year that brings the challenges of relationships to the forefront, so you’ll need to be especially flexible and patient. Learn to step back and detach: surrender the ego and don’t take things personally, but establish clear boundaries. It’s a year to understand the true meaning of balanced responsibility. Good words: COOPERATION, HARMONY, DIPLOMACY, LOVE.

YEAR 3: Emotional honesty, creative expression, excitement, good luck. Three is the energy of self-expression. Once you’ve learned the qualities of 1 and 2 you may embrace the sense that you can be yourself, independent but also sharing and having fun with others. It’s a year of great optimism that yields abundance, socializing, and creative projects, but also the tendency to leave projects unfinished. Since the energies of 2018 are too close, it may be good to step out of your comfort zone, to value who you are and what you’re capable of accomplishing, while remaining generous and without neglecting your relationships. Good words: ABUNDANCE, SELF-EXPRESSION, LUCK, GENEROSITY.

YEAR 4: Stability, hard work, safety, limitations. Four is the energy that promotes stability, so it creates a bit of chaos to help you clarify and build upon what 1, 2, and 3 have provided. It’s basically a year of hard work that aligns very well with the energies of 2018 (2 + 2 = 4), as long as you develop patience and perseverance, even if at times you feel overwhelmed and like you need a vacation! You can plant seeds for the future and wait till next year to make changes. Revisit how you spend your time, energy, and money, and make sure you’re investing them in a better future. Good words: STRUCTURE, WORK, DISCIPLINE, HUMILITY.

YEAR 5: Freedom, changes, travel, spontaneity, entrepreneurship. Five is the energy of freedom, which gets easily scattered without the boundaries and clarity of the previous year numbers. If you’ve been disciplined and on task, you’ll start reaping the rewards of both inner and outer work. This is a year you may experience many changes but, in alignment with the energy of 2018, perhaps the desire to move or travel to new, exciting places, or start (or expand) a new business may require a little more investment and effort than anticipated. Make sure you remain flexible and keep your creative energy focused to avoid bouts of anxiety or unexpected difficulties. In any case, this will feel like a breath of fresh air after last year’s heaviness. Good words: FLEXIBILITY, EXPANSION, HEALING, FREEDOM.

YEAR 6: Responsibility, family, community, support. Six is the energy of responsibility needed to harness the lessons acquired through the previous year numbers. It promotes creative cooperation for the good of the family or community, but can also feel heavy with obligations. It is, however, well aligned with the energies of 2018. Keep the inner bully a (guilt, self-judgment) at bay through your creative endeavors and goals, and learn to develop full spiritual responsibility for your life. Balancing the inner and outer world is key here. Good words: RESPONSIBILITY, COMPASSION, TOLERANCE, SELF-LOVE.

YEAR 7: Trust, spirituality, spiritual senses, faith. Seven is the energy of spirituality that helps take the experiences of previous year numbers to a deeper level. For this reason, it’s a year that presents challenges on the worldly aspects of life, nudging you to look for something deeper as you learn to trust that you’re guided and supported from within. The general energies of 2018 will support you by testing the foundation of your goals, dreams, and relationships, so you can decide whether to take them to the next level or break them to start anew. You’ll develop greater clarity about what you want in life if you trust your inner voice. Good words: INTUITION, TRUST, FAITH, SPIRITUALITY.

YEAR 8: Power, recognition, appreciation, abundance. Eight is the energy of power and abundance resulting from your commitment during the previous year numbers. If you’ve developed discipline, flexibility, and gratitude, this year will either bring you to the top or help you recognize how to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Saturn’s number is 8, and in alignment with the energies of 2018, you’ll be able to appreciate your own authority and expertise without stepping on anybody’s toes. Avoid power struggles or the need to control, and be flexible and independent instead, to become the master and author of your life. Good words: AUTHORITY, ABUNDANCE, EMPOWERMENT, MATURITY.

YEAR 9: Completion, integration, integrity, fruition, preparation, humanity. Nine is the energy of completion, of integration of previous years, encouraging you to decide which loose ends to tie and which things and people to keep or let go of. It’s a year of cleaning house, closing circles, and releasing what no longer serves you, in preparation for something new. In alignment with the energies of 2018, you’ll find it easier to cooperate and find support, as well as a stronger pull toward self-integration and humanitarian work. If you wonder whether you should put others or yourself first, it’s time to understand that the duality of the world is just an illusion; learn to not exclude anyone and remove ‘either/or’ from your mind. Good words: COMPLETION, FULFILLMENT, SERVICE, INTEGRATION.

This is a quick overview of the main energies this year has in store. Contact me today to understand your individual soul path and purpose, and learn to balance the tendencies and habits blocking your emotional and spiritual growth. Make this year the year you fully embrace life as a soul-guided journey of self-exploration and spiritual fulfillment!

Wishing You All the Best for this year, and always! ♥

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