Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction and Grand Mutation in Aquarius

saturn-jupiter grand mutation in aquariusThe Winter Solstice always brings a shift from darkness into light, but this year it’s also bringing important changes, and boy, aren’t you ready for a breath of fresh air? Both Jupiter and Saturn just moved into Aquarius, so the look and feel of life will be quite different in 2021. This is also significant because Jupiter is moving away from Pluto, and the conjunction of those two archetypes brought the pandemic (see Following Up With the Coronavirus Pandemic).

You may think the health crisis will settle down because there’s a vaccine, but in reality it’s shifting because this intense Jupiter-Pluto cycle, which magnified collective power dynamics as well, is coming to an end. However, it will be a slow process, as Saturn in Aquarius will continue to place social restrictions. It’s time to reflect and make changes in the areas this year has brought to your awareness, rather than simply trying to go “back to normal.” I don’t think we can go back now; although familiar, that “normal” was out of balance and we’re headed toward a new world!

If you learned your Saturn-in-Capricorn lessons, old challenges will begin to melt away and you will breathe more easily. Astrologers say that Saturn leaves you a gift if you’re able to deal with its rigors. I think Saturn’s greatest reward is the emotional maturity you gain by resolving karmic dynamics in your life-movie. Without it, no growth is possible.

The alignment of Jupiter and Saturn took place in idealistic Aquarius, which triggers big changes in the collective dream of Divine Consciousness. Jupiter pushes us to expand beyond outdated belief systems, to explore new realms of possibility, while Saturn helps us ground big ideas and ideals in this plane by building solid structures with committed, responsible work. Aquarius is revolutionary, but it can also be hard-headed and rebellious for the sake of rebellion and lose the focus needed for a solid foundation (see What Is the Age of Aquarius All About?).

Now, is this the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, as many people seem to think? Well, I believe it’s hard to pinpoint an exact date for a planetary cycle to begin, because it tends to overlap with the end of the previous one. Things aren’t as clear-cut as the ego-mind would like, but these new energies will certainly be more intensely felt once Pluto moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius in 2023 and then Uranus aligns with Saturn in 2032.

Time To Heal the Past and Discover Higher Truths

In the meantime, these and other planetary archetypes will challenge each other at different times and in different ways, to gradually establish the New Age. What I’m trying to say here is that no process of transformation can happen without obstacles and unexpected events, because the world is a creation of ego and the ego invariably resists change. You can’t allow a higher perception without letting go of the ignorance that blocks it.

Jupiter changes signs once a year and Saturn about every 2 1/2 years. They form a conjunction every 20 years, which is known as a Grand Conjunction that sets the tone for the 20-year cycle that follows it. It affects many aspects of life, including the arts, music, theater, literature, entertainment, food, music, mathematics, science, politics, and government.

But the most interesting purpose of this Grand Conjunction is that it brings a Grand Mutation. This means that these planets will conjoin in an air sign, and will continue to do so for the next 200 years (Aquarius now, Libra in 2040, Gemini in 2060, and so on) instead of an earth sign like they’ve been doing for the past 200 years. Now, why is this exciting?

We’ve been busy building things, so most of modern life has been based on tangible, material possessions, especially since the Industrial Revolution. Social status has been about what we’re able to own, consume, and control—including, of course, Mother Earth. Now, the world is ego and the greedy nature of ego isn’t going to change, but the focus will turn toward our knowledge, experience, and contributions.

We’re about to witness huge advances in the fields of ideas, inventions, artificial intelligence, and communications, as well as the collective need for community and justice. On an individual level, these energies will push you to drop the usual fear-based approach to life and open up to new possibilities of perception beyond your attachment to material reality.

Clearly, a big transformation demands great self-awareness and trust in your own process of evolution and involution. More importantly, as one of my gurus used to say, when you’ve made enough progress on the spiritual path all astrological bets are off, for those aspects don’t affect you as much. So contact me today to embark on your individualized journey toward emotional and spiritual freedom!

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year!

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