The Tenacious Search For The Truth

discover the divine feminine within with a spiritual counselor & coachWhen I graduated high school I was confused about which career path to follow. In the French school I attended you could choose either a science, humanities or tech curriculum; I had chosen science, because I enjoyed spending long hours at home solving Physics problems and figuring things out. But I also loved literature, philosophy, anthropology, art, and music. So I took a year off to travel and clarify what type of major I wanted to pursue.

Although I ended up deciding not to become a scientist, the tendency to inquire and question things has served me well, both in life and my spiritual development, to uncover deeper truths about myself and the Universe. To me, this is the most valuable aspect of the mind, and if balanced by the curiosity to delve into what may escape sensory perception, rather than dismissing anything as non-existent for lack of proof, it can unravel the mysteries of greater spiritual truths.

The ego-mind works against this, compartmentalizing things to create both subtle and drastic splits between the complex and multilayered aspects of life. But the focus and determination to discover new things, to uncover new layers of any perceived reality, can transcend ego by nurturing a child-like quality of exploration: the never-ending inquisitiveness that dissolves conformity and pushes us to stretch beyond our comfort zone or the familiarity of old, outdated truths.

Many discoveries are ‘accidental,’ but these so-called accidents couldn’t have happened to a close-minded person, for even if they did, that person wouldn’t have been able to perceive them as such. Modern scientific truths have often resulted from mental constructs first (i.e., creative inquiry and imagination) and the abstract mathematical exploration of the Cosmos rather than mere pragmatic experimentation. For instance, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity stretched the previous concepts of the Universe and of time and space beyond what had been imagined before, bringing forth the idea of gravitational waves and black holes.

A black hole was considered a monstrous object of anti-matter swallowing everything on its path, so Einstein himself doubted that nature would create something like this. And yet, other individuals continued his work, compelled to understand and confirm the existence of black holes. Studying the effect these dark objects had on their surroundings led them to recognize that gravity fueled them with the power equivalent to many Suns, calculate the distance of certain stars and their ‘twin’ black holes, and determine that, in fact, there is a black hole at the center of each galaxy!

These and other theoretical models prompted the construction of enormous telescopes around the world to prove them and expand collaboration among astronomers and astrophysicists, but it wasn’t until recently, a little over a century after Einstein had come up with the theory of relativity, that the major proof of the existence of black holes and the gravitational waves they shoot into the Universe became a reality.

However, rather than accomplishing this through visual observation of particles and light, as had been the case throughout the history of science, it was done through sound, thanks to CalTech’s Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO). Now scientists can actually hear when black holes collide and are able to locate the gravitational waves this type of event sends out into the galaxy!

Science vs. Spirituality Or Mind vs. Heart Intelligence

On the physical plane you can’t prove anything beyond the technology at hand. But the mind is a conduit of Divine Consciousness, and Consciousness never stops expanding. From a spiritual viewpoint, awareness, energy, emotions, thoughts, and life itself manifest in waves—waves of possibility and vibrational waves crystallized into matter. So opening to a new era of sonic exploration is likely to bring science and spirituality closer, as in ancient times, reaching for the truth from different but not polarized angles.

I believe this will also change our perception of the Cosmos and, eventually, as humanity awakes to subtler spiritual truths, realize that what we collectively project as black holes is the physical, scattered manifestations of the all-encompassing, infinite Void or Cosmic Womb from which everything emerges and then dissolves into—The Divine Feminine or the Mother of the Universe at the core of every aspect of Creation. On an individual level, it’s the invisible power allowing you to create something from out of nothing.

A similar discovery and collaboration must happen within, between your mental intellect and the intelligence of your heart, to realign and open up to the infinite possibilities of Consciousness. The more fixated or comfortable you become where you are, the more you disconnect from this expansive quality of Consciousness, which is your true nature, limiting your reality to social, family-based, or familiar truths about yourself and others. Your tenacious, creative, and intuitive inquiry is your greatest power.

Whether in the areas of relationships, career, work, creativity, or personal and spiritual growth, the capacity to wonder and question is vital to fulfill your dreams or accomplish what you want. You must cultivate the determination to follow your  curiosity and inner voice without agendas or expectations, because these are the tricks your ego-mind will use to separate you from your goals and deflate your enthusiasm.

Like an invisible black hole, your own negative tendencies (from past impressions and experiences) send vibrational waves through the ego-mind to color your perception—of yourself and your reality—sucking away the sense of connection, purpose, and joy in what you do. Rather than giving in and allowing them to deviate you, inquire into their source, the unconscious payoff for the ego to keep you in the same place, and pierce through your resistance to grow, to see what’s keeping you from moving forward in the attainment of your dreams and aspirations.

You don’t need a huge LIGO for this, but you certainly have to listen to your inner voice and be completely honest with yourself, attentive to your hidden impulses—question where they come from, who or what they remind you of, and what’s the motivation behind them. Just like black holes send gravitational waves when they collide that humans can only register billions of years after, your present impulses are expressions of a long trail of energy from the past.

If you discover this emotional trail, you’ll find deeper aspects of yourself and reclaim hidden energy to redesign the future you want by making conscious choices that resonate with YOUR truth and who you are now. So contact me today to begin your self-exploration or take it to the next level of awareness, emotional freedom, and accomplishment. It’s time to uncover the truth of who YOU really are to live a soul-guided life of spiritual realignment and integration!

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